Sunday, August 27, 2017




(Freshmen and Sophomores only)

 Sunday, October 1st
From 11am -3:30pm
(Date/time changed)

Site: Plainfield Central High-School
611 West Fort Beggs Dr.
Plainfield, IL

(We will only take 100 kids)

Player Participation fee

Upon arrival you will receive game/camp Jersey, with number that identifies the player in program roster.

(We discourage walk-ups, we prefer to have you checked in prior to your arrival)

Highly important a player is committed by September 25th.

Should you have any questions please contact:

Larry Butler


Target Camp Speakers:
• Michael Wilbon
ESPN Commentator

• Ja Adande
Los Angeles Times Sports Columnist & ESPN

• Robert Collins
Former NIU Administrator
& Former DePaul & NIU Coach

• Doug Collins
ESPN Analyst & Former NBA Coach



• Larry Butler
• Tom Allen
• Aaron Rolle
• Phil Gary
• Brian Benkovich

2020 CLASS
D.J. Stewart, Lamontay Daughtery, Adam Miller, Shon Robinson, Destin Whitaker, Reggie Strong, Bryce Hall, Nate Seputis, Tyler Beard, Joel Watts, Demarius Splunge, James Baltz, Collin Wood, Jaden Johnson, Jayson Kent, Coby Weekley, Micah Schnyders, Jaden Williams, Jason Connor, Elliott Sieger, P.J. Edwards, Bennett & Jordan Kwiecinski, Ja’Quan Davis.

2021 CLASS

Tevin Smith, Anthony Sayles, Kyonte Thomas, Narvell Meadows, Kimahri Wilson, Chris Hodges, Amar Aguillar, Jalen Butler, Ismail Habib, Jalen Gibson, Darius Duff, Troy Pilon, Montez Sims, Jake Dimovski, Branden Childress, Jalen Houston, Scotty Ebube.

While it appears in the Chicagoland area that in recent years we’ve witnessed a drop-off in the development of Elite talent. It’s actually time to change the narrative or stigma our state has been plagued with lately. At the ISL, we envision a re-birth that will restore our once proud tradition of producing top-notch talent. Instituting different concepts to help our kids understand the fundamental way of improving their skills will be our mission. We are exhausted from a bird’s eye view of observing out-siders stroll in our area and create capital for themselves or their companies, but the end result our kids aren’t showing signs of growth in their game.

Have been in existence for 23 years and arguably one of the more quality run events during Spring & Summer/Fall closed recruiting periods. Scouting services have the luxury of observing/evaluating, while identifying un-tapped talent within a short time frame 11:00am-5:00pm.

At the Spot-Liter, we are vastly known for recognizing lesser known talent, as well as up-coming stand-outs. With our experience we look forward to working towards putting together a great event.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

2ND Annual Junior College Jamboree

2ND Annual Junior College Jamboree

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 
Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Site: Trinity Christian College
6601 W College Dr.
Palos Heights, IL 

1st Game starts at 11am
Entry Fee: $135.00

Illinois Spot-Lite scouting service will host its 2nd annual Junior College Jamboree. We have invited several quality programs from around the state of Illinois.

Our Jamboree will feature some quality Mid-Low Major Division I recruits and a surplus of un-appreciated Division II prospects.
  • Each team will play 3 games (we will do our very best with match-up’s). If you prefer 2 games, indicate that prior to posting the schedule.
  • We will try to avoid any Conference Clashes’.
  • Please email me your roster by October 2nd, 2017.
  • Coaches, please bring your own basketballs to use for warm-up.
  • We will provide a trainer on site.
  • The schedule will be posted by September 29th, 2017.

Evaluators in attendance:
  • Illinois Spot-Lite
  • Bull’s Eye
  • Illinois Hoops Report
  • ISR Scouting
  • College Coaches: DII, DIII, & Small Colleges

Thursday, August 17, 2017


This class, as well as the 2020 group, keeps us folks in the Land of Lincoln, exuberant. The lost of Patrick Baldwin Jr. will forever haunt this cast. The state does have some exciting young talent to thrust on the national scene as they develop under the proper tutelage. I’m actually excited about this group of young players.

