Friday, April 20, 2018

OUR SLEEPER POOL IN 2019, 2020, & 2021 CLASSES



Anthony Roberts 6-5 F 15 MM Oak-Park/Made Men
“This kid is a gem; despite of being under-sized in the paint, he plays above the rim. In College he will transition to a wing position. Has a good motor, superb athlete with strong defensive ability.”

Trey Calvin 6-0 PG 14 MM St. Viator/Illinois Stars
“A smooth performer, he recently won the State’s Class 4A three-point shoot-out last month after carving out a solid season averaging 17 points, five rebounds and three assists. Trey, has demonstrated the ability to score as well distribute to his mates.”

Marquise Kennedy 6-1 PG 13 MM Brother Rice/Illinois Wolves
“We love his game as he transitions into a lead guard. Marquise, has all the intangibles of being a really good player at the Collegiate level. Competitive, plays tough & has had some of his best performances against Public League foes. Recorded 17 points per outing, 6 boards and 3 assists.”

Anthony Fairlee 6-4 WF 17 MM Springfield S.E./Mac Irvin Fire
“Enjoyed a fine season guiding his squad to a 2nd place finish in 3A State Tournament. Fairlee, one of the state’s top athletes, can really rise near the rim. Offensive game is starting to take shape. I won’t be surprised if his stock soared after the April evaluation period.”

Dajuan Gordon 6-4 WF 6 MM-MM Chicago Curie/Team Rose
“This kid is a hidden gem; he makes plays, has a nose for the ball. Very good athlete, even though we rank him high, a lot of observers aren’t familiar with his name (after April they will). Makes shots on the perimeter and has that uncanny knack for drawing fouls.”

Alex Timmerman 6-8 C 30   LM+  Crystal Lake Central/Fundamental U.
“Saw the big-fella last week-end & he’s got some potential. We were impressed with his ability to run floor and finish plays around the rim versus taller defenders, he has soft hands. Alex, could rise to be one of the north suburbs break-out players this spring.”



Romelle Howard 6-8 F/C 8 MM+ Lincoln Pk/Chicago Elite
“The left-handler is starting to emerge out of the shadows of others. He has good hands, rebounds the ball efficiently, an area he need to focus more on. The strength of his game is his ability to score around the rim, with jump-hooks as well as short jumpers 12-feet in reliable shot-blocker when all things shake out, Romelle will be one of the top 3 or 4 players in the class.”

Keshawn Williams 6-3 G 7 MM+ Bloom/Y&R
“Has prime-time abilities. A breath-taking athlete, has a floor game that resembles some previous athletic guards we used to produce around here. Namely (Darrell Walker-Corliss H.S./Arkansas/NBA) you get my drift? His development must stay on course though, Keshawn likely could develop into a high major recruit. The potential is there.”

Ramean Hinton 6-4 G/F 15 MM Chicago Curie/Team Rose
“A bad dude; swingman type brandishes athleticism to go with an exceptional motor. The kid is a high-light-reel, often making eye-popping plays offensively & defensively where he showcases shot-blocking ability. Ramean is an emerging stand-out. “

Kee Hargrove 6-7 WF 25 MM+-MM Joliet Central/Y&R
“If Kee can take care of his business off-the-court as well as the class-room, he could become a special talent! He can handle the rock like a lead guard and distribute while making good decisions. Kee, also has the abilities to put- the- ball in the basket. To his credit, he is a gym-rat and if he lands at a Juco, bet he’ll be All-American.”

Connor Kochera 6-4 G 33 MM St. Viator/Fundamental U.
“Savvy poised prospect, understands the game plays with a good flow moves well with-out the ball. Connor is skilled, he makes mid-range shots & has reliable three-point marksmanship. One of my favorites in the class, I look for him to land in a good conference in College.”

Jayson Kent 6-2 PG 42 MM Oak-Forest/Next Level 24
“The wiry guard has enormous potential, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t rise through the ranks before his high-school cage tenure closes. Skilled offensive player, who likely will hit a growth spurt. Jason lacks strength now, but his confidence is growing as he competes at the 17-U level.”



Jaylin Gibson 6-3 G 9 Evanston/Hoop Avenue
“This kid already has a physical build of a junior or senior. He has demonstrated good quickness & speed, while laboring quality minutes as a frosh on a state 4A third place finisher. Potential two-way stand-out, Jaylin can lock-down ball-handlers affectively.”

