Monday, March 23, 2020



Max Christie 6-5 HM 1 Rolling Meadows
“The state’s No.1 prospect within this group, likely a projected shoo-in for the McDonald All American Game next year. The ultra-smooth cager has Duke, Northwestern, & North Carolina in the hunt for his services.”

Anthony Sayles 6-2 MM+-MM 11 Niles Notre Dame
“Talented athlete who excels at football well enough to draw considerable interest from some high-major Programs. Score-first type lead guard has the physical attributes to be a fine Collegiate player, that’s if he doesn’t opt for football.”

Connor Enright 6-2 MM 12 Mundelein
“Has already pledged to Drake University; sure-handed hooper who understands situations and can manage his ball Club. Capable scorer/shooter, a winner, leader & tenacious competitor.”

Darrion ‘D.J.’ Jones 5-10 MM 13 Chicago Bogan
“Ambidextrous slashing old-school type performer. Doesn’t shoot-it particularly well on the perimeter but possesses mid-range capabilities. A true quarterback who leads his team & has that winning ingredient embodied in his game. Inevitable though that D.J.’s first stop will be an improbable run along on the Juco circuit.”

Ty Johnson 6-1 MM 14 DePaul Prep
“Suffered a gut-wrenching loss to St. Ignatius right before the stoppage. Johnson is viewed as a ‘big game’ performer with a knack for making clutch shots. Architecture kinda guy, can orchestrate offense for himself & his mates. Plays with poise & good understanding of situations, a threat as a long-range bomber on the perimeter. Missouri Valley Schools have shown interest.”

Noah Reynolds 6-0 MM 17 Peoria Notre Dame
“A dynamite leader & floor general, had guided his team to a 30-1 mark. Plays with a good pace where he understands climate/in-game situations. Reynolds had his team in position to make a run at the 3A State Title before play was halted. Last game out, Noah illustrated what his game entailed when they eliminated Geneseo and Isaiah Rivera (Colorado State Recruit) in a Semi-Final Sectional 46-33. Bradley University has shown strong interest.”

Ismail Habib 6-0 MM 18 Thornwood
“Recently transferred out of Lincoln Park after their season was erupted in late January. Ish averaged 22 points, 5 assists, & 4 rebounds while leading his team to a 18-5 mark, 8-1 in Conference. His game began to show signs of being a willingly distributor. He always had the ability to drain jumpers on the perimeter. Now he takes his show to the South Suburbs.”

Kimarhi Wilson 6-0 MM 20 Carmel
“Talented, somewhat of an enigma. At times he has exhibited a high-level floor game. Before the quarantine invaded our worlds and putting the caboose on spring Club ball, we had plan to get an early birds eye view on where Mr. Wilson’s game stood before branding him accordingly.”

Nathanael Hoskins 6-4 MM-LM+ 32 Danville
“High academic prospect has drawn interest from suitors such as New Jersey Inst, Fairfield & Patriot League Schools. Strong body utilizes it well attacking the rim. Solid ball handler, capable of making plays & good reads. Outside shooting could use some polish.”

Julio Montes 5-9 LM 38 Lincoln Park
“A true student athlete has been a three-year starter with a good winning percentage (Teamed with Ish to form a stellar backcourt 18-5). Possesses big game pedigree and a penchant for making clutch shots & plays. His portfolio strikes the mold of Glenbrook South’s senior stud Dom Martinelli in terms of having winning intangibles. Julio is not a player who will woo opponents with his athleticism, he’s a clever competitor that operates with precision. Sure-handed ball-handler, quiet leader & manager. System type might be able to play Division 1 in the right setting. Will tour this summer with the Mac Irvine Fire.”

Isaiah Holden 5-8 LM 37 Evanston
“Nifty performer with an electric game, currently unsure what his level may be suited for. He does feed those necessary ingredients into his mates that transforms into winning ways. Holden has a gaudy three-year winning percentage and was well in gear of anchoring his squad to a marquee matchup in Sectional Final vs favorite Loyola Academy before play was halted. He’s a fun player to watch.”

Jhei-R. Jones 6-0 LM 43 Lincoln Way East
“Sort of an unknown until last June when he had his coming out party against Morgan Park at the Ridgewood Shootout. A speedy elusive little player who rebounds the ball extremely well for his size and can perform effectively in a big game atmosphere. We’re probably not giving him enough bang right now, but we’ll size him up even more when we’re able to go out again.”