• Tevin Smith 6-4 G/F Danville – “Cold-blooded, already has star quality & regarded as the state’s top alpha. Very good athlete & scorer.”

• Anthony Sayles 6-0 G Niles Notre Dame – “Hooped with All In Program. Has starting to draw comparisons to a young Derrick Rose. Very, very talented.”

• Keontae Thomas 6-0 PG Bolingbrook – “Big-time distributor, electric in transition, a wizard. He will draw spectators.”

• Narvell Meadows 5-9 PG Chicago Prosser – “Has mad handles & strong scoring ability; should be a four-year varsity starter.”

• Kimori Wilson 6-0 PG Carmel – “MVP of the Big-Foot tourney in Vegas-14-U. Played for Kessel Heat/Hoops Avenue. Already a stout defender!”

• Chris Hodges 6-7 F Schaumburg – “This lefty has a world of talent. Played well in Indy during combine event in June. Capable scorer.”

• Amar Aguilar 6-5 F Zion-Benton – “A marvelous athlete, with a wealth of talent. He’s tough & can score, as well as block shots.”

• Ismail Habib 5-7 PG Chicago Lincoln Park – “Exhilarating, shorty has mad game, he’s truly a treat to watch. A throwback Chi-town guard.”

• Jalen Butler 6-5 F Niles North – “Already a stud who patrols the base-line like a seasoned upper-classman. Finishes around the rim.”

• Jalen Gibson 6-2 G/F Evanston – “Combo rugged/tough, streaky out-side threat. Physically punishes defenders, attacking the rim.”

• Darius Duff 6-1 G Waukegan – “We absolutely loved him when we saw him in the spring. Has a dynamite floor game & plays hard.”

• Troy Pilon 6-5 F Niles Notre Dame – “Demonstrated versatility in his game. A promising lad who can shoot or play inside.”

• Montez Sims 6-3 PG Chicago Clark – “Rebounds extremely well from the guard position. He’s really electric in the open-floor.”

• Jake 6-0 G Timothy Christian – “He’s got numbers to back-up his rep. Already a dazzling scoring threat.”


“This Class lost No.3 player, Nimari Burnett moved to Fresno, CA”

• D.J. Stewart 6-2 G Fenwick Mean Streets

“Explosive performer, good offensive balance, lookn like a high-major recruit.”

• Adam Miller 6-3 WG Peoria Manual Mac Irvin Fire

“This talented guard could likely transfer to Bloomington, Morgan Pk, or Lanphier. He still needs to understand the game better.”

• Lamontay Daughtery 6-5 G/F Duquoin Bradley Beal

“Terrific athlete, has drawn rave reviews all summer. Potential high-major recruit.”

• Shon Robinson 6-8 F Morgan Park Mac Irvin Fire

“Rumors swirling that the big-fella might be heading to Hillcrest. Awfully talented prospect.”

• Destin Whitaker 6-6 WF Romeoville Mean Streets

“We really like his game; already a big-time threat on the perimeter. Has good length on the wing.”

• Tyler Beard 6-2 G Whitney Young Mean Streets

“Fundamentally sound. Could be very good steady performer, thriving in a system setting.”

• Joel Watts 6-0 G St. Rita Unknown

“When the lights are on this kid, makes plays at both ends. A gamer.”

• Reggie Strong 5-11 PG Chicago Farragut Young & Reckless

“Lefty has mad squabbles, knows how to score, understands the game and climate.”

• Demarius Splunge 6-4 WG Chicago Clark Mac Irvin Fire

“Suberb offensive player, just needs to learn how to play. Has good size.”

• James Baltz 6-5 G/F Carbondale Illinois Jets

“Already a physical specimen-very good all-around player. Good perimeter shooter. Future looks really good.”

