Sunday, July 28, 2019


This event was revitalized in 2015 which was once recognized as a venue for identifying up n coming individual talent across our state. Our mission now for the this particular is branded as team play. At the Spot-Liter we are angling to have this two-day event become one of the premier fall events in the Midwest. Plainfield Central High School has top-notch facilities and has been a frequent destination for local Club and School teams for many years. It’s been the hub in the southwest suburbs for grass roots hoops. We look forward towards working hand n hand with the Plainfield staff and well as the community to make this entertaining event where sportsmanship will be held in the highest degree/regard. We will only invite 32 teams to this rising school hoop fest.

Saturday, September 14th & Sunday September 15th, 2019

Site: Plainfield Central High School

611 West Fort Beggs Dr.

Plainfield, IL

The cost for this entry will be $225.00

  • 3 Games – Pool Play format
  • With our experience and knowledge of all of our teams participating, pools will be matched and paired accordingly. 
  • Top two teams in each pool will advance to playoff round.
  • With the single game elimination format, the winner will be crowned with championship trophy at the finale. 

2018 – Richards defeated East Aurora 58-39

2017 – St. Viator toppled Glenbard East 48-32

2016 – Zion-Benton squeaked by Marshall 39-34 (1st Wayne McClain Classic)

2015 – Metamora outlasted De LaSalle 53-48

Metamora, Cary Grove, Walter Payton, Chicago De LaSalle, Plainfield North, Hyde Park Academy, Oak Lawn H.S., Farragut, Carl Sandburg, Simeon, T.F. South, East Aurora, Rockford-Auburn, Niles North, Joliet Central, Plainfield Central, Corliss, Glenbard East, Lincoln Park, Oak Park, Lincoln Way East, Rich Central, Hillcrest, Richards, Crane Tech, Prosser, Plainfield South

Bogan, East St. Louis, St. Laurence, North Lawndale, Joliet West, Oswego East, Peoria High, Romeoville, Hope Academy, Galesburg, Minooka, Calumet Perspective, South Shore, Springfield High, Danville, Conant, Evergreen Park, Thornridge, Leyden, Latin School of Chicago, Legal Prep

Sunday, July 14, 2019


“We’re on a hunt for some sleepers in this particular group”

• D. J. Stewart 6-3 G HM 1 Whitney Young/Mean Streets

• Adam Miller 6-4 G HM 2 Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire

• Keshawn Williams 6-3 G HM 3 Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Martice Mitchell 6-10 F/C HM-MM+-4 Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Tyler Beard 6-1 G MM+ 5 Whitney Young/Bradley Beal Elite

• Ahron Ullis 6-2 PG MM 6 Marian Catholic/Mean Streets

• Jeremiah Williams 6-4 G MM 7 St. Laurence/Mean Streets

• Sincere Parker 6-3 G MM 8 Rockford East/

• Ramean Hinton 6-4 G/F MM 9 Curie/Team Rose

• Isaiah Rivera 6-4 G MM 10 Geneseo/Mean Streets

• Ray’Sean Taylor 6-1 PG MM 11 Collinsville/Illinois Gateway

• Destin Whitaker 6-6 WF MM 12 Romeoville/Mean Streets

• Darius Burford 6-2 G MM 13 Bolingbrook/Team Rose

• Aquan Smart 6-4 G MM 14 Niles North/Pure Prep

• Connor Kochera 6-4 G MM 15 St. Viator/Fundamental U.

• Damontae Taylor 6-5 F MM 16 Zion-Benton/All in Athletics

• Frank Jakubicek 6-8 F MM 17 Cary Grove/Quad City Elite

• Bennett Kwiecinski 6-8 F MM 18 Loyola Academy/Illinois Wolves

• Savion Williams 6-6 F MM 19 Curie/Y&R

• Marcus Watson 5-11 PG MM 20 Morgan Pk/Mac Irvin Fire

• R.J. Ogom 6-5 PF MM 21 Homewood-Flossmoor/Y&R-Kavon L.

• Dante Maddox 6-3 PG MM 22 Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Kyndall Davis 6-5 G/F MM 23 Bogan/All in Athletics

• Seryee Lewis 6-7 PF MM 24 Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire

• Chris Conway 6-9 PF MM 25 Naperville Central/

• Jayson Kent 6-5 G MM 26 Oak Forest/Mac Irvin Fire/Next Level

• Antoine Bloxton 6-2 G MM 27 Chicago Bogan/Orr/

• Joe Green 6-1 G MM-LM+ 28 Marian Catholic

• Donovan Newby 6-3 PG MM-LM+ 29 Bloom/Illinois Wolves

• Beau Frericks 6-2 G MM-LM+ 30 Cary Grove/RWA

• Tremear Fraley 6-8 PF MM-LM+ 31 Bogan/RWA

• Devon Davis 6-1 G MM-LM+ 32 Westinghouse/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Will Wolfe 6-6 WF MM-LM+ 33 Oswego East/Illinois Wolves

• Armond Williams 6-8 F MM-LM+ 34 East St. Louis/Illinois Jets

• Connor Linke 6-8 PF/C MM-LM+ 35 St. Charles North/Fundamental U.