Scotty Ebube 6-8 F 11 Mundelein/Kessel Heat
“Silky-smooth, wiry frame lad with a huge upside. I admire his loyalty because he chose to stay with his original Club Team, which was the correct decision. This kid is skilled & possesses all the necessary intangibles to be a terrific top-notch prospect. Scotty, could blossom to stardom.”

Jalen Butler 6-6 F 12 Niles North/Chicago Elite
“14 years old, won’t turn 15 until next month (May). Physically looks like he’s been registered to vote for several years. Has excellent length, he displayed the ability to defend multiple positions, while having the knack for making plays. I’m a huge fan of his anticipate the offensive part of his game is coming.”

Ismail Habib 5-9 PG 15 Lincoln Park/Chicago Elite
“Ismail, has that un-flappable swag that certain athletes cart around “the air” about him. He has a nice flow to his floor game & doesn’t lack confidence as he’s often tangled-up against older opponents. Good speed & quickness with the ability to make shots & score.”

Brandon Hall 6-2 G 23 Thornton/ Mean Streets
“Has nice length in the back-court, excels at making good decisions where he’s sure-handed & skilled. Out-side shooting has improved, versatile defender on both sides of the ball.”


“A highly anticipated cast of potential high-major recruits.”

Brandon Weston 6-4 WG 1 Lake Forest Academy/PSA
Max Christie 6-4 G 2 Rolling Meadows/Illinois Wolves
Ahmad Bynum 5-9 G 4 Chicago Simeon/Team Rose
Kimarhi Wilson 6-0 PG 5 Carmel/Y&R
Chris Hodges 6-7 F 6 Schaumburg/Illinois Wolves
Anthony Sayles 6-0 PG 7 Niles Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves
Jaylin Gibson 6-3 WG 9 Evanston/Hoop Avenues
Tevin Smith 6-3 WG 4 Danville/Mean Streets
Amar Aguillar 6-5 WF 10 Zion-Benton/Mac Irvin Fire
Jallen Butler 6-6 F 12 Niles North/Chicago Elite
Ismail Habib 5-9 PG 15 Lincoln Park/Chicago Elite
Isaiah Donnell 6-1 PG 8 Peoria Richwoods/Bradley Beal
Scotty Ebube 6-8 WF 11 Mundelein/Kessel Heat
Troy Pilon 6-5 PF 16 Niles Notre Dame/Mean Streets
Khaillieo Terry 6-5 F 3 Champaign Central/Indy Heat
Blake Peters 6-3 WG 13 Evanston/Mean Streets
Darrion Jones 6-0 PG 29 Chicago Bogan/Chicago Huskies
Kevin Miller 5-8 PG 24 Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire
Nick Petty 5-11 G 28 Peoria Manual/---
Julio Montes 5-9 PG 26 Lincoln Park/Chicago Elite
Isaiah Holden 5-7 PG 22 Evanston/Y&R
Isiah Barnes 6-5 WF 20 Romeoville/Illinois Wolves
Norvell Meadows 5-8 G 18 Chicago Prosser/Chicago Grainers
Brandon Hall 6-2 G 23 Thornton/Mean Streets
Elijah Bull 5-7 G 25 Evanston/Y&R
Marquis Irvin 5-9 G 17 Hillcrest/Team Rose
Kenton Wright 5-8 PG 32 Hillcrest/Mean Streets
Kyonte Thomas 5-9 PG 21 Bolingbrook/Team Rose
Grant Newell 6-5 F 19 Whitney Young/Mean Streets
Kai Evans 6-1 WG 30 Montori/Team Rose
Connor Enright 5-11 PG 29 Mundelein/Illinois Wolves
Bryce Hopkins 6-4 G/F 21 Fremd/Illinois Wolves
Jolo Arrovan 5-8 PG 33 Andrews/Next Level 24
Nathanael Hoskins 6-2 G 34 Danville/Mean Streets

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Pre-Spring Evaluation Rankings
*There will always be subject to changes*