• Collin Woods 6-2 PG Harvest Christian Mac Irvin Fire

“Has exhibit at time some serious offensive punch. Now maturing as a top-notch player is the key formula for him.”

• Bryce Hall 6-4 G/F Chicago Simeon Mac Irvin Fire

“Highly regarded-one of the top young players in the city. Graceful scorer.”

• Nate Seputis 6-9 F/C Lincoln-Way East RWA Program

“One of the best young big-men in South suburbs. Skills are good & he competes, has a good high-school coach to help his development accelerate.”

• Micah Schnyders 6-3 PG Chicago Christian WeR1 (Delaware)

“Slick shooting prospect with some game; recently invited to Under Armor all-American camp. Under-rated talent.”

• Jaden Williams 6-2 G/F Chicago Leo Young & Reckless

“We liked him at DePaul’s team camp; has strong slashing ability & quality athlete.”

• Jaden Johnson 6-6 WF Batavia Fundamental U

“Highly regarded in North-Shore circles. Smooth, with versatile approach to his game.”

• Coby Weekley 6-4 SF Chicago Clark Illinois Heat

“A punishing rebounder, somewhat under-size now, but compensates with brute toughness.”

• Elliott Sieger 6-0 G DePaul Prep Illinois Wolves

“Has a scorer’s mentality, seems to be transitioning over to PG slot. Needs a good school season to show skeptics he’s a for real prospect.”

• Jackson Connor 6-5 F Marion, IL Illinois Jets

“He’s part of the core contingent of young players in Southern Illinois. Strong athlete with scoring ability & huge upside.”

• Jason Kent 6-2 PG Oak-Forest Next Level Elite 24

“Excellent feel for the game, skilled plays under control, rising prospect.”


• Fred Cleveland Jr. 5-8 PG Leo H.S. – “A dazzling general, who shoots-it-well. His hoops I.Q. and vision are major assets.”

• Anthony Roberts 6-4 WF Oak-Pk. – “Big-time sleeper, his game is emerging. Long-limbed & versatile, can be a jack-off-all-trades prospect.”

• Anthony Fairlee 6-4 F Springfield S.E. – “One of the state’s top flight athletes. His game is starting to evolve.”

• Keenan Jones 6-4 G/F Young – “Swingman has plenty of tools.”

• Adam Jones 6-3 WG Providence Catholic – “Versatile & good out-side shooter.”

• Martice Mitchell 6-8 F/C Bloom – “Still raw-but with skill development work, his game could soar.”

• Chris Burnell 6-3 PG Rockford East – “Had moments in July where he flourished. Still loose at times.”

• Henry Coleman 6-3 F Marshall – “Sleeper type, competes & game could be on the rise.”

• Semaji Henderson 6-0 G D.Grove North – “Emerging prospect, very good student.”

• Deng Reng 6-9 F Wheaton North – “Played in obscurity this summer, has some game. Needs a break-out junior campaign.”

• Jeremiah Hernandez 6-3 G St. Viator – “His game sputtered some this summer; now its time for him to take the next jump. Consistency required.”


• Evan Taylor 6-5 F MM Glenbard West Illinois Heat
“Top 15 player in the class; can score & smooth athletic, good student & stock is rising rapidly.”

• Myles Baker 6-3 G MM Chicago Young Chgo Select
“Floor game looking crisp, can do a bit of everything efficiently. Looking for the next jump from him which would plug him into a high-major status.”

• Tyler Cochran 6-3 WG MM Bolingbrook Hoopers
“Zion Griffin’s side-kick, elevated his play & status all summer. Relentless offensive player. Landed several mid-major offers this summer.”

• Dachaun Anderson 6-5 G MM Chgo Leo Mean Streets
“Can be a dominant force at times; perimeter skills are forming. Does have good work ethic & talent to go with it.”