• Robert Holmes 6-5 F LM+LM 36 Stevenson/All in Athletics

• Sam Shultz 6-7 F LM+LM 37 Oswego East/H.I.T. Basketball

• Ryan Isaacson 6-7 F LM+LM 38 Hinsdale Central/Lock-down

• Romelle Howard 6-8 PF/C LM+LM 39 Lincoln Park/Mean Streets

• Elijah Jones 6-6 WF LM+LM 40 Marian Catholic/RWA

• Jackson Connor 6-6 F LM+LM 41 Marion (IL)/Illinois Bears

• Dominic Martinelli 6-5 G LM+LM 42 Glenbrook South/

• Jimarius Sneed 6-5 F LM+LM 43 Chicago Crane/Team Rose

• Atharva Atreya 6-3 PG LM+LM 44 Carl Sandburg/Windy City Magic

• Kendale Anderson 6-7 PF LM+LM 45 Chicago Leo/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Jamere Hill 6-3 PG LM+LM 46 Joliet West/

• Micah Schnyder 6-4 G LM+LM 47 Lincoln Way West/Next Level

• Johnathan Odom 6-5 PF LM 48 Legal Prep/Chicago Demons

• Nate Shockey 6-2 G LM 49 York/Fast Break

• Spencer Yoggerst 6-5 G LM 50 Riverton/Illinois Irish Select

• Yemi Elutilo 6-4 G/F LM 51 Marian Catholic/Next Level

• Sangolay Njie 6-5 PF LM 52 Whitney Young/Mean Streets

• Alex Wood 6-0 PG LM 53 Normal U. High/Y&R

• Josh Holmes 6-1 G LM 54 De LaSalle/Y&R-Kavon Looney

• Justin Cross 6-7 PF LM 55 Oak Park/Team Rose

• Jabari Chiphe 6-5 PF LM 56 Walter Payton/Y&R

• Chris Williams 6-2 G LM 57 Peoria High/

• Jayden Johnson 6-6 F LM 58 Batavia/Fundamental U.

• Paul Zillinskas 6-5 F LM 59 Riverside-Brookfield/

• Colin Crothers 6-7 PF LM 60 Benet Academy/H.I.T. Basketball

• Brandon Shoemaker 6-2 G LM 61 Plainfield Central/

• Matt Ambrose 6-4 G LM 62 Stevenson/Quad City Elite

• Brandon Lieb 6-11 C LM 63 Deerfield/Illinois Wolves

• Damarius Splunge 6-4 G/F LM 64 Chicago Orr/Chicago Demons

• Aaron Tims 6-6 PF LM 65 Hinsdale South/RWA

• Lavell McIntosh 6-4 WF LM 66 Kankakee/Old Gold

• Colin O’Rourke 6-8 F LM 67 Plainfield North/Fast Break

• Isaiah Burrell 6-4 F LM 68 Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire

• Christian Shumate 6-5 F LM 69 Plainfield East/Y&R

• Davis Walker 6-2 PG LM 70 Home School/RWA

• Fin Walsh 6-2 PG LM 71 St. Laurence/

• Luke Scheffer 6-1 PG LM 72 St. Charles North/Fundametal U.