Nick Owens 5-6 LM 46 Chicago Curie
“Exciting general vastly underrated, his game and his accomplishments have somewhat gone overlooked. He’s a true winner and has proven it on all levels. Slick ball handler with the ability to spot up and knock down crucial shots. There is a special place/system for his game. He’s worth the price of admission. Had his team still in the hunt.”

Kenton Wright 5-10 LM 50 Hillcrest
“Has familiarity with big stages while playing with his school team and traveling with the Mean Streets Program. His game is starting to smooth out some growing into the position where he understands situations during the course of a game. A hard-nose competitor can make shots & defend.”

Kier Jordan 5-10 LM 55 Westinghouse
“Got a really good opportunity to size him up some a couple of times. We like his upside; he has a nice all-around floor game where he can handle under pressure some and can make shots mid-range or long distance. Played in the shadows of senior Devin Davis most of the time, but next season it will be his show to manage. We look to see him when things resume again.”


Based on performance and before the Coronavirus shut down the season, this is how are evaluations sized up the final analysis of the 2020 Class.


D.J. Stewart 6-3 G HM 1 Whitney Young Duke University

“Spot-Liter’s player of the year; McDonald All American selection.”
Adam Miller 6-4 G HM 2 Morgan Park University Illinois

“Had an invitation to participate in the Jordan game next month.”
Ahron Ullis 6-2 PG HM 3 Marion Catholic University Iowa

Tyler Beard 6-2 G MM+ 4 Whitney Young Georgetown

Ray’Sean Taylor 6-1 PG MM+ 5 Collinsville SIU-Edwardsville

Brandon Weston 6-5 F MM+ 6 Morgan Park AVAILABLE
“Huge up-side, best hoops await.”

Martice Mitchell 6-10 F MM+ 7 Bloom University Minnesota
“He will be better on the collegiate level once he gains some strength.”

Jordan Kwiecinski 6-8 F MM+-MM 8 Loyola Academy Drake University

Connor Kochera 6-4 G MM 9 St. Viator William & Mary

Marcus Watson 6-0 PG MM 10 Morgan Park Wake Forest

Aquan Smart 6-3 G MM 11 Niles North University Maryland
“Not to be too critical, his last game vs Loyola didn’t leave a very good impression of a high-major recruit.”

Dante Maddox 6-2 PG MM 12 Bloom Cal State Fullerton

Ramean Hinton 6-4 F MM 13 Chicago Curie AVAILABLE

Connor Linke 6-10 C MM 14 St. Charles North Bradley University

Jamere Hill 6-3 PG MM 15 Joliet West University Toledo
“This Mac Program landed a potential gem.”

Jeremiah Williams 6-4 G MM 16 Simeon AVAILABLE

Jayson Kent 6-7 G/F MM 17 Oak Forest AVAILABLE

Keshawn Williams 6-2 G MM 18 Bloom University Tulsa

Antione Bloxton 6-2 G MM 19 Chicago Bogan Juco Prospect

Destin Whitaker 6-6 WF MM 20 Romeoville Fresno State Univ.

R.J. Ogom 6-5 PF MM 21 Homewood-Flossmoor Coll.Charleston

Darius Burford 6-1 G MM 22 Bolingbrook Elon University

Isaiah Rivera 6-4 G MM 23 Geneseo Colorado State

Dom Martinelli 6-5 F ----- 24 Glenbrook South AVAILABLE

Christian Schumate 6-5 F MM 25 Bloom AVAILABLE

Kyndall Davis 6-5 WF MM 25 Chicago Bogan Univ. Long Island

Beau Frericks 6-1 PG MM 26 Cary Grove Lewis Univ.

“Lewis University got a steal; this kid had his team in contention.”

Donovan Newby 6-2 PG MM 27 Bloom University Milwauke-Wis.