Markese Jacobs 6-0 MM+ 5 Chicago Uplift Mac Irvin Fire
Raymond Dennis 6-2 MM 11 Oswego East Kavon Looney
Marquise Kennedy 6-0 MM 12 Brother Rice Illinois Wolves
Trey Calvin 6-0 MM 13 St. Viator Illinois Stars
Kejuan Clements 5-11 MM 14 Chicago Simeon D. Rose
Marquise (Pearl) Walker 5-11 LM+ 17 West Aurora/Curie Mac Irvin Fire
Terrion Murdix 5-11 LM+ 25 Springfield Southeast Mac Irvin Fire
Jaheim Holden 5-10 LM 33 Evanston Hoops Avenue
Fred Cleveland Jr. 5-7 LM 34 Chicago Leo RWA
Lawrence Brazil 6-1 LM 39 Belleville West STL Gateway
Traevon Brown 5-11 LM-D2 57 West Aurora Illinois Stars
Treye Tucker 5-8 LM-D2 53 Harlem RWA
Demetrius Douglass 5-11 LM-D2 58 North Lawndale Team Rose
Andre White Jr. 5-9 LM-D2 68 Waukegan All in Athletics
Jordan”Tiger” Booker 5-7 LM-D2 71 Chicago Bogan -------
Payton Havens 5-9 LM-D2 72 Metamora RWA
Elijah Stewart 5-10 LM-D2 73 Chicago Kenwood Y&R
Tim Irvin Jr. 5-5 LM-D2 76 Providence St. Mel Chicago Select
A.J. Palmer 5-9 LM-D2 80 Chicago Longwood RWA


Lance Jones 6-2 MM 7 Evanston/Mean Streets
Tyler Cochran 6-3 MM 27 Bolingbrook/Hoopers
Deonte Billups 6-3 MM 8 Moline/Mac Irvin Fire
Jerry Hernandez 6-4 MM 19 St. Viator/Y&R
Joseph Yesfu 5-11 LM+ 31 Bolingbrook/Mean Streets
Chase Robinson 6-2 LM 43 Oak-Park/Made Men
Myles Baker 6-3 LM+ 30 Whitney Young/D. Rose
Dashon Enoch 6-0 LM 51 Oak-Park/Made Men
Aaron Strong 6-2 LM+ 34 Chicago Farragut/----
Chris Roberts 6-2 LM 37 Lincoln Park/Y&R
Beau Bailey 6-3 LM-D2 60 Dixon/Rockford?
Demari Nixon 6-3 LM-D2 42 Fenwick/Chicago Select
Khaleb Rouse 6-1 LM-D2 69 Alcot/All In Athletics
Malik Tidwell 5-10 LM 48 Marian Catholic/Mean Streets
Antonio Reeves 6-4 MM 18 Chicago Simeon/Mac Irvin Fire
Semaj Henderson 6-0 LM-D2 52 Downers Grove North/Ill. Heat
Chris Burnell 6-2 LM-D2 70 Rockford East/Ill. Stars
Latik Murphy 6-3 LM 61 Morton/Mustangs
Sean Houpt 6-3 LM-D2 62 Danville/Ill. Irish
Mohammed Alausa 6-4 LM-D2 68 Chicago U. High/Team Rose
Tahir Thompson 6-2 LM-D2 64 Lincoln Park/----
Andrew Stewart 5-11 LM-D2 77 Kenwood/Y&R
Julian Barr 6-3 LM-D2 75 Lincoln Way East/RWA
Deion Jackson 6-3 LM-D2 65 Providence St. Mel/Chic. Select


Terrence Hargrove 6-7 MM+ 4 East St. Louis/Bradley Beal
Dajuan Gordon 6-4 MM 6 Chicago Curie/Team Rose
Tom Welch 6-7 MM 10      Naperville North/Illinois Wolves
Perry Cowan 6-4 MM 9 DePaul Prep/Illinois Wolves
Evan Taylor 6-4 MM 26 Glenbard West/Illinois Heat
Taujauae Williams 6-6 MM 17 Chicago Orr/Team Rose
Bryant Brown 6-4 MM 20 Waukegan/Illinois Wolves
Chris White 6-6 MM 32 Marian Catholic/Mean Streets
Nate Ferguson 6-8 MM 21 Lemont/Lock-down
Anthony Fairlee 6-5 MM 16 Springfield Southeast/Mac Irvin
Adam Taylor 6-4 LM 67 Providence Catholic/RWA
Bryce Hopkins 6-4 LM 38 Fremd/Illinois Wolves
Jeremiah Oden 6-7 LM 37 St. Rita/RWA
Greg Outlaw 6-4 LM 47 Chicago Bogan/Chicago Select
Keenan Jones 6-4 LM 50 Whitney Young/Y&R
Martin Macenis 6-4 LM 40 Stagg/Buckeyes
Collin Dietz 6-6 LM 46 Metamora/RWA


