Tuesday, October 23, 2018


*Chris Payton *Rashawn Agee *Cortez Mosley

*Tujautae Williams *Myles Baker *Kejuan Clements

*Deonte Billups *Terrion Murdix *Antonio Reeves

  • Terrion Murdix 5-11 MM Springfield S.E.
  • Kejuan Clements 5-11 MM Chicago Simeon
  • Jeremiah Washington 5-8 MM-MM+ Chicago Bogan
  • Khaleb Rouse 6-0 LM Chicago Prosser
  • Dhason Dyson 5-11 LM Chicago Corliss
  • Jahiem Holden 5-8 LM Evanston
  • Chase Robinson 6-2 LM Oak Park
Next group to follow: Andrew Stewart 5-9 T.F. South; Jacquan Binion 5-8 Kankakee; Marquis Walker 5-10 West Aurora; Zach Toussaint 5-11 Johnsburg; Trey Boston 6-0 Downers Grove South.

  • Tujautae Williams 6-6 MM Chicago Orr
  • “Capable facilitator, stock is soaring.”
  • Deonte Billups 6-4 MM Moline
  • “Can play some PG.”
  • Myles Baker 6-3 MM Whitney Young
  • Cortez Mosley 6-4 MM Peoria Richwoods
  • Antonio Reeves 6-3 MM Chicago Simeon
  • Chris Burnell 6-1 LM Rockford East
  • Teon Nesbit 6-2 LM Butler Prep
Next group to follow: Demari Nixon 6-1 Curie; Alex Raiford 6-4 DeLaSalle; Elijah Stewart 5-10 T.F. South; Dashon Enoch 6-0 Oak Park; Latik Murphy 6-2 Morton; Yamani Shareef 6-2 Plainfield East; Tavis Stampley 6-2 Lincoln Pk; Chris Roberts 6-0 Morgan Pk.

  • Donovan Clay 6-6 MM-LM+ Alton
  • Jeremiah Oden 6-7 LM+-LM St. Rita
  • Chris Harrison 6-4 LM+-LM Shepard
  • Ryland Holt 6-5 LM+-LM Gibson City
  • Bryant Brown 6-4 LM+-LM Waukegan
  • Greg Outlaw 6-4 LM+-LM Chicago Orr
  • Chance Love 6-5 LM Rich Central 
  • Leondre Townsen 6-5 LM Chicago Corliss
Next group we will follow: Shaden Clanton 6-5 Rockford East; Collin Dietz 6-5 Metamora; Clyde Benton 6-5 DeLaSalle; Keenan Jones 6-4 Whitney Young; Jason Mason 6-6 Providence St. Mel.

  • Rashawn Agee 6-7 MM Chicago Bogan
  • Anthony Fairlee 6-4 MM-LM+ Springfield S.E.
  • Deng Reng 6-7 LM+ Wheaton North
  • Chris White 6-7 LM+ Marion Catholic
  • Dylan West 6-7 LM+-LM Hillcrest
  • Kendrick Tchoua 6-6 LM+-LM Benet Academy
  • C.J. Wilbourn 6-7 LM Normal Community
  • Kameron Leonard 6-7 LM Bolingbrook
Next group we will follow: Aidan Shore 6-10 Sterling; Lamarius Lillard 6-7 Momence; Evan Taylor 6-5 Glenbard West; Achan Clinton 6-7 North Chicago; Karl Wright 6-5 Lanphier; Spencer Boehm 6-8 New Trier.

  • Jermaine Hamlin 6-10 MM-LM+ Lincoln IL
  • Joe Doyle 6-9 LM Chicago Corliss
  • London Denman 6-10 LM T.F. South
  • Pavle Pantovic 6-7 LM DePaul Prep 
  • Cameron Bartman 6-10 LM St. Rita

We can only imagine the vindication that hails with Uplift standout guard Markese Jacobs, especially after he gave DePaul’s Dave Leitao a verbal pledge last month to join the Blue Demon’s rapidly rising Program. It also marked a sign of maturity and an attitude adjustment for Chicago’s No.1 player. A 360-degree change was witnessed this summer in his overall game/makeup, after watching him last season hoist up ill-advised 30 footers while demonstrating bad body language and a reckless floor play. Now things look bright again and Chicago hoop connoisseurs feel gleeful about Jacob’s decision to stay home on the North side where we will assemble barriers around him. Kudos to his High School Coach David Taylor who continues to have a sturdy palm in developing and mentoring his young standout. We live in an era in Chicago where it’s essential that we touch our young people’s lives regularly.



  • Francis Okoro 6-10 C Normal West University Oregon
  • Alex Timmerman 6-8 F/C Crystal Lake Central Bucknell University
  • Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 C New Trier Harvard University
  • Taeyon Neal 6-10 C Providence St. Mel Univ. Illinois at Chicago
  • Tom Welch 6-7 F Naperville North Loyola-Chicago
  • Keenon Cole 6-7 WF Streamwood Northern Illinois University
  • Joseph Yesufu 6-1 G Bolingbrook Drake University
  • Nate Ferguson 6-8 PF Lemont Drake University
  • Lance Jones 6-2 G Evanston Southern Illinois University
  • Raymond Dennis 6-2 PG Oswego East Boise State University
  • Tyler Cochran 6-3 G/F Bolingbrook Northern Illinois University
  • Perry Cowan 6-4 WF DePaul Prep Brown University
  • Marquise Kennedy 6-3 PG Brother Rice Loyola-Chicago
  • Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F Oak-Park Rockhurst College
  • E.J. Liddle 6-7 F Belleville West Ohio State University
  • Markese Jacobs 5-11 G Chicago Uplift DePaul University
  • Dajuan Gordon 6-3 WG Chicago Curie Kansas State University
  • Trey Calvin 6-0 PG St. Viator Wright State University
  • Jamir Price 6-0 PG Rock-Island Bradley University
  • Jerry Hernandez 6-3 WG St. Viator Kent State University
  • Fred Cleveland Jr. 5-8 PG Chicago Leo North Carolina A&T


will host 

Chicago Basketball Icons
Honoring A.B. “Tree” Stoner/Hales Franciscan “1963”
Also, special tribute to Billy Harris-Dunbar “1969”
Site: Foster Park – 83rd Loomis, Chicago, IL
Saturday, October 27th, 2018 – 12:30-4pm