Frank Jakubicek 6-8 F MM 28 Cary Grove Belmont

Bennett Kwiecinski 6-8 F MM 29 Loyola Academy Sienia College

Salveon Williams 6-6 F MM 30 Chicago Curie AVAILABLE

Micah Schnyder 6-4 PG LM+ 31 Yorkville Christian AVAILABLE

Aaron Tims 6-6 F LM+ 32 Hinsdale SouthAVAILABLE-POSSIBLE JUCO
“Impressive in a win at Kenwood late; could very well be a mid-major prospect after a Junior College stint.”

Damontae Taylor 6-5 WF ---- 33 Zion-Benton Juco Prospect
“When it all shakes out, he could develop into a mid-major or higher.”

D.J. Williams 6-3 F LM+ 34 Thornton Murray State
“Will play football in College.”

Romelle Howard 6-8 C LM+ 35 Lincoln Park Juco Prospect/Available

Nate Shockey 6-2 G LM+ 36 York North Dakota State

Elijah Pickens 5-11 G LM 37 Chicago Curie AVAILABLE

Lavell McIntosh 6-4 F LM 38 Kankakee Juco Prospect/Available
“Impressive athlete, played inside for H.S. team; after Juco he could develop into a MM stud.”

Devin Davis 6-0 G LM 39 Westinghouse AVAILABLE

Billy Durkin 6-2 PG LM 40 Hinsdale South AVAILABLE
“We were impressed with this baller & his play when we viewed him recently. Steady makes good reads.”

Jayden Johnson 6-5 WF LM 41 Batavia AVAILABLE

Matt Ambrose 6-4 G LM 42 Stevenson Univ. Indianapolis

Armon Williams 6-8 F LM 43 East St. Louis AVAILABLE

Elijah Jones 6-5 WF LM+LM43 Marian Catholic Western Illinois
“His recruitment could open back up; might be risky though.”

Ryan Isaacson 6-7 F LM 44 Hinsdale Central Merrimack College

Connor Dillon 6-3 G/F LM 45 Peoria Notre Dame Winona State

Chris Conway 6-10 F LM 46 Naperville Central Oakland

Bryson Tatum 6-4 G LM 47 Urbana AVAILABLE

Jason Bergstrom 6-6 F LM 48 Niles Notre Dame Illinois Springfield

Spencer Yoggerst 6-5 G LM 49 Riverton William Woods College

Jabari Chiphe 6-4 F LM 50 Walter Payton AVAILABLE

Robert Hobbs 6-4 G/F LM 51 Chicago Crane JucoProspect/Available

Jackson Connor 6-6 F LM 52 Marion, IL AVAILABLE

Josiah Palmer 6-1 G LM 53 Homewood-Flossmoor AVAILABLE

Josh Holmes 6-2 G LM 54 De La Salle AVAILABLE

Donovan Taylor 6-4 WG LM 55 Chicago Fenger Juco Prospect/Available

Kendale Anderson 6-7 F LM 56 Chicago Leo Juco Prospect/Available

Marshun Williams 6-5 F LM 57 Chicago Lindblom AVAILABLE

Johnathan Odom 6-5 F LM 58 Legal Prep Governor State

Yemi Elutilo 6-4 F LM 59 Marian Catholic AVAILABLE

Sam Shultz 6-6 F LM 60 Oswego East AVAILABLE

Fin Walsh 6-2 PG LM 61 St. Laurence Juco Prospect/Available

Demarius Splunge 6-5 F LM 62 Chicago Orr Juco Prospect/Available

Pierre Calhoun 6-3 G LM 63 Chicago Clark AVAILABLE

Keyon Joiner 6-3 G/F LM 64 Chicago Phillips Juco Prospect/Available

Pierre Sneed 6-5 F LM 65 Chicago Crane Juco Prospect/Available
“Played the last three months on a bum knee.”

Jaylin McCants 6-6 PF LM 66 Galesburg AVAILABLE


*Team was still hoopn’/alive before the shut down due to Coronavirus.

*Ray’Sean Taylor 6-1 PG SR Collinsville Southern Ill.-Edwardsville

*D.J. Steward 6-3 G SR Whitney Young Duke University

Dom Martinelli 6-5 F SR Glenbrook South Uncommitted

*Ahron Ullis 6-2 PG SR Marian Catholic University Iowa

*Adam Miller 6-4 G SR Morgan Park University Illinois


Max Christie 6-6 G JR Rolling Meadows -------

*Troy D’Amico 6-5 F JR Niles Notre Dame -------

*Ramean Hinton 6-4 G SR Chicago Curie Open

*Bryce Hopkins 6-6 F JR Fenwick Louisville

*Antione Bloxton 6-1 G SR Chicago Bogan Unsigned

*Beau Frericks 6-1 PG SR Cary Grove Lewis University

*Connor Linke 6-10 C SR St. Charles North Bradley University

*Tyler Beard 6-2 G SR Whitney Young Georgetown Univ.

