Friday, August 31, 2018

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“Based on what was viewed this spring & summer”

• D.J. Stewart 6-3 G HM 1 Whitney Young“Has slew of high-major offers including DePaul, Loyola, Illinois, and Northwestern. Now he takes his exciting game into the Public League.”

• Adam Miller 6-3 WF HM 2 Morgan Park
“Deadly spot-up shooter enters year two in the Public League where reviews were mixed last year.”

• Tyler Beard 6-3 WG MM+ 3 Whitney Young
“This high-flyer is holding the 3rd spot for now! Has a penchant for big plays, now he needs to work on his ball-handling skills.”

• Isiah Rivera 6-4 G MM+ 4 Geneseo
“Had a summer where he gained some experience & was able to express who he is as a player clearly. July, we saw better athlete than we once pegged.”

• Keshawn Williams 6-2 PG MM+ 5 Bloom
“An exciting/clever talent who has the potential to blossom into a high-major recruit. Pretty good shooter on the perimeter and superb athlete. Plays in the shadows of others.”

• Martice Mitchell 6-10 F/C MM+ 6 Bloom
“Rapidly improving, has shown versatility this summer & indication that his future is awfully bright. Just lacks strength now.”

• Will Wolfe 6-6 WG MM+ 7 Aurora Christian
“Has a lofty rankings now; one of the more impressive prospects in the class. Capable ball-handler, shoots-it well on the perimeter & has nice size in the back-court.”

• Demarius Splunge 6-4 WG MM+-MM 8 Chicago Orr“Demonstrated in July he could score in variety of ways. Physical 2-way threat.”

• Marcus Watson 5-9 PG MM+-MM 9 Morgan Park
“A gamer has an old-school approach to where he’s productive on both ends of the floor. Reminds me of some guards we had in the late 70s.”

• Romelle Howard 6-8 PF/C MM+-MM 10 Lincoln Park
“His game is rounding into form, hits the glass with authority, offensive game is in the developmental stages. Romelle does possess a potent jump hook.”

• Dante Maddox 6-2 PG MM+-MM 11 Bloom
“A fearless scorer, now he’s carving out an understanding of pace/flow & possessions.”

• Destin Whitaker 6-6 WF MM 13 Romeoville
“Development seems to have taken a plunge in the last 6 months, but he’s shown in July that placed in the right setting he could flourish into a fine player. A good out-side shooting threat.”

• Davis Walker 6-3 PG MM 13 (Home School)
“Little known prospect with a terrific floor game, doesn’t look to score much even though he is more than capable. Strong body & rising recruit to follow-up on.”

• Antoine Bloxton 6-2 G MM 14 Chicago Bogan
“Gifted player with tons of tools, but can he forge his talents into a student-athlete type profile? He could be a process worthy of patience!”

• Aquan Smart 6-2 PG MM 15 Niles North
“Lanky talented performer, who can electrify an audience in the open floor, he’s a good finisher at the rim. The ball will be in his hands this season. Aquan is one of our more un-heralded prospects in the class.”

• Ahron Ullis 6-2 PG MM 16 Marian Catholic
“Primed for a break-out season. He’s silver-quick with the ability to score or find open mates. Northwestern seems to be following closely.”

• Bryce Hall 6-2 G MM 17 Chicago Simeon
“The time has come for this youngster to showcase his talented floor game. Bryce opened some eyes with steady play while hoopin’ with the fire in July.”

• Jimarius Sneed 6-5 G/F MM 18 Chicago Crane
“Raw in some areas now but has a look of a promising prospect with a huge up-side. Very good athlete, big hands and he thrives in transition while finishing well.”

• Kaleb Fenelus-Williams 6-5 WF MM 19 Plainfield North
“Good lookin’ prospect, one day we envision him transitioning to the back-court. Kaleb excels in the open-court while his shooting has become reliable. We’re excited about his future.”

• Nate Shockey 6-0 PG MM 20 York“This youngster has game; superb ball-handler/passer who can shoot it as well as score. Was impressive in July at several venues.”

• Beau Frericks 6-2 G MM 21 Cary Grove
“Sleeper type didn’t come into the spring with a huge profile or gaudy numbers but made a splash with big shot capabilities & heady play. Has a strong skill set & a good defender. One of our favorites in the class.”