• Deandre Hagan 6-4 G/F LM 73 Brother Rice/Lock-down

• Elijah Watson 6-6 F LM 74 T.F. South/Y&R

• Devon House 6-8 F/C LM 75 Sterling Newman/

• Eric Price 6-1 G LM 76 Galesburg/Quad City Elite

• Nate Seputis 6-9 F LM 77 Lincoln Way East/RWA

• Manny Rodriguez 5-10 PG LM 78 Morton/Mustangs

• Everette Stubblefield 5-11 PG LM 79 Willowbrook/

• Jamari McClendon 6-2 G LM 80 Hope Academy/Illinois Jaguars

• Jordan Kwiecienski 6-8 F LM 81 Loyola Academy/Illinois Wolves

• Jaden Henderson 6-4 PG LM 82 Jacobs/Henderson’s Ballers

• Grayson Goetz 6-3 PG LM 83 Oswego East/H.I.T. Basketball

• Jason Bergstrom 6-4 G LM 84 Niles Notre Dame/

• Marcus Skeete 6-5 G LM 85 Waubonsie Valley/H.I.T. Basketball

• Ryan Sroka 6-4 WG LM 86 Huntley/Mercury Elite

• Luke Sgarbossa 6-0 G LM 87 Lake Park/Kessel Heat

• Connor Dillon 6-2 G LM 88 Peoria Notre Dame/

• Tavari Johnson 6-1 PG LM 89 Plainfield Central/

• Jaylin McCants 6-5 F LM 90 Galesburg/

• Elijah Nelson 6-0 G LM 91 Glenbard East/Kavon Looney

• Dominic Galati 5-11 G LM 92 Saint Patrick/

• LaShawn Johnson 6-3 WG LM 93 East St. Louis/Illinois Jets

• Lance Mosley 6-3 WG LM 94 DePaul Prep/H.I.T. Basketball

• Justin Moore 6-2 G LM 95 Bloom/Next Level

• John Ittounas 6-2 G LM 96 Stevenson/All in Athletics

• Tommy Ferriter 6-5 F LM 97 Lockport/Windy City Magic

• Christian Czerniak 6-1 PG LM 98 St. Charles North/All in Athletics

• Javari Johnson 6-1 PG LM 99 Plainfield Central/

• Gabe Renchen 6-2 G LM 100 Bradley-Bourbonnais/

• DaRon Hall 6-0 G LM 101 Glenbard East/ Breakaway


“This talented class has a massive meaning; it puts our area back into true relevancy. It has a resemblance of the 1997 and ‘98 Class and possibly the ’91 crew as well. We have a surplus of high major prospects and quality depth up and down the overall grid. We’ve had an opportunity to watch this special collection of promising prospects grow, with hope there wouldn’t be very many skid marks, presently everything has been held to fruition.”

We going to attempt to identify accurately as we can the top 50 dudes in the class. We will comment more about them at a later date in the next issue.
• Max Christie 6-5 PG HM 1 Rolling Meadows/Illinois Wolves

• Bryce Hopkins 6-6 G HM 2 Fenwick/Mokan

• Ahmad ‘Black Cat’ Bynum 6-2 G HM 3 Simeon/Mac Irvin Fire

• Brandon Weston 6-5 WG HM 4 Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire

• Louis Lesmond 6-6 WG HM 5 Niles Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves

• Chris Hodges 6-7 PF HM 6 Schaumburg/Illinois Wolves

• Kimarhi Wilson 6-1 PG HM 7 Carmel/Y&R

• Grant Newell 6-7 WF HM 8 Whitney Young/Mean Streets

• John Poulakidas 6-5 G/F HM 9 Neuqua Valley/Y&R

• Darrion Jones 5-11 PG HM 10 Bogan/Illinois Wolves

• Tevin Smith 6-4 G HM 11 Danville/Mean Streets-“out torn ACL”

• Anthony Sayles* 6-2 PG MM+ 12 Niles Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves

• Isaiah Barnes 6-6 WG MM+ 13 Oak Park/Illinois Wolves

• Troy D’Amico 6-6 F MM+ 14 Niles Notre Dame/Mean Streets

• Bennie Slater 6-5 G/F MM+ 15 Springfield High/Heart of Illinois

• James Dent 6-3 G MM+ 16 Springfield South East/Mac Irvin Fire

• Walt Mattingly 6-7 F MM+ 17 Deerfield/Illinois Wolves

• Jaylin Gibson 6-3 PG MM+ 18 Evanston/ Mean Streets

• Khaillo Terry 6-5 F MM+ 19 Champaign Central/Spiece Indy

• Hamahrie Bowers 6-5 G/F MM+ 20 Hillcrest/Eric Gordon All-Stars

• Jaeshon Thomas 6-3 PG MM+ 21 Whitney Young/Y&R

• Tommy Williams 6-4 PG MM+MM 22 Belleville West/Bradley Beal

• Dionysius Hogan 6-4 G/F MM 23 Peoria High/Heart of Illinois

• Josh Ausler 6-1 PG MM 24 Rockford Auburn/

• Julius Rollins 6-6 WF MM 25 Hillcrest/Y&R

• Ismail Habib 5-11 PG MM 26 Lincoln Park/

• Nathanel Hoskins 6-2 PG MM 27 Danville/Mean Streets

• Conor Enright 6-2 PG MM 28 Mundelein/Illinois Wolves

• Darius Wilson 6-2 G MM 29 St. Laurence/

• Scottie Ebube 6-8 F/C MM 30 Mundelein/Illinois Wolves

• Ben Schwieger 6-4 G MM 31 Waubonsie Valley/

• Larry Johnson 6-4 G/F MM 32 North Lawndale/Wolfpack

• Blake Peters 6-2 G MM 33 Evanston/

• Reggie Ward 6-5 WF MM 34 Chicago Curie/Team Rose

• Tyler Johnson 6-2 PG MM 35 DePaul Prep/Illinois Wolves

• Devon Ellis 6-4 G/F MM 36 Conant/NLP

• K.J. DeBrick 6-6 PF MM 37 Springfield Lanphier/Heart of Illinois

• Amar Augillard 6-5 G MM 38 Zion Benton/All in Athletics

• Brian Matthews 6-9 C MM 39 DePaul Prep/All in Athletics

• Phillip Berryhill 6-5 G/F MM 40 Chicago Curie/Team Rose

• Norvell Meadows 5-9 PG MM 41 Chicago Prosser/Chicago Grinders

• Jalen Butler 6-6 F MM 42 Niles North/Pure Prep

• Darrell Reed 6-6 PF MM 43 T.F. North/Y&R

• Noah Reynolds 6-1 PG LM+ 44 Peoria Notre Dame/All in Athletics

• Jaiden Lee 6-4 WG LM+ 45 Joliet West/Illinois Wolverines

• Jalen Houston 6-0 PG LM+ 46 Hyde Park Academy/Y&R

• Julio Montes 5-10 PG LM+ 47 Lincoln Park/Mac Irvin Fire

• Jakobi Heady 6-6 WF LM+ 48 Hillcrest/

• Jhei-R Jones 6-0 PG LM+ 49 Lincoln Way East/Illinois Wolverines

• Olamide Ajiboye 6-6 PF LM+ 50 Von Steuben/RWA

• Matt Williams 6-5 F LM+ 51 Peoria Notre Dame/

• Josh Arogundade 6-3 F LM+ 52 St. Viator/

• Brandon Hall 6-3 G LM+ 53 Thornton/Mean Streets

• Trenton Howland 6-3 PF LM+LM 54 Joliet West/Y&R

• Evan Ambrose 5-10 PG LM 55 Stevenson/Quad Cities Elite

• Kai Evans 6-2 G LM 56 Bolingbrook/

• Kenton Wright 5-10 PG LM 57 Hillcrest/Mean Streets


“It’s too bad that this event didn’t occur during the live evaluation period. Totally ideal venue to size up respective prospects. Each year we try to make it a point to make the track up I-80 West for this particular event, we’ve been able to get some true reads on up & coming underclassman around our state as well as various Programs. Great hospitality room and a cozy up-close setting only downer-no air condition, but for some of us longtime observers, it gives us that old school feel. We’ll identify some notable performances at this prestigious venue.”

Bogan beat a rising Joliet West squad in the Championship game 61-49. If there was going to be a tournament MVP, that honor would’ve went to the Bengals junior guard, Darrion (D.J.) Jones. D.J. was sensational in quarterbacking his squad, he’s a flat out hooper ready to emerge as a true standout, and top 10 in a talented 2021 Class. Six-foot eight senior forward Tremear Fraley also played really well. He’s an athletic finisher, and a rim protector with a game ready to surge. 6-5 senior Kyndall Davis was banged up with various nicks & bruises but he still flashed signs of why he’s regarded as a top 20 prospect in the 2020 class.

It was a good gage for us to evaluate Joliet’s vastly improved point guard Jamere Hill who has had some sort of a coming out party during the month of June. The six-foot three-point guard gave us a really good grasp of what his talents look like in moving forward. We were impressed with his ability to score and get to the rim versus Bogan’s pressing, trapping style. He will be viewed as a top 10-point guard in the 2020 class.



• D.J. Jones 5-10 PG JR Bogan/Illinois Wolves

• Kyndall Davis 6-5 WF SR Bogan/All in Athletics

• Tremear Fraley 6-8 PF SR Bogan/RWA

• Jamere Hill 6-3 PG SR Joliet West/

• Jaiden Lee 6-4 WG JR Joliet West/

• Ashawn Burbridge 6-4 G/F JR Joliet West/

• Tommie Williams Jr. 6-4 G JR Belleville West/Bradley Beal Elite

• Tommy Ferriter 6-5 F SR Lockport/Windy City Magic

• Alex Wood 6-0 PG SR Normal U High/

• Ray’Sean Taylor 6-1 PG SR Collinsville/Illinois Gateway

• Colin O’Rourke 6-8 F/C SR Plainfield North/

• Jaylin McCants 6-5 P/F SR Galesburg/

• Javari Johnson 6-1 PG SR Plainfield Central/

• Tavari Johnson 6-1 G SR Plainfield Central/

• Brandon Shoemaker 6-2 G SR Plainfield Central/

• Noah Reynolds 6-2 PG JR Peoria Notre Dame/All in Athletics

• Matt Williams 6-5 F JR Peoria Notre Dame/

• Connor Dillon 6-2 G SR Peoria Notre Dame/

• Kendis Wiley 6-5 F SO South Elgin/Big 3

• Lane McVicar 6-3 G SO South Elgin/Big 3

• Jayson Kent 6-5 G SR Oak Forest/Mac Irvin Fire

• Robbie Avila 6-7 F SO Oak Forest/Mean Streets

• Darius Burford 6-2 G SR Bollingbrook/Team Rose

• Kyonte Thomas 6-0 PG JR Bollingbrook/

• Eric Price 6-0 G SR Galesburg/Quad Cities Elite


Our two local Nike Programs went down to the Peach Jam in Augusta and did not fare well. That event has a feel of a NCAA Tournament venue where it’s required to be playing at your very best if you’re going to be successful. It’s about who’s hot and playing at a high level during the event, the key is having your team prepared and focused on team play while building some early continuity which will give you some momentum geared towards getting out of pool play. Perhaps my guys don’t feel the need to win the most prestigious event of club ball.

Whitney Young’s D.J. Richardson, the number one player in our state, came out of the Peach Jam with an offer from Duke. Something that we’ve been expecting for some time now. There was once hope that Richardson would stay local, now?

Former Southern Illinois/Illinois State Assistant Coach Anthony Beane will make his debut as a Northern Illinois Assistant during this upcoming live period. He will join a formidable Mark Montgomery staff armed and ready to thrust a heavy recruiting pitch for the Huskie faithfuls. Monty continues to build the blocks required to get his Program to where he envisioned when he initially took the job 8 years ago. Beane has brought along his talented sophomore son, Darius, who spent his freshmen campaign at SIU. Young fella is going to thrive in Huskie land.