*Connor Kochera 6-4 G SR St. Viator William & Mary

*Jordan Kwiecinski 6-8 F SR Loyola Academy Drake University

Aquan Smart 6-3 G SR Niles North University Maryland

John Poulakidas 6-5 G/F JR Neuqua Valley ----------

*Frank Jakubicek 6-8 F SR Cary Grove Belmont University

*Lavell McIntosh 6-4 F SR Kankakee Open

*Jamere Hill 6-3 PG SR Joliet West University Toledo

*D.J. Williams 6-3 F SR Thornton Open

*Dante Maddox Jr. 6-2 PG SR Bloom Cal State Fullerton

R.J. Ogom 6-6 F SR Homewood-Flossmoor College of Charleston

Jayson Kent 6-7 G/F SR Oak Forest Open

Marcus Watson 6-0 PG SR Morgan Park Wake Forest

Monday, March 16, 2020


In early February we spoke about this group of guys, evaluating them and giving a short observation on what many hoop insiders feel about their upside potential.


• A.J. Casey 6-8 F 1 Tinley Park

“A consensus Top 20 national prospect. We saw him again Friday night out at Oak Forest, I came away with scathing observation, “young fella” just flat-out hoopn’ like he’s at the Rec. A.J. seems to be out there playing on sheer athletic ability but does not maximize his total package yet as a young player. We’d like to see him develop more versatility to his game. Where he’s posting up more, attempting to score on the block, while rebounding at much more higher clip. This will allow him to impact the game more frequently instead of spending most of his time on the perimeter. He’s talented though and he does possess some special gifts. It takes a stout leader to get him on board.”

• Kyle Thomas 6-9 C 2 St. Joseph

“Rising big man with traditional back to the basket skills. Potential ceiling resembles a high-major recruit. Looked terrific a few weeks ago at the Bob Hambric Classic.”

• Branden Huff 6-8 F 3 Glenbard West

“Yep, I’m on his bandwagon, this southpaw can play. Has a really good feel for the game. He’s versatile where he uses his length to post-up smaller defenders & he strokes it on the perimeter at a high efficiency. Averages 18 points & 8 rebounds. Currently out, was injured in early February.”

• Kam Craft 6-5 WG 4 Buffalo Grove

“An impressive shooter, he’s already amassed over 1,000 career points. This young cager will have an illustrious four years while on-track to break numerous scoring records. This young lad is one of the top attractions in the North Suburb along with Dom and Max Christie. We actually witnessed him spray 46 points on Christie and his Rolling Meadows Squad, it was a terrific double overtime game, where Max Christie went for 42.”

• Jaden Schutt 6-4 WG 5 Yorkville Christian

“Averages 24 points per outing, he’s already set a state record with 17 three-pointers in one game. Revered already as one of the best shooters in our state. A modern-day Jay Shidler, known as the blond bomber from Lawrenceville in ‘76. Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin have been in to see him. This kid has a long range. We viewed him at Fenwick last month.”

• Robby Avila 6-8 F/C 6 Oak Forest

“Unique skill-set, pretty clever kid, not going to woo you with athleticism, but he’ll counter with some slithery moves & slippery foot work that forces defenders off-balance most times. We saw him on Wednesday night in a Regional Semi Final in a loss to Kankakee, he scored 22 points and was impressive.”

• Mikell Jones 6-4 G 7 Chicago Farragut

“Big time potential, has the physical frame and attributes to be a top-notch offensive player. His coaches refer to him as a modern-day Quinn Buckner. A true leader, still learning winning ways.”

• Trey Pettigrew 6-2 PG 8 Fenwick

“Emotional lad shows flashes of top-notch ability, tends to have a ray of cockiness which sometimes can be viewed the wrong way. Having the understanding that you play alongside of one of the top players in the state (Bryce Hopkins). Trey is rumored to be heading to Bolingbrook next season.”