• Micah Schnyder 6-4 PG MM 22 Chicago Christian
“Plays with array of confidence & flair, has the ability to drain jumpers from deep, sees the floor well as a passer. Injury hampered July.”

• Tarone Kirkwood 5-9 PG MM 23 West Aurora
“One of the surprises of this group. A speedster with shrewd play-making ability. Dangerous mid-range shooter. Fun to watch.”

• Damontae Taylor 6-5 G/F MM 24 Zion-Benton“Mega athleticism can really soar around the rim, average shooter, stock should climb once he develops consistency on & off the floor.”

• Connor Kochera 6-4 G/F MM 25 St. Viator
“A system guy who thrives in structured setting. Knows how to win & possess a high-skill-set. A Patriot League target.”

• Reggie Strong 5-11 PG MM 26 St. Joseph
“Hopefully a change of scenery will help his psyche as well as his confidence/development. This south paw has a crafty game, but he’s sputtered of late.”

• Seryee Lewis 6-7 PF MM 27 Chicago Kenwood
“This summer he has given viewers blemishes of what his potential could look like in a few years. He’s shown agility & the ability to compete. Now rebounding & finishing at the rim will accelerate his profile.”

• Jayson Kent 6-4 PG MM 28 Oak Forest
“Carts a 4.9 GPA & the fact he’s a rising prospect who could amass some gaudy numbers in a break-out Junior year. Highly skilled & shoots it extremely well, and he’s a gym rat.”

• Isiah Burrell 6-4 G/F MM 29 Morgan Park
“Superb athlete, masks as a 2-way player who could defend the opponent’s top offensive threat. Had a really good July.”

• Tremear Fraley 6-7 PF MM 30 Chicago Bogan
“Big tough rebounder has been impressive during the spring & summer. A passionate work-horse in the interior, good athlete with a rising offensive game & huge up-side.”


Local kid Terrence Shannon’s recent walk down indecisive lane hails as one the more dubious acts of the summer. He created some excitement with his commitment to DePaul then a few days later he de-committed and headed off to IMG in Florida. That probably was a heads-up last-minute decision that bonds well for him right now. An opportunity for him to mature and his game to truly develop.


I suggest some schools should be fixated on several of these rising prospects, we’re anticipating many of them to climb the ladder in rankings soon as well as increasing their profile.


• Tujautae Williams 9 6-6 G MM+-MM Chicago Orr

• Deonte Billups 11 6-4 G MM Moline

• Cortez Mosley 19 6-4 WG MM Peoria Richwoods

• Donovan Clay 25 6-6 WF MM-MM+ Alton

• Chance Love 28 6-5 WF MM-LM+ Rich-Central

• Jermaine Hamlin 24 6-10 C MM-LM+ Lincoln (IL)

• Chris White 40 6-6 F LM+-LM Marian Catholic

• Jeremiah Washington 36 5-9 PG LM+-LM Chicago Bogan

• Ryland Holt 37 6-5 WF LM+-LM Gibson City

• Kameron Leonard 44 6-7 PF LM+-LM Bolingbrook

• Jacquan Binion 51 5-7 PG LM-D2 Kankakee

• Chase Robinson 75 6-2 G LM-D2 Oak-Park

• Quincy Gilmore 68 6-4 G LM-D2 North-Chicago

• Trey Boston 60 6-0 PG LM-D2 Downers Grove South

• Kameron Battle 65 6-6 WF LM Oswego East


Francis Okoro 6-10 C Normal West University Oregon
Alex Timmerman 6-8 F/C Crystal Lake Central Bucknell University
Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 C New Trier Harvard University
Taeyon Neal 6-10 C Providence St. Mel    Univ. Illinois at Chicago
Tom Welch 6-7 F Naperville North Loyola-Chicago
Keenon Cole 6-7 WF Streamwood Northern Illinois Univ.
Joseph Yesufu 6-1 G Bolingbrook Drake University
Nate Ferguson 6-8 PF Lemont Drake University
Lance Jones 6-2 G Evanston Southern Illinois Univ.