Rich East recently hired Jamere Dismukes as its hoop coach several weeks ago and we failed to make mentioned when we talked about the other recent local hires. He will do a fine job at his alma mater, while restoring some fresh life into a program that’s been sagging for few seasons. Dismukes was a standout at the south suburban school 10 years ago.

Leyden’s massive 300 pounds seven-footer Justin Olsen has the dubious distinction of being the largest player in the state. This dude is huge and he actually moves well. We’ll be following him a little bit, wondering if he’s on the grid iron where he would be a devastating pulling guard or offensive tackle.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Former Southern Illinois/Illinois State Assistant Coach Anthony Beane will make his debut as a Northern Illinois Assistant during this upcoming live period. He will join a formidable Mark Montgomery staff armed and ready to thrust a heavy recruiting pitch for the Huskie faithfuls. Monty continues to build the blocks required to get his Program to where he envisioned when he initially took the job 8 years ago. Beane has brought along his talented sophomore son, Darius, who spent his freshmen campaign at SIU. Young fella is going to thrive in Huskie land.  

Sunday, July 7, 2019


“We truly enjoy identifying the lesser known player heading into the events for the past two week-ends. By most standards these players below left their mark, we envision several them blossoming into huge contributors at the next level.”


• Sangolay Nijie 6-5 SR F LM Whitney Young/Mean Streets
“Under-size interior performer with energetic motor, plays a huge role as a rim protector, rebounding work-horse. Runs the floor extremely well where he’s positioned to finish plays near the rim. Stock on the rise.”

• Robert Holmes 6-5 SR F LM+-LM Stevenson/All in Athletics
“Name fits his game; strong & athletic-plays extremely hard, can be an exhilarating athlete during stretches of a game where he explodes at the cylinder. Had his coming out party opening night versus Simeon. His appearance in Title game against Whitney Young re-affirmed for many us what the future could hold for this sleeper. Very good student.”

• Yemi Elutilo 6-3 SR G/F LM Marian Catholic/Next Level
“Rangy swing-man clone has his stock/value on the rise. Plays with a dynamite motor & complements it well with his ability to drain jumpers on the perimeter or take defenders off the dribble where he’s effective finishing at the cup. We are high on his up-side potential; picked-up an offer from Lewis University. Very good student.”

• Jaden Henderson 6-4 SR PG LM Jacobs/
“Big strong athletic guard who can handle & create opportunities for others. Jump shot looks good mechanically but he needs to see-it fall more frequent, which could bolster his confidence. Henderson has the physical attributes to be a fine prospect moving forward.”

• Joe Green 6-0 SR G LM+ Marian Catholic/Mean Streets
“Got game, plays in the shadows of others at times where he doesn’t always get an opportunity to show his true gifts. Tends to electrify audiences with his athleticism where exhibits deceptive quick leaping ability, in fact, it allows him to be an effective rebounder in traffic. Smooth scorer in the mid-range space.”

• Jayson Kent 6-5 SR G MM Oak Forest/Mac Irvin & Next Level
“Another Central Junior High grad from Tinley, making a splash for himself during the spring & summer scene. This big guard has kicked his game into high-gear as a reliable shot-maker. Jay K. hits the grid in the sleeper category simply because he’s a rising talent with an un-charted growth ceiling. Look for his all-around game at both ends of the floor to emerge soon.”

• Manny Rodriguez 5-10 SR G LM-D2 Morton/Mustangs
“Heady tough kid who can really shoot-it on the perimeter, was consistently steady through-out the weekend at Riverside. We’d like to get another look at him on the Club circuit as well.”

• Walt Mattingly 6-7 JR F MM+- Deerfield/Illinois Wolves
“A throw-back cager with a really good up-side. Add this talented front-courter to an already growing list of promising 2021 prospects. Mattingly excels in the open floor where he’s comfortable handling the rock making plays, showing off his passing skills. He does finish well at the rim; he slides in as a top 20 player in the class.”

• Justin Cross 6-7 SR F LM+-LM Oak Park/Team Rose
“The gangly lefty’s play has him pitted as a rising prospect. His rapid improvement has landed him in the top 40 listing in the class. J. Cross clearly has demonstrated he can effectively hit the offensive glass giving his squad second chance opportunities. He’s good rebounder defensively where he can be tagged presently as a specialist type. Starting to draw plenty attention from his recent play.”

• Beau Frericks 6-2 SR G MM-LM+ Cary Grove/RWA
“This gamer was armed & ready at Ridgewood, scored with ease, had a couple high-scoring out-puts. We’ve viewed him all year as a kid sort of un-known, but ready to un-leash his un-tapped abilities to make huge shots & plays. The right system could cultivate his status as a hidden gem.”

• Jaeshon Thomas 6-3 JR PG MM+- Young/Mean Streets
“Has all the necessary intangibles to be a bonafide high-level guard, good quickness, sees the floor well where he made the right reads. Demonstrated through-out the weekend at Riverside he could score. Top 20-25 in the class. He will improve in the Public League after coming over from Aurora Christian.”