In early February we spoke and listed some of the top Sophomores in the area. We will resume our conversation regarding several other notable prospects who have also enjoyed a fine season.


• Jaylen Drane 6-1 PG 9 Chicago Simeon
“His poise & leadership was clearly evident on stage in the City Final where they bounced Morgan Park in Championship.”

• Chikere Nwosu 6-3 G/F 10 Lincoln Park
“A stud, swingman skills and a potential defensive stopper. One of the more impressive second year players we saw all season. It was too bad his season got cut short.”

• Mikqwon Jones 6-3 G/F 11 Chicago Farragut
“A tough competitor with a rising game, going to be good as he matures.”

• Cooper Noard 6-2 PG 12 Glenbrook South
“We saw him play three times in the last 3 weeks and each time we saw him, he grew more and more on my belief that he can develop into a sure handed mid major point guard. Plays at a nice pace where he handles the ball well against pressure and makes proper reads and he can shoot on the perimeter with range. Has performed well in some big game settings.”

• Bobby Durkin 6-4 G/F 13 Hinsdale South
“Saw him in a State Sectional Final at Kenwood recently where he went for 15 markers, made huge shots late. The kid showed he can perform in a big game environment and that he has ice water in his veins, unconscious outside shooter. Doesn’t remember any missed attempts.”

• Keynan Davis 6-4 G 14 Hampshire
“Talented good lookn’ prospect; smooth has good length which he uses to get to the cup quickly. Skilled performer could be really good, right now he makes the extra pass way too much. Averages a modest 13.0 nightly.”

• Nick Martinelli 6-7 F 15 Glenbrook South
“Has held his own more than enough in big games, young fella came up huge in a win vs Evanston early. Left hander has shown the ability to come up with huge plays late in games. He’s on track to be a nice prospect. I can see a Patriot League in his future.”

• David Gieser 6-1 G 16 Fenwick
“Poised to be the next notable prospect from the West Suburban school who tends to have an ever-growing crop of young players coming aboard. This kid makes shots and confidence is just a moment or two away.”

• Martel Webb 6-7 F 17 Westinghouse
“Big body performer who is mobile and can get buckets inside or out. Still hasn’t matured enough to where you can see the consistency in his game on nightly basis. He gives you blemishes of what his game could evolve to.”

• Lane McVicar 6-3 WG 18 South Elgin
“A good lookin’ prospect, his team didn’t enjoy the kind of season most had hoped for in the Northwest Suburb. He’s long armed and can glide his way around defenders. Offensive threat with a bright future.”

• Jamauri Winfrey 6-3 F 19 Peoria Richwoods
“Folks down in Central Illinois don’t boast about his early accomplishments or feats (surprisingly because they’re noted for pounding their chest frequently). We saw this kid early on and he showed he can be a prime-time player.”

• Donovan Jones 6-2 PG 20 Chicago Solario
“Sort of plays in obscurity but has made a widely impression that his game is ready to soar. The highly competitive guard did garner All City honorable mention honors.”

• Marcelius Cohen 6-7 PF 21 De La Salle

• Darius Perryman 5-9 G 22 Chicago Clark

• Chris Hammonds Jr. 6-3 WG 23 Lincoln Park
“We’re really excited about this jump shooter’s upside.”

• Tavarius Vinson 6-8 C 24 Chicago Dyett
“A rising prospect to follow.”

• Jalen Kittler 6-1 PG 25 South Shore


An ever-growing list…

• Antoine Bloxton 6-3 WG Chicago Bogan
“Arguably the No.1 Juco prospect in the state. Being serious about school is a concern.”

• Damontae Taylor 6-5 WF Zion-Benton
“Dynamite ball player/athlete. Best hoops await.”

• Romelle Howard 6-8 F/C Lincoln Park
“It was unfortunate he couldn’t continue his development because he was starting to come into his own before his school was plagued by a suspension.”

• Keyon Joiner 6-4 G/F Chicago Phillips
“A hooper with a nice floor game and has excellent size.”

• Robert Hobbs 6-5 G/F Chicago Crane
“Best hoops await. Very versatile player handles the ball well for a big fella. Needs to finish better at the rim where we saw him Fri night in a 2A Final loss to Clark. Juco in Vegas interested.”