Illinois Mr. Basketball, Belleville’s E.J. Liddle has his official campus visits slated, with his first opening this weekend at Ohio State-August 21st, he will head to Columbia, MO on Sept. 8th, Kansas State-Sept. 28th; Wisconsin-Oct. 6th, and wrap things up in Illini Country Oct. 12th.


We’re going to weigh in on a few items here: after a pretty good summer, where we saw some signs of maturity, Uplift’s 5-11 combo guard Markese Jacobs de-committed from his earlier pledge to attend University of Kansas. For those familiar with the circumstances and have shrewd understanding of the culture in Jayhawk Country, frankly it was inevitable for the young fella to embark on this decision to peel away from his commitment there. “Now, some guys love when the odds are stacked against them.” (Obviously the young fella didn’t want to compete yearly or perhaps be a back-up). We got a chuckle from the social media outlets; the clap chasers fueled with a roaring backlash of ridicules comments. Jacobs over the weekend landed offers from DePaul, Illinois, and Nebraska. Now, he can put his energy & focus on his academic work.

Chicago State’s hire of native Lance Irvin didn’t catch most locals off guard. Those in the know come recognize the neighborly support, it will take to push that sagging program forward. In fact, many of us hoop connoisseurs are beaming with joy for Lance and sadden for the fate of former Head Coach Tracy Dildy, when it seemed everyone around town was all in with supporting his Program’s re-building process when he was initially hired. Dildy has now landed softly joining Mike Davis at University Detroit, now watch that tandem take off.

Hmm hmm…blazing fast 2019 guard Chris Roberts will take his unorthodox acrobatic hoop game back to the south-side where he will spend his senior season at Morgan Park. Last season he made a splash with a 37-pt. outing vs Whitney Young while playing for Lincoln Pk. Roberts has been plagued by inconsistency his entire High School career which started at Kenwood.