• Hamahrie Bowers 6-5 JR G/F MM+ Hillcrest/Eric Gordon (Ind)
“This kid is on the brink as a break-out star, elite athlete with an explosive burst, has a very good motor where he’s lethal in the open-court. Has the potential to be a lock-down defender. Mid-range jumper is a reliable weapon for him presently. Top 20 in the class.”

• Jason Bergstrom 6-4 SR G LM Niles Notre Dame
“A potential Division Two/Small College stand-out (just my opinion). Hails as a sure-handed hooper who could thrive in a system setting. Bergstrom handles himself well against pressure and he’s capable of making big shots & plays.”

• Jamere Hill 6-2 SR PG LM+LM Joliet West
“Exciting player hadn’t seen him before the event but opened my eyes with his intensity and his ability to make plays for himself and his teammates. Saw him again later in the week at the Morris Shoot-out where he performed well versus Bogan in the Title game. He can be quite elusive off the dribble where is hard to contain him. He’s capable of knocking-down the three ball with regularity. Top 30 in the class.”

• Ismail Habib 6-0 JR PG MM Lincoln Park
“Vastly under-rated playmaker with the ability to drain jumpers on the perimeter consistently as he displayed the last two weekends. His play was splendid when we viewed him at Ridgewood, a carry-over from his steady performance at Riverside. He will be recognized as one of the top generals in the class. Top 25 prospects.”

“Next issue in a few days will discuss more 2020, 2021, & 2022 will provide a ranking & projected level with most of them. Future looks promising in Illinois…”


“Really good event, all under one roof, in addition to it was an opportunity to size-up & get a pause to where our area is in terms of high school hoops.”


• Kyndall Davis 6-5 SR WF Chicago Bogan/All-In Athletics
“Kangaroo kid was zipping by defenders with his quick first step and wiry frame, creating opportunities for himself as well as his mates. Kyndall has become a reliable mid-range jump shooter. Currently banged-up with some injuries, he played through.”

• Connor Kochera 6-4 SR G St. Viator/Fundamental U.
“Was impressed with his steady play, skilled & smart-doesn’t allow defenders to speed him up. Sure handed, rarely turns-it-over, really good perimeter shooter. A fine mid-major pick-up. Top 20 ranked prospect in the class.”

• Frank Jakubicek 6-8 SR F Cary Grove/Quad City Elite
“Big fella showed he’s capable of knocking down the 3 ball in the corner pocket, as well as rebound in traffic & defend the rim. This spring/and the month of June, Frank has elevated his status as sure-fire mid-major recruit & top 20 in the class.”

• Ramean Hinton 6-4 SR G/F Chicago Curie/Team Rose
“Plays extremely hard & effective where he knocks down shots finishes around the rim with either hand. Superb passer & leader. Certainly, one of the top 5 players in the city.”

• Bennett Kwiecinski 6-8 SR F Loyola Academy/Illinois Wolves
“He finally looked like his game is turning the corner, in terms of his overall ability to stretch the floor & make plays. Performed well enough at this event to land an offer from Illinois State. He’s had a nice month of June.”

• Keshawn Williams 6-2 SR G Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney
“Despite of his teams up & down-play, he showed explosiveness in the open floor, while in attack mode. At times his game resembles an old-school feel with his innovative maneuvers, when his jumper is on, he is lethal. Arguably top 3 in the class. Best hoops await!”

• Savion Williams 6-6 SR F Chicago Curie/Y&R
“Sleek cager has major game & looks to have a terrific up-side. Scores with ease around the rim, now he didn’t step out-side much in terms of shot attempts, but sources say he’s a good shooter on the perimeter. Played within a team framework all weekend. Good shot-swatter. Top 20 in the class, refreshing to him in our area.”

• Luke Sgarbosa 6-1 SR G Lake Park/Kessel Heat
“Little known entering the shoot-out, left with a reputation as a gamer. Scored 99 points in 4 games, achieved his offensive assault on defenders playing within a team-oriented attack.”

• Matt Ambrose 6-4 SR G Stevenson/Quad City Elite
“Very smooth performer quietly gets things done efficiently, has that winning formula to his game. MVP of the tournament-dynamite all-around floor game. Top 30 in the class.”

• Jeremiah Williams 6-5 SR G St. Laurence/Mean Streets
“A flat-out hooper, plays with passion & purpose, seems to enjoy playing with his school mates. Un-flappable on the floor where he tends often be in attack mode. Top 10-12 in the 2020 class. Yes, he can shoot, the kid is a shot-maker.”

• Darius Burford 6-2 SR G Bolingbrook/Team Rose
“Plays with some serious burst, has that mis-direction game where he exhibits speed & quickness. Perimeter shooting is rapidly improving Top 15 in the class, has had a really good month of June racking up several offers.”

• Ahron Ullis 6-3 SR PG Marian Catholic/Mean Streets
“Offensive-minded lead guard with the ability to be orchestrator for his mates. Displayed a smooth floor game but has that tendency at times to try and do too much. Top 10 player in the class. Would like to see him elevate his mates more.”