E.J. Liddle 6-7 HM 1 Belleville West/Bradley Beal
Chris Payton 6-7 MM+-MM 3 Bloomington/Bradley Beal
Anthony Roberts 6-5 MM 15 Oak-Park/Made Men
Rashawn Agee 6-8   MM 22 Chicago Bogan/Mac Irvin Fire
Dachaun Anderson      6-6 MM-LM+ 24 Chicago Leo/Y&R
Christian Wilbourne 6-7 LM 41 Normal /Quad City Elite
Charlie Hoehne 6-6 LM-D2 69 Oak-Park/Made Men
Karl Wright 6-6 LM 39 Springfield Lanphier/ Ill. Irish
Spencer Boehm 6-8 LM-D2 54 New Trier/Fundamental U.
Keeshawn Chambers 6-6 LM 44 Thornton/Mean Streets
T.J. Wicks 6-8 LM-D2 74 Kankakee/
Kameron Leonard 6-7 LM-D2 55 Bolingbrook/Illinois Hoopers
Marquise Ratcliff 6-5 LM-D2 70 Bolingbrook/Illinois Stars
Pavle Pantovic 6-6 LM-D2 64 DePaul Prep/Illinois Wolves
Demetrius Shavers 6-6 LM-D2 56 Chicago Farragut/Chicago Grainers
Dylan West 6-7 LM-D2 67 Hillcrest/Team Rose
Danardo Jones 6-6 LM 49 Timothy Christian/ Chicago Select


Francis Okoro 6-10 HM 2 Normal West/Bradley Beal
Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 MM 24 New Trier/Illinois Wolves
Alex Timmerman 6-8 LM+ 36 Crystal Lake Central/FundamentalU
Taeyon Neal 6-10 LM- 28 Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
London Denman 6-10 LM- 73 T.F. South/D1 Express
Cameron Bartman 6-10 ---- 79 St. Rita/Buckeyes

To be continued…


It saddens me to report that Armon Gates, a one-time Whitney Young/Lincoln Park stand-out, has departed Northwestern. Armon, vastly recognized as one of the nation’s bright young Assistants will join Mike White’s staff at Florida as an Associate Head-Coach. Gates, spent five memorable seasons as a valuable Coach & Recruiter for Chris Collins Wildcat Program. Us locals will miss him and his always positive spirit. We are happy for Armon’s rise through the coaching ranks but I can’t say we’re surprised.

In a surprise move Fenwick Coach Rick Malnati has decided to step-down as the Coach at the Oak Park based Catholic School. In today’s climate of self-inflicted players & parents, who could blame him. Assistant Coach Staunton Peck will replace Malnati. Rick did an outstanding job of reviving that Program which started to sag before he got there.

University Illinois has created some steam recently, receiving commitments from highly touted Junior College point-guard Andres Feliz, a 6-foot 2 sophomore who registered 20 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds per outing at Northwest Florida State College. Rutgers, SMU, and Wichita State sought his services. Also joining will be Tevian Jones, a 6-6 wing guard from Culver City, California; most observers in that area regard him as the 10th best prospect in the state and viewed as a top-notch talent. My sources in California say the Illini landed a gem in Jones. Arizona, San Diego, UNLV, and Cal lost out to Brad Underwood’s crew with him. Three-star center Samba Kane, East Coast shooting guard Alan Griffin, and power forward Giorgi Bezhanishvili, and Morgan Park’s slashing guard Ayo Dosunmu will round-out an impressive recruiting class.

Champaign native Michael Finke has opted to spend his post grad year playing for Dan Majerle at Grand Canyon Program, where he will join his brother- incoming freshmen Tim Finke. Mike entered University of Illinois as a promising recruit, but his tenure was plagued by injuries & unforeseeable off-the-court issues his team-mates endured. Nevertheless, Finke still carved out a pretty good career for Illini.

Scott Pera’s Rice University Program signed top available prospect, Drew Peterson. He was a huge get for Rice, the Libertyville forward had been viewed as one of the state’s best kept secrets in the 2018 Class. He will have a fine career competing in the Conference USA while performing for a terrific Head Coach.

Jay Spoonhour and his staff at Eastern Illinois signed 3A first team All-Stater Cam Burrell. The OVC Conference and their style of play fits the Morgan Park stand-out and his open-court talents. He will Flourish in Spoonhour’s system.

Rockford Lutheran’s six-foot four combo guard Kenny Strawbridge has inked on with UMKC.

Our state’s top player in the 2019 Class, E.J. Liddle, has been tearing up the Club circuit in recent weeks. The six-foot seven Belleville West stand-out has teamed with Normal West Center, Francis O’Koro (2) and East St. Louis athletic forward, Terrence Hargrove (4), forming a lethal trio with the St. Louis based Program Bradley Beal Elite. Liddle, has his recruitment narrowed down to Ohio State, Missouri, Illinois, and Florida.