• Lavell Lundy 7-1 C Chicago Wells
“Project clone had an admirable outing in a win vs Phillips Fri night.”

• Fin Walsh 6-1 PG St. Laurence
“Putting up some impressive numbers late in the season, all Catholic League first team selection.”

• Jalen West 6-2 G Chicago Crane
“Had 21 points in a loss vs Clark Fri night. Has played huge the last month.”

• Aaron Tims 6-6 F Hinsdale South
“Saw him end Kenwood High School season, he was magnificent going for 28 points and 13 rebounds. He could be the top Juco prospect.”

• Lavell McIntosh 6-5 F Kankakee
“An exhilarating athlete with high rising leaping ability.”



Wednesday night ISHA 3A Sectional Semifinal
at Thornridge

This was our last game before the coronavirus outbreak interrupted our area causing the shut-down of all sporting events. It’s looking like a Ghost Town. Kankakee rolled in and blitzed the Bengals from the on start looking like the high school version of Phi-slam-jamma. They were just too athletic and quick; in addition, they were well disciplined only committing 7 turnovers the entire ball game. Coach Chris Pickett had his squad prepared and well-oiled resembling the likes of Tubby Smith or a Nolan Richardson persona while manning the sidelines in a calming manner. Kankakee had all five starters record double digit scoring, led by Lavell McIntosh’s 18 followed by 12 points from A.J. Storr, Kevin Allen, Rashard Harris, and Dylon Johnson. This was an impressive outing by the Kankakee Program. They withstood a fine effort from the Bengals Jayson Kent’s 23 points (five 3-pointers) and Robby Avila’s 21 markers. Oak Forest had no answer and just didn’t have enough ammunition.

Sunday, March 1, 2020


• Antoine Bloxton 6-3 WG Chicago Bogan“Arguably the No.1 Juco prospect in the state. Being serious about school is a concern.”

• Damontae Taylor 6-5 WF Zion-Benton“Dynamite ball player/athlete. Best hoops await.”

• Romelle Howard 6-8 F/C Lincoln Park“It was unfortunate he couldn’t continue his development because he was starting to come into his own before his school was plagued by a suspension.”

• Keyon Joiner 6-4 G/F Chicago Phillips“A hooper with a nice floor game and has excellent size.”

• Robert Hobbs 6-5 G/F Chicago Crane“Best hoops await. Very versatile player handles the ball well for a big fella. Needs to finish better at the rim where we saw him Fri night in a 2A Final loss to Clark. Juco in Vegas interested.”

• Lavell Lundy 7-1 C Chicago Wells“Project clone had an admirable outing in a win vs Phillips Fri night.”

• Fin Walsh 6-1 PG St. Laurence“Putting up some impressive numbers late in the season, all Catholic League first team selection.”

• Jalen West 6-2 G Chicago Crane“Had 21 points in a loss vs Clark Fri night. Has played huge the last month.”


Aquan Smart 6-4 G MM Niles North 
just committed to Maryland

Brandon Weston 6-5 WF MM Morgan Park 
“Was idle this past week.”

Jeremiah Williams 6-2 G MM Simeon“Was idle this past week after winning the City Title.”

Christian Shumate 6-5 F MM Bloom
“Big games await the next couple of weeks.”

Jayson Kent 6-7 G MM Oak Forest
“Had 23 points in a loss vs Hillcrest Fri night in a big-time game.”

Micah Schnyder 6-4 PG MM Yorkville Christian
“Led his team to a 1A Regional Title. He scored 27of his 33 points in the 2nd half.”

Saiveon Williams 6-6 F MM-LM+ Curie
“Played well in 2 high profile games this week against Oak Forest and Niles Notre Dame. Both victories.”

Jayden Johnson 6-6 F LM+LM Batavia
“UIC watching him closely.”

Elijah Pickens 5-11 G LM+LM Curie
“Hardnose tough city guard can make shots or get to the rack. Has Division One and D2 interest.”


After taking in numerous College games, while keeping a watchful eye on my own kid, several of these players mentioned below could enjoy a significant amount of success at this level. Their present play indicates this level could be a true fit.