• Ray’Sean Williams 6-1 SR PG Collinsville/Gateway (IL)
“Looked terrific the outings we viewed him, plays with a wealth of confidence & poise, makes the game look easy. A shot-maker with the ability to be a high-scorer even though he is a willing distributor. Has been playing on a bum ankle for weeks.”

• D.J. Stewart 6-3 SR G Whitney Young/Mean Streets
“He’s bagging plenty of offers these days, but shrewd gamblers have him staying local. The No. 1 player in our state, exhibits poise & precision. His reputation is mounting, as he continues his offensive arsenal during the June period. A good lookn’ floor game!”

• Darrion Jones 6-1 FR PG Chicago Bogan/Illinois Wolves
“Throw-back lead guard, has the abilities to be a real leader/quarterback, reminds many of us long-time observers of the back-court players Chicago use to often produce years ago (1970’s, 80’s, & 90’s). D.J. is strong, slick, and can manufacture well off-the-bounce. His game is starting to resemble a winning formula. Top 10 in a deep 2021 class.”

• Bryce Hopkins 6-6 JR G Fenwick/Mokan
“Marvelous talent, arguably one of the top 3 players in the state regardless of class. Can flat-out score in a variety, has nice length on the perimeter. It’s refreshing to see an up-coming player like him in our state.”

• Louis Lesmond 6-5 JR G/F Nile’s Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves
“Rapidly emerging as a Top 5 prospects in a talent rich 2021 class. Slithery smooth scorer who is awfully skilled, plays with un-flappable presence. Can really stroke-it-on the perimeter with range. Has an offer from Illinois & Northwestern.”

• Armond Williams 6-8 SR F East St. Louis/Illinois Jets
“Slender front-courter, starting to round into a player with enormous up-side, after sitting most of last season while gaining the necessary experience needed to elevate his game/play. Patience is starting to pay dividends, Armond’s future seems to be on the perimeter even though he presently hails as a rim protector defensively. Top 25-30 in 2020 class.”

• Ahamad Bynum 6-2 JR G Chicago Simeon/Mac Irvin Fire
“Black-cat has those intangibles that makes him a very special player. When he’s out on the perimeter draining jumpers, combined with breaking defenders down in the open court, he can be surgical. One of our prized prospects in the city. Top 5 in the 2021 class.”

• John Poulakidas 6-5 JR WG Neuqua Valley/Y&R
“Left-hander has performed his way to top 10 in the class, a true indicator by his recent offer from Rutgers. John has a penchant for making tough shots, in fact he loads them up with some accuracy. One of the best shooters in the area.”

• Tyler Beard 6-2 SR G Whitney Young/Bradley Beal Elite
“Explosive cager in the open-floor where he shows off his mega athleticism. Plays hard & is a very good defender, outside shooting has begun to surface as a reliable weapon. Beard is recognized as top 5 rated player in the class of 2020.

• Ryan Isaacson 6-7 SR F Hinsdale Central/Lock-Down
“Slender fella opened some eyes when he dropped 27 on Leo H.S. Sunday morning-drawing rave reviews about his ability to be a big shot-maker during crunch time. Isaacson created a trail of Patriot/Ivy League pursuers over to the Ridgewood shoot-out the following weekend. Rising prospect.”


June 28th-30th, 2019

“Very good event, interesting set-up in a very sprucy area, hospitality room solid B+.” This event had the feel of a never-ending marathon hoop-festival. Bloom outlasted Wheaton-Warrenville South to finish the weekend with an 8-0 mark, nearly getting tripped-up versus St. Charles North mounting a late surge in a come from behind thriller. The Trojans took down opponents Glenbrook South, Walter Payton, Curie, New Trier, St. Charles North, Larkin, Benet, and WW. South in the final. Bloom’s Keshawn Williams has the look and the game of a first-team all-stater. His play the last 2 weekends have reaffirmed his status as top 3 prospect in the 2020 Class. Williams is racking up offers at high rate, he’s starting to remind many of us long time observers of a modern-day Darrell Walker (Corliss). His game at times borders on a high-wire act. Bloom senior guard Donavan Newby continues to elevate his stock with steady floor play. He demonstrated the ability to score as well as find others. Whenever Bloom discovers playing together as a team, sharing the ball while executing offense out their half-court sets, it might just enhance their overall growth as a team in addition to providing consistent play.
“No order, just based on performance through my lens”
Keshawn Williams 6-3 G SR HM        Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney
Max Christie 6-5 G SR HM        Rolling Meadows/Illinois Wolves
Bennett Kwiecinski 6-8 F SR HM        Loyola Academy/Illinois Wolves
Jeremiah Williams 6-5 G SR MM+MM    St. Laurence/Mean Streets
Darius Burford 6-1 G SR MM        Bolingbrook/Team Rose
Chris Hodges 6-7 F JR MM+        Schaumburg/Illinois Wolves
Louis Lesmond 6-5 WG JR HM       Niles Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves
Anthony Sayles 6-2 PG JR MM+-MM Niles Notre Dame/Illinois Wolves
Frank Jakubicek 6-8 F SR MM        Cary Grove/Quad City Elite
Martice Mitchell 6-10 F SR MM+        Bloom/Y&R-Kavon Looney
Bryce Hopkins 6-6 G/F JR HM        Fenwick/Mokan
Aquan Smart 6-4 G SR MM        Niles North/Pure Prep
Ismail Habib 5-11 PG JR MM        Lincoln Park/
Darius Wilson 6-2 G JR MM        St. Laurence/
Connor Linke     6-9 F/C SR MM-LM+  St.Charles North/Fundamental U.
Ramean Hinton 6-5 G SR MM        Chicago Curie/Team Rose
Connor Kochera 6-4 G SR MM        St. Viator/Fundamental U.
Donavon Newby 6-3 PG SR MM        Bloom/Illinois Wolves
Jaylin Gibson 6-3 PG JR MM        Evanston/Mean Streets
Savion Williams 6-6 F SR MM        Chicago Curie/Y&R
Beau Frericks 6-2 G SR MM-LM+    Cary Grove/RWA
Brandon Weston 6-5 WF JR HM        Morgan Park/Mac Irvin Fire
Scottie Ebube 6-8 F/C JR MM        Mundelein/Illinois Wolves
Julius Rollins 6-6 WF JR MM        Hillcrest/Y&R