• Demari Nixon 6-1 G MM Fenwick Chgo Select
“Played well in Vegas, this lefty has saw his stock rise in July. Good mid-range shooter, who can score.”

• Tom Welch 6-6 F MM Naperville North Illinois Wolves
“Showed some promise this summer, now his development needs to continue its course.”

• Martin Macenis 6-4 G/F MM Stagg Buckeyes
“Played in obscurity with Deng Reng; this kid is going to be really good down-the-road.”

• Ciaran Braboy 6-9 F MM New Trier Mac Irvin Fire
“Intriguing talent, does compete-not overly athletic. Some high-majors have shown interest.”

• Antonio Reeves 6-3 WG MM Kenwood Mac Irvin Elite
“Spot-up shooter with good length. Played well while helping himself at NY2LA.”

• Issac Stanback 6-4 F ---- Hillcrest Chgo Select
“A hardnose competitor, had an outstanding showing in Vegas, now he needs to improve his overall skills, especially on the perimeter.”

• Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F MM Oak-Park Made Men
“Vastly under-rated, his game seems to be taking the next step upward. His scoring will pick-up.”

• Aaron Strong 6-1 G MM Chicago Farragut D. Rose
“Can be a lethal offensive threat at times; has big-game capabilities.”

• Marquise Walker 6-0 PG MM Chgo Curie Mac Irvin
“Oh-so talented, he’s going to have to re-establish himself again, without a tad of the razzle-dazzle & just be efficient when required.”

• Bryce Hopkins 6-4 G/F MM Fremd Illinois Wolves
“Has some game, resembles so many of his club mates.”

• Deonte Billups 6-3 WG MM Moline Mac Irvin Fire
“Shot the ball well at NY2LA; has good size/length. Someone to follow.”

• Keeshawn Chambers 6-6 SF MM Chicago Solorio Mean Streets
“Un-known entering the spring/summer season but quickly sustained recognition for himself by summer’s end. Quick leaper with a good motor, finishes plays at the rim. Received offers from Chicago St., UIC, & Tulsa. Will likely transfer to Thornton or Hyde Park.”



1. Francis Okoro 6-10 C Normal West Bradley Beal
“He was a stud, played effectively on the 17-U circuit. Arguably could be our state’s best prospect. Big-time athlete, with dynamic motor. Offensive game improving.”

2. E.J Liddle 6-7 F Belleville West Bradley Beal
“Top-notch all-around talent; starting to shoot-it better on the perimeter. Likely will land at Mizzou, Illinois, or Iowa State. He’s one of our state’s prime jewels.”

3. Terrence Hargrove 6-7 F East St. Louis Hoopville/Larry Hughes
“This quick-leaping athlete is a modern-day Bernard King-the former New York City legend. Played in obscurity at times, but he is awfully talented. Look for his game to explode in the near future.”

4. Chris Payton 6-7 SF Bloomington Bradley Beal
“High-energy athlete-tremendous will to compete especially on the big stage. Offensive game in the developing stages, Payton looks to be on the fence as a high-major recruit but Valley, A10, and Conference USA seem to be smitten by his abilities & future up-side.”

5. Markese Jacobs 5-11 G Chicago Uplift Mac Irvin Fire
“Turned some heads with his late summer play. Now transitioning that momentum over to his school season would show signs of maturity in his game. A Kansas Jayhawk recruit.”

6. Lance Jones 6-1 G Evanston Mean Streets
“Was terrific all spring & summer, made shots and displayed explosive ability to score in the open floor.”

7. “Taeyon Neal 6-10 C Providence St. Mel Chgo Select
“This big-fella has a chance to be very good. He’s a good athlete with excellent motor, needs to finish better at the rim, but he’s mobile & does rebound the ball effectively. He’s coming along.”


The summer of 2017 Grass-Roots Hoops nearing somewhat of a close, it’s time we embark on a new path towards a bright future. Identifying our state’s Top 2019’s & the much heralded 2020 and 2021 classes will be our focus in this report. The 17-U Club Teams representing the good state of Illinois, often displayed tendencies of futility, while taking their lumps this summer (L’s) most times on a heavily viewed stage. “Let’s close that chapter for now!”