Edwardsville native and former Mr. Illinois Basketball in 2017 Mark Smith has transferred to Missouri, after a less than impressive first year in Illini country, he will sit out next year for the Tigers.

We finally viewed hot-shot eighth grader, Amari Bailey, playing 16&17-U for the Mac Irvin Fire last weekend. The six-foot three Skinner Elementary guard looks awfully promising. He can shoot and he’s athletic with a really good understanding of how to play. Bailey could be the next elite prospect coming out of Chicago.

We have no qualms about young players expressing themselves, but in a manner where they’re respecting the game. Now, to be on the court posturing & trash talking, in addition to be engaged in pointless chatter with spectators during the course of a game resembles bush league behavior/antics. It’s labeled as taboo. And enough of that was on display at the Nike Foster Park Venue over the weekend where Mean Streets, Mac Irvin Fire, Team Rose, and the Y&R Program collaborated in a rarely featured local event. There was a lot of buzz behind this event.

Central Michigan landed Springfield native Larry Austin Jr. a rare feat for a grad-transfer to go from a high-major situation to a mid-major setting. Austin, spent his last 2 seasons at Vanderbilt. Remember his Collegiate career began at Tennessee with Cuonzo Martin. “Wasn’t this where he belonged from the start?” Kudos to CMU Assistant Coach, Kevin Gamble, also is a Springfield native.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


“Colleges will have the luxury of observing several of these prospects listed below during the up-coming evaluation period, in which their play (on the court) will determine what level they are or where “little Johnny” needs to be for now. Now, for some the hype engine ends. We are at that state where auditioning well, becomes your main source of fuel. I’ll identify some candidates.


Adam Taylor 6-5 G/F Providence Catholic RWA
“Good work ethic, makes shots, high-academic recruit now with Providence Catholic Alum Tavaras Hardy landing the Loyola-Maryland head gig, this is where he should return to in starting his 2019 recruiting.”

Chris Roberts 6-2 G Lincoln Park Y&R
“This acrobatic finisher has to polish his tools, if not D2 awaits. Must improve decision making.”

Dashon Enoch 6-1 G Oak-Park Made Men
“Has some abilities, court demeaner must improve as well as maturity.”

Collin Dietz 6-7 F Metamora RWA
“Has been billed as a rising D1 prospect. His first week-end out has the jury watching.”

A.J. Palmer 5-9 PG Longwood H.S. RWA
“Currently a combo guard. Focus presently must be on transitioning into setting the table for others. Good defender.”

Chris White 6-7 G/F Marian Catholic          Mean Streets
“A huge Spring awaits which would cast what level he could thrive in. Rice Univ. may have an interest.”

Myles Baker 6-3 G Whitney Young D. Rose
“His play slipped towards the season’s end, hopefully mid-majors still hang-in.”

Khaleb Rouse 6-1 G Alcot        All In Athletics
“First spotted at the ISL Jamboree, has game potential 2-way threat, should seek a platform where he can show his talents. Likely will transfer to either Prosser, Lincoln Pk, Walter Payton, or Lane Tech.”

Messiah Jones, Simeon’s high-jumping forward has now surfaced back on the availability board after receiving his release from Drake. Now, word has circulated that he may opt to look at several Missouri Valley School nearby. Hmmm…

One of my favorite guys in the 2018 Class is Talen Horton Tucker and for reasons beyond basketball. The attribute that defines him the most is that he’s a model kid. If he didn’t hoop, he still would be looked upon as a beautiful person & student. It’s un-fortunate that the state’s prestigious Mr. Basketball Honors eluded him this season, that being a lesson/memory he should frame. Neither Talen or his mates performed well the last month of the season losing the honor to the talented Junior, E.J. Liddle doesn’t validate who Talen is anyway. Iowa State landed a gem.

While I’m on the Simeon wagon senior guard Kenny Pittman gave a verbal to Oakland University. The 6-3 spot-up shooter’s play late season was aided to the disappointing finish for the Wolverines.
Colleges looking for a knock-down shooter in the 2018 Class, may want to go observe six-foot three Grant Goers from Bilonia H.S. in Arkansas. He’s a point-guard whom fits the mode of Loyola’s Clayton Cluster. Goers has 29 on his ACT. Dad is Tim Goers 479-675-6049. We received some gloating reviews regarding his play.