Dom Martinelli 6-4 F Glenbrook South
“Enjoying an outstanding season, should be a 1st All-Stater.”

Yemi Elutilo 6-3 F Marian Catholic
“Has an offer from Lewis University, has proven he can play in big game setting.”

Sami Osmani 6-4 G/F Oak Lawn
“Very nice player, sneaky athleticism, really smooth floor game.”

Josh Holmes 6-1 G De La Salle
“Putting up some nice numbers while playing and leading some younger players. Had D1s watching early on.”

Carter Dawson 6-7 F Pontiac
“Wing player with a wealth of ability on the perimeter where he utilizes his length. He was impressive at the Pontiac Holiday Tournament. Reportedly some D1s will take him as a red shirt candidate.”

Sam Shultz 6-7 F Oswego East
“Has been banged up most of the season with injuries. When healthy he’s a threat inside or out. Jump shooter with range.”

Marshun Williams 6-5 F Lindblom
“Lefty has been a pleasant surprise. Good 12-15 mid-range shooter. Roosevelt University has been covering him closely.”

Josiah Palmer 6-1 G Homewood-Flossmoor
“Slender cager has shot the ball extremely well all year.”

Pierre Sneed 6-6 PF Chicago Crane
“Played through injuries all year. Season came to a close in a heart-wrenching loss Fri night vs Clark.”

Jackson Connor 6-6 F Marion, IL
“Has a slew of Division One interest but none have quite pulled the trigger. He’s playing at a high-level right now and some big games coming up this week.”

Jabari Chiphe 6-5 F Walter Payton
“Was just selected to third team All City. Averages a double double. Has high academic Programs shadowing him such as University Chicago.”

Jayden Johnson 6-6 F Batavia
“One of the best shooters in the state. Could likely land in a Division One Program. UIC keeping close tabs on him. He averages close to 22 a game.”

Pierre Calhoun 6-2 G Clark
“Explosive in the open court, has attracted some Division One interest such as IUPUI. Plays with a high motor, could be a really good defender.”


I was pondering something recently and my inspirational vices/voices transmitted to the innovative mind of Hall of Fame Coach/leader/speaker/historian/life Coach George Raveling. I read an excerpt from some of his literature that I was bound by the fact that most of us could exhibit and share in our daily worlds. “Life is about imperfections not about chasing the perfect. The exciting part about our lives is that every part of it is always under construction. Many times change knocks at the door, but we do not welcome it as a positive growth opportunity. We all need truth-tellers in our lives…”

Aquan Smart the six-foot three guard from Niles North committed to Maryland a week ago after taking an official visit. The Terrapins’ swooped in landing one of our top prospects in the 2020 Class. The slithery scorer had numerous high-major Programs displaying interest. Despite of his lofty 23 points per outing statistic, majority of the Big Schools did not shower him with the love that Maryland wooed him with. Iowa State, TCU, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, & Texas A&M was reportedly seen visiting the North Suburban star.

On a Tuesday wintery night, I took in a Missouri Valley contest at Valparaiso catching famed Illinois Warrior Alum Matt Lottich (New Trier) lead his squad to a victory over Missouri State. Valparaiso is such a unique place to watch a College game, it has that cozy cuddly vibe. Sitting there it donned on me that I haven’t been in these parts in 5 years but watching 6-foot 7 freshman guard Donovan Clay exploit his all-around game on this night, the moment was exhilarating. Clay hails from downstate Alton High, we knew last season that this late bloomer could develop into a special player in the right Collegiate setting. Now NBA guys will begin a trail to this Northwest Indiana School. Clay was the sleeper prospect in our 2019 Class.

Fri-night, Feb 28th – Spot-Liter’s game of the week

Top game of the night happens to be on the West Side of Chicago at Christ the King, it was a great vibe and the tracks were just alright. The ball game was a 2A Regional Final in which Clark sputtered a 12-point cushion with less than five minutes remaining but managed to hold on tightly for the four-point victory where they will advance to another all-out collision this upcoming week. Darrius Perryman finished with 18 points, 5 rebounds but his two huge three-pointers in the fourth quarter really took the air out of the Cougars. The lefty sophomore’s play was impressive from the very start. He demonstrated a lot of poise and confidence for such a young player. Crane received a stellar outing from senior guard Jalen West, he recorded 21 points & 9 rebounds. His play in the last few weeks has been phenomenal. Robert Hobbs registered 13 points & 15 rebounds but missed several point-blank attempts throughout the contest, in addition several miscues at the foul line, which is a recipe for defeat especially in the playoff environment. Congratulations to long time Public League Coach Terry Head. He possesses the leadership qualities to construct and rebuild sagging Programs. His track record validates my point.