Out West in Vegas, Chicago Uplifts jack-of-all-trades Markese Jacobs had a couple of outings where he generated the kind of excitement that wooed the likes of Kansas. Seemingly, with the jury out in full force, and skeptical if he could ever suit-up for the Jayhawks, Markese went out punched in 32 points during one pool play outing, silencing some haters for now! He’s a superb athlete, we regard as a three-star prospect-probably rated 5th or 6th best player in our 2019 class.

Chicago State nabbed a commitment from highly regarded Simeon guard Kezo Brown. Obtaining a pledge from Brown happens to be a significant pick-up for Tracy Dildy’s Program. Kezo, we view as a Top 12-15 prospect in our 2018 class, despite of being shelved all summer due to a leg injury. He’s now hitting some strides during some open gym runs.

All signs are pointing towards, highly touted 2020 guard Adam Miller leaving Peoria Manual. The six foot three rising talent reportedly will enroll in Morgan Park, giving Nick Irvin’s Program a substantial trade-off for the departure of sharp-shooting 2020 guard Nimari Burnett, who moved to Fresno, Calif. And hooped with the Dream Vision Program in parts of July. The ultra-bravado tactics in the Chicago Public League awaits Miller. On the other hand, I feel bad for first year coach at Peoria Manual Willie Coleman. Many of us feel Coleman (a DePaul Alum) will do a terrific job at his Alma Mater.

My Southern Illinois Salukis landed verbals recently from two highly valued Top 15 Prospect’s in Carbondale’s sleek point-guard Darius Beane (6) who elected to stay home and play for Barry Hinson’s Program, which includes his dad, highly regarded long-time Assistant Coach Anthony Beane Sr. Lincoln-Way East guard Sam Schafer a six foot four sweet shooter with quick un-assuming athleticism will also join Hinson’s open-court style of play, where both Beane & Schafer should fare awfully well, achieving various honors in C’dale during their careers.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


This newly revitalized event was once recognized as venue for identifying up n coming individual talent across the state of Illinois. Our concept now should be branded as team play…At the Spot-Liter our goal is to have this two-day event be one of the premier fall events in the Midwest. Plainfield Central High-School exhibits top-notch facilities, we look forward to working hand and hand with their staff, as well as the community to make this a entertaining event where sportsmanship will be held in the highest regard.

Saturday, September 16th & Sunday, September 17th, 2017

SITE: Plainfield Central High-School

611 West Fort-Beggs Dr.

Guaranteed: 3 Games – Pool Play

Top two teams in each pool will advance to a play-off format, the winner will be crowned with championship trophy.

ENTRY FEE: $235.00 per team

Evaluators expected to cover the event:

• Illinois Spot-Lite
• Prep Bulls-Eye
• Hoops Report
• Buzzerbeating
• Prep Suburban Hoops
• Illinois Prep Hoops

• Metamora
• Marshall (Chgo)
• Walter Payton
• Providence St. Mel
• Hammond High (Ind)
• Chicago Delasalle
• Francis Parker
• Hyde Park Academy
• Zion Benton
• Oak-Lawn H.S.
• Chicago Farragut
• Carl Sandburg
• Lemont
• Elgin-Larkin
• T.F. South
• Willowbrook
• East Aurora
• Oswego
• Peoria Manual
• Chicago Leo
• Chicago Wells
• Romeoville
• Chicago Clark
• Joliet Central
• Plainfield Central
• Chicago Vocational
• Providence Catholic
• Peoria Central
• Lake Park
• Glenbard East
• Lincoln Park
• Oak-Park
• Lincoln-Way East
• Chicago Hope Academy
• Chicago Von Stueben
• Rich-Central
• Kankakee
• Springfield South East
• Chicago Christian
• Richards
• Bloomington