Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Freshmen/Sophomore Camp @ La Grange Park District

“Over the weekend Dino Trigonis set up shop with his mobilized Pangos brand based out of Southern Cali, has seemingly given us locals the golden opportunity to size-up some of our area’s top up & coming 2024 & 2023 prospects.”

Spot-Liter’s Picks

James J.B. Brown St. Rita 6-8 F 2023           “No.1 in our 2024 Class”

Christopher Riddle Kenwood 6-4 WF 2024       “Top notch versatile type”

Monez Johnson Jr. St. Rita 6-6 F 2024           “Impressive youngster”

Andre Blakley Jr. Marmion Academy 5-10 G 2024       “Played well”

Joseph White Zion-Benton 5-9 PG 2024       “Has some game”

Javonte “J.J. Taylor Kenwood 6-7 WF 2023     “Camp MVP 29pts in top 30 game”

Darrin Ames Jr. Kenwood 6-0 G 2023 “Lefty can score in his sleep”

Matas Buzelis Hinsdale Central 6-8 F 2023“Lithuanian terrorizer is so promising”

Tevonta Jackson Springfield Lanphier 6-1 PG 2023        “Dynamite performer”

Dalen Davis Whitney Young 5-10 PG 2023        “Was solid”

Davius Loury Kenwood 6-7 WF 2023        “Silk-smooth talent”

Darrion Baker St. Rita 6-7 F 2023        “Game on the rise”

Bryce Coleman St. Joseph 6-6 G/F 2023        “Going to be lethal”

Owen Freeman Bradley Bourbonnais 6-8 F 2023 “Big fella can score many ways”

Jalen Griffith Simeon 5-7 PG 2023       “Slippery & nifty”

Yarell Greer Chicago Bogan 5-9 PG 2023 “Flat-out speedster with tight handle”

Daniel Johnson Whitney Young 6-6 F 2023       “Game on the rise”

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