As I embark on a new chapter, my sights are now set on utilizing my vision as well as experience to accelerate a gold standard blueprint for the Hyde Park Academy Program. We will use a dosage of Terry Head’s formula to construct the necessary ingredients we seek in potential incoming student athletes, those who will value education and look to flourish in the classrooms/hallways as well the hard-wood. My target will always be to up pend Red South rivals: Bogan, Curie, Simeon, and Morgan Park…

Saturday, Feb 22nd

Traveled to Jackson, Tennessee to watch my kid play on Senior Night, I was overcome with so many emotions, while recognizing the opportunity to experience such a memorable occasion. Anytime a parent can participate on a Senior Day, it’s a gratifying honor. My family and I are appreciative to Union University Head Coach David Niven for making this day possible. Niven manages a tight ship, holding his guys accountable on and off the floor which provides life-learning lessons with growth attached. On this day we watched Niven’s squad beat an undermanned Mississippi Team guided by highly respected Veteran Coach Mike Jones. He had a short roster due to injuries & other unforeseen circumstances. Union had five players reach double digit scoring. They play in a tough Gulf South Conference that resembles some lower level Division One Leagues. Their Conference compare slightly to the Great Lakes which is where Southern Indiana, Lewis University, and Wisconsin Parkside play. Now the Gulf South seem to have more overall depth with teams & more individual fire power. Union (18-9 – 13-7) has one of the more talented teams in the League and can roll out a line-up of eight deep in its rotation led by high scoring guard Tyree Boykin, and talented swingman Terrandus Smith, they space the floor with 6-6 sharp shooter Cooper Meadows, floor general/ catalyst Bryson Butler ignites them with energy and toughness, 6-10 Big Man Sam Gueye is skilled & can score, and his talented little brother 6-8 freshman Ousmane Gueye is a promising prospect, sophomore Ty Parks gives them versatility in scoring when he’s on the floor, red shirt sophomore guard Payton Stovall provides a stabilizing presence when engaged. Collectively they tend to sleepwalk through stretches of a ball game, surveillance indicates tendencies where they are slow scrambling back on defense and not locking down & getting stops when needed. This pattern will have to change immediately because they will need some easy baskets where runouts and transition play will be a must against the highly octane 3-guard attack of West Alabama. Coach Niven will have the monumental task of managing and identifying a lineup that matches up accordingly in this important Regional Playoff Opener Tuesday night on West Alabama’s court. Hopefully all of them will be on a different frequency in terms of being mentally ready to play. “Just a few observations, we’re big game ready.”

Fri-Feb. 21st – (Spot-Liter’s game of the week)

Over-flow crowd watched the Wildkits narrowly escape a well tooled G.B. South squad with a Conference title on the line. Glenbrook South just knocked off Evanston a month ago at home, so this game was billed as a high stake’s affair. A full house was entertained to a 25-25 tie at intermission. Dom Martinelli was held in check with 10 points, but then he erupted for 22 second half points. He manufactured the feat, impressively playing on one leg. Martinelli seemed to have banged knees or sprained an ankle early in the first quarter. This kid re-arranges his moves & motions while attacking defenders. He slithered & slid around Evanston players for layups or short jumpers. Drama filled the last minute of the contest when Martinelli drove the length of the floor through congestion for a lay-up with 6.0 seconds left to force an overtime at 54-54 apiece. The suspense continued when junior Blake Peters buried a three-pointer with 50 seconds remaining in overtime and he was fouled converting the 4-point play to put the Wildkits ahead 58-56. Then after a couple exchanges in the waning seconds Junior Big-Man Nick Martinelli was fouled attempting a 3-pointer in overtime with no time left, he needed to make all three to force a second overtime but made the first two while the third rattled in & out in a heartbreaking defeat. Great High School game and environment.