“These guys I’m identifying opened some eyes the last few weekends with stand-out performances. Several of them I envision emerging as top-flight prospects, particularly the under-classmen. Outside of a couple of seniors all the remaining could be a heading for a really good D2 or small College careers.”
Savion Williams 6-6 F SR Curie/Y&R
Hamahrie Bowers 6-5 G JR Hillcrest/Eric Gordon All-Stars
Walter Mattingly 6-7 F JR Deerfield/Illinois Wolves
Jabari Chiphe 6-5 F JR Walter Payton/Y&R
Phillip Berryhill 6-5 G/F JR Curie/Team Rose
Justin Timmerhaus 6-2 G SR Leyden/
Dominic Galati 5-11 G SR St. Patrick/Illinois Mustangs
Devon Ellis 6-5 WF JR Conant/MLP
Fin Walsh 6-2 PG SR St. Laurence
Lance Mosley 6-3 G SR DePaul Prep/Illinois Wolves
Elijah Nelson 6-0 G SR Glenbard East/
Jakobi Heady 6-6 WF JR Hillcrest/
Ryan Isaacson 6-7 F SR Hinsdale Central/Lock-down
Connor Enright 6-2 PG JR Mundelein/Illinois Wolves
Ryan Sroka 6-4 WG SR Huntley/
Dom Martinelli 6-5 G SR Glenbrook South/All in Athletics
Jhei-R Jones 6-0 PG JR Lincoln-Way East/Illinois Wolverines


Famed St. Joseph Coach Gene Pingatore passed away last week at the age 83 just days after coaching his squad at the Riverside-Brookfield shoot-out (June 21st-23rd). The legendary coach/father figure was to embark on his 51st season. Pingatore, the state’s all-time winningest coach with a record of 1,035-383, added two state championships to his illustrious 50-year career. “I will always cherish some of the moments I shared with coach, particularly the first time I met him in March 1992, the excitement & enthusiasm I had will never be forgotten. He is and always will be remembered as a very special man.

Our area lost two legendary figures in one week, Tony Barone, a hardnose tough Chicago native who carved out a stellar career as a high-school & college coach before arriving with the Memphis Grizzlies for 11 years including as an Assistant Coach and Interim Head-Coach. Barone was often recognized as a jolly Italian man who was well respected and highly regarded throughout College and pro-basketball world. “While in College at SIU, I became quite familiar with Coach Barone when he was Assistant at Bradley (1982-83) working for his good pal Dick Versace. I remember those fashionable red plaid pants he wore then.” Coach will be missed.

Chicago Bogan just came off an exhilarating week where they captured the Riverside-Brookfield Summer League on Monday. Capped that with an impressive 61-49 victory over Joliet West in the title game of the Morris shoot-out on Thursday (6/27/19), then on Sunday knocked-off three out of State champs from Nebraska, Florida, and Missouri to win the Chicagoland Summer Showcase in Rockford, IL with a 71-55 victory over St. Louis Vashon. Junior point-guard Darrion Jones tallied 27 points and senior 6-8 forward Tremear Fraley recorded 17 markers to go with a double-digit figure in rebounds. Jones has begun to come into his own as terror at both ends of the floor. His game has started to resemble the likes of former Public League standouts Tim Hardaway, Ronald Minter, Stephon Butler, just to name a few. D.J. has bursted on the scene this summer with his recent play as a high-major recruit, with true leadership ability. He is now considered a top 10-12 ranked player in a talented 2021 Class.

Cary Grove’s un-heralded forward Frank Jakubicek decided swiftly where he wanted to attend College. The six-foot eight rising prospect announced his plans to attending Belmont, a Program reportedly liked from the very beginning of the recruiting process. Kudos to him.

It was gleeful to see some new coaches at helm taking over some Programs that needed to be ignited with new energy at those respective schools. Steve Parham will provide a new beginning at Chicago Julian, while Dana Morgan has taken over at Alton H.S. down in the metro east area of Southern Illinois. Durrell Robinson will head home to Danville, leaving Pontiac where his stay was brief.