Monday, August 6, 2018




E.J. Liddle 6-7 F 1 HM Belleville West/Bradley Beal
Francis Okoro 6-10 C 2 HM Normal West/Bradley Beal
Markese Jacobs 5-11 G 3 MM+ Chicago Uplift/Mac Irvin Fire
Chris Payton 6-7 PF 4 MM Bloomington/Mean Streets
Marquise Kennedy 6-1 PG 5 MM+ Brother Rice/Illinois Wolves
Dajuan Gordon 6-3 WG 6 MM+ Chicago Curie/Team Rose
Terrence Hargrove 6-6 F 7 MM East St. Louis/Bradley Beal
Tom Welch 6-7 F 8 MM Naperville North/Illinois Wolves
Raymond Dennis 6-2 PG 9 MM Oswego East/Team Rose
Tujautae Williams 6-6 G 10 MM Chicago Orr/Chicago Demons
Deonte Billups 6-4 G 11 MM Moline/Quad City Elite
Keenon Cole 6-7 PF 12 MM Streamwood/Illinois Wolves
Trey Calvin 6-0 PG 13 MM St. Viator/Y&R
Jeremiah Hernandez 6-3 WG 14 MM St. Viator/Y&R
Nate Ferguson 6-8 F 15 MM Lemont/Lock-down
Rashaun Agee 6-8 PF 16 MM Chicago Bogan/Mac Irvin Fire
Kejuan Clements 5-11 PG 17 MM Chicago Simeon/
Terrion Murdix 5-11 PG 18 MM Springfield S.E./Mac Irvin Fire
Cortez Mosley 6-4 WG 19 MM-LM+ Peoria Richwoods/Team Manimal
Myles Baker 6-3 WG 20 MM Chicago Young/Team Rose
Antonio Reeves 6-4 WG 21 MM Chicago Simeon/
Anthony Fairlee 6-5 F 22 MM Springfield S.E./Mac Irvin Fire
Tyler Cochran 6-4 WF 23 MM Bolingbrook/Hoopers
Jermaine Hamlin 6-10 C 24 MM-LM+ Lincoln (IL)/Quad City Elite
Donovan Clay 6-6 WF 25 MM-LM+ Alton/Team Ramey Jets-United
Lance Jones 6-2 WG 26 MM-LM+ Evanston/
Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 C 27 MM-LM+ New Trier/Illinois Wolves
Chance Love 6-5 WF 28 MM-LM+ Rich-Central/Next Level
Deng Reng 6-7 F 29 MM-LM+ Wheaton North/Et 21 Buckeyes
Chris Harrison 6-4 WF 30 LM+-LM Shepard/Next Level
Alex Timmerman 6-8 F/C 31 MM-LM+ Crystal Lake Central/Fundamental
Joseph Yesfu 6-1 G 32 LM+-LM Bolingbrook/Mean Streets
Bryant Brown 6-5 WF 33 LM+-LM Waukegan/Illinois Wolves
Perry Cowan 6-4 WF 34 LM+-LM DePaul Prep/Illinois Wolves
Taeyon Neal 6-10 C 35    ------ Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
Jeremiah Washington 5-8 PG 36 LM+-LM Chicago Bogan/Mac Irvin Fire
Ryland Holt 6-5 WF 37 LM+-LM Gibson City/Illinois Irish
Greg Outlaw 6-4 WG 38 LM+-LM Chicago Bogan/Chicago Select
Jamir Price 6-1 PG 39 LM+LM Rock Island/Quad City Elite
Chris White 6-1 F 40 LM+-LM Marian Catholic/RWA
Chris Burnell 6-1 PG 41 LM+-LM Rockford East/Illinois Stars
C.J. Wilbourn 6-7 PF 42 LM+-LM Normal Community/Quad City Elite
Jeremiah Oden 6-7 F 43 LM+-LM  St. Rita/RWA
Keeshawn Chambers 6-5 PF 44 LM+-LM Thornton/
Kameron Leonard 6-7 PF 45 LM+-LM Bolingbrook/Hoopers
Collin Dietz 6-5 WF 46 LM+-LM Metamora/Mac Irvin Fire
Mitch Mascari 6-4 WG 47 LM Geneva/Mercury Elite-Thomas
Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F 48 LM Oak Park/Made Men
Aidan Shore 6-10 F 49 LM Sterling/Marcury Elite-Thomas
Fred Cleveland Jr. 5-7 PG 50 LM Chicago Leo/RWA
Justin Eagins 6-1 G 51 LM Downers Grove South/Mercury Elite
Jacquan Binion 5-8 PG 52 LM Kankakee/Old Gold
Demari Nixon 6-1 WG 53 LM Chicago Curie/Chicago Select
Martin Macenis 6-4 G 54 LM Willowbrook/Et 21 Buckeyes
Isacc Stanback 6-5 F 55 LM Homewood-Flossmoor/Y&R-Parham
Dashon Enoch 6-1 G 56 LM Oak Park/Made Men
Jaheim Holden 5-9 PG 57 LM Evanston/
Karl Wright 6-4 PF 58 LM Springfield Lanphier/Illinois Irish
Anthony Roberts 6-4 F 59 LM Oak Park/Made Men
Jaden Brown 6-2 G 60 LM Waukegan/
Aaron Strong 6-2 G 61 LM Chicago Farragut/Illinois Heat
Lawrence Brazil 6-1 PG 62 LM Belleville West/Ramey Jets
Teon Nesbit 6-2 G 63 LM Butler Charter/Chicago Demons
Luke Yoder 5-11 PG 64 LM Central Catholic/Illinois Irish
Evan Taylor 6-5 WF 65 LM Glenbard West/Illinois Heat
Khaleb Rouse 6-1 G 66 LM Lincoln Park/All in Athletics
Jeremiah Stanton 5-8 PG 67 LM Hillcrest/Next Level Elite
Quincy Gilmore 6-4 G 68 LM North Chicago/Full Package
Chris Roberts 5-10 G 68 LM Lincoln Park/Y&R-Parham
Ethan Helwig 6-5 WG 69 LM Metea Valley/Illinois Stars
Shaden Clanton 6-5 WF 70 LM Rockford East/Illinois Stars
Malik Tidwell 5-11 G 71 LM Marian Catholic/
Artese Stapleton 6-1 PG 72 LM Chicago Kenwood/Y&R
Elijah Stewart 5-10 G 73 LM T.F. South/Chicago Select
Spencer Boehm 6-8 F 74 LM New Trier/Fundamental U
Chase Robinson 6-2 PG 75 LM Oak Park/Made Men
Yamani Shareef 6-2 WG 76 LM Plainfield East/Hoopers
Tyriel Nelson 6-0 G 77 LM Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
Kevin Vance 6-6 PF 78 LM Bloom/Team Rose
Bryonte Washington 6-3 G 79 LM Rich Central/
Marquise Walker 5-11 PG 80 LM West Aurora/Mean Streets
Kameron Battle 6-6 WF 81 LM Oswego East/
Keenan Jones 6-4 WF 82 LM Chicago Young/Y&R
Sean Houpt 6-3 G 83 LM Danville/Illinois Irish
Latik Murphy 6-2 G 84 LM Morton/Illinois Mustangs
Lamond Johnson 6-2 G 85 LM Chicago Kenwood/Y&R
Dachaun Anderson 6-6 PF 86 LM Chicago Leo/Y&R
Achan Clinton 6-7 F 87 LM North Chicago/Full Package
Lamarius Lillard 6-7 PF 88 LM Momence/Mac Irvin/Example Sports
Landon Wolfe 6-5 F 89 LM Effingham/Illinois Irish
Bryson Bultman 6-5 F 90 LM Nashville/Illinois Bears
Trey Boston 6-0 PG 91 LM Downers Grove South/Y&R
Alex Raiford 6-3 G 92 LM DeLaSalle/Y&R
Andrew Stewart 5-10 G 93 LM T.F. South/Chicago Select
Zach Toussaint 5-10 PG 94 LM Johnsburg/Kessel Heat
Tavis Stampley 6-2 G 95 LM Lincoln Park/Chicago Demons
Hezekiah Trotter 6-3 F 96 LM Schaumburg/Mercury Elite
Jaylin Mosby 6-3 G/F 97 LM Belleville West/Ramey Jets
Detalian Brown 6-2 G 98 LM Chicago Uplift/Chicago Demons
Malik Smith 6-3 G 99 LM Alton/Ramey Jets United
Tim Irvin Jr. 5-7 PG 100 LM Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
Matas Masys 6-2 G 101 LM Willowbrook/Et 21 Buckeyes
Fred Stokes 6-7 F 102 LM Montini/Illinois Heat
Andre White 5-9 PG 103 LM Waukegan/All in Athletics
Karl Polk 6-6 PF 104 LM Rich East/Next Level
Deion Jackson 6-3 WF 105 LM Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
Tyrese Shine 6-3 G/F 106 LM Lyons Twp./Illinois Heat
Connor Barrett 6-3 WG 107 LM Loyola Academy/Illinois Wolves
Caleb Donaldson 6-5 PG 108 LM Bloomington/
Beau Bailey 6-3 G 109 LM Dixon/Illinois Stars
Julian Barr 6-3 G/F 110 LM Lincoln Way East/RWA
Jason Mason 6-6 PF 111 LM Providence St. Mel/Chicago Select
Joseph Doyle 6-9 C 112 LM Chicago Corliss/Chicago Demons
Maliq Anderson 6-4 G 113 LM St. Joseph/
Semaj Henderson 6-0 G 114 LM Downes Grove North/Illinois Heat
Pierre Black 6-0 G 115 LM Elgin-Larkin/Kessel Heat
William Engels 6-5 G/F 116 LM Benet Academy/Illinois Stars
Diamond Presniakovas 6-4 F 117 LM Plainfield South/Hoopers
Johnny Roeser 6-5 WG 118 LM Carmel/Illinois Heat
Dylan West 6-7 PF 119 LM Hillcrest/Team Rose
Trey Tucker 5-9 G 120 LM Harlem/RWA?
London Denman 6-10 C 121 LM T.F. South/Team Thunder
Demetrius Shaver 6-6 F 122 LM Chicago Farragut/Chicago Grainers
Cameron Bartman 6-10 C 123 LM St. Rita/Buckeyes
Dekwan Turner 5-9 PG 124 LM T.F. South/Team Thunder
Mike Robinson 6-2 G 125 LM Lincoln Park/Illinois Heat