“Celebrating individuals that have made a lasting impact on Chicago hoops history/scene.”



Dinos Trigonis came in town saddled-up for few days armed with my favorite contingent of national scouts including Van Coleman, Clark Francis, Frank Burlinson, and Nike’s top observer John Stovall. Scouting observers caught a birds-eye view of some of the top up-coming talent in the Mid-West. For us locals it was a golden opportunity to size up some of our areas’ highly touted 2021 & 22 prospects. The only sobering aspect for us local viewers was watching the nation’s No. 1 player – Pat Baldwin Jr. strut his game; the young fella grew up in the Chicago area and was often recognized as our up-coming phenom, now resides in Sussex, Wis. where he has reaffirmed his status as a prized recruit. We can’t help but create thoughts of what packed gymnasiums would look like when he suited up to perform nightly. Baldwin is a re-birth of former NBA star and University Tennessee stand-out Alan Houston. Now Chicagoans starting to feel really good about the development of Simeon’s six-foot one high scoring guard Ahamed “Black Cat” Bynum, who claimed camp MVP after recording a thirty-point performance on 6 of 8 shooting during the All-Star Game finale. Bynum is a terrific talent, he was draining jumpers from thirty, arguably the best player in our state’s 2021 Class. He has the perfect demeanor for stardom. Springfield-Missouri native Anton Brookshire was impressive, demonstrated excellent poise & court savvy while brandishing skills of a polished ball-handler/shooter & decision maker. He drew some MVP considerations. Good lookin’ prospect.


A.J. Casey 6-8 F 2022 Chicago Simeon
“Waiting on him to take next step in growth/game.”

Kimahri Wilson 6-0 PG 2021 Carmel
“Terrific young talent. Fun to watch, top 10 in our Class.”

Cameron Cleveland 5-9 PG 2022 Chicago Leo
“Promising prospect, a player we’re going to see express himself soon.”

Reggie Ward 6-4 WF 2021 St. Rita
“Has a scorer’s mentality, gave us a glimpse of what his future could look like.”

Jaylin Gibson 6-3 PG 2021 Evanston
“Now has to separate himself from the pack.”

Kanye Smith 6-4 WG 2022 Chicago Whitney Young
“Smooth player showed ability to knock down shots on the perimeter.”

Kai Evans 6-2 G 2021 Montini
“Athletic & aggressive attacking the rim.”

Byron Hobbs Jr. 6-3 WG 2022 Chicago Hyde Park Academy
“A sleeper clone, a player we will follow closely.”

Tuesday, October 16, 2018



“Everyone has a unique way of being visionary. Will revise this rank board in December. It’s good to get new guys on the board.”

E.J. Liddle 6-7 F 1 HM Belleville West Ohio State U.
Markese Jacobs 5-11 G 2 MM+ Chicago Uplift DePaul Univ.
Marquise Kennedy 6-1 PG 3 MM+ Brother Rice            Loyola-Chicago
Dajuan Gordon 6-3 WG 4 MM+ Chicago Curie            Kansas State U.
Terrence Hargrove 6-7 F 5 MM+-MM East St. Louis St. Louis Univ.
Tujautae Williams 6-6 G/F 6 MM+-MM Chicago Orr
“Look for him to blow-up”
Tom Welch 6-7 F 7 MM Naperville North         Loyola-Chicago
Chris Payton 6-7 PF 8 MM Bloomington  
 “SIU,Old Dominion,  Murray St., Middle Tennessee”
Raymond Dennis 6-2 PG 9 MM Oswego East Boise State
Deonte Billups 6-4 G 10 MM Moline
Keenon Cole 6-7 WF 11 MM Streamwood            Northern IL
Trey Calvin 6-0 PG 12 MM St. Viator Wright State
Jeremiah Hernandez 6-3 WG 13 MM St. Viator
Nate Ferguson 6-8 F 14 MM Lemont Drake Univ.
Rashaun Agee 6-8 PF 15 MM Chicago Bogan
Jamir Price 6-0 PG 16 MM Rock Island Bradley U.
Lance Jones 6-2 G 17 MM Evanston Southern IL
Myles Baker 6-2 WG 18 MM Whitney Young
Terrion Murdix 5-11 PG 19 MM Springfield S.E.
Tyler Cochran 6-3 G/F 20 MM Bolingbrook Northern IL
Cortez Mosley 6-4 WG 21 MM Peoria Richwoods
Kejuan Clements 5-11 PG 22 MM Chicago Simeon
Joseph Yesfu 6-1 G 23 MM Bolingbrook Drake Univ.
Antonio Reeves 6-4 WG 24 MM Chicago Simeon
Donovan Clay 6-6 WF 25 MM-LM+ Alton
Perry Cowan 6-4 WF 26 MM-LM+ DePaul Prep Brown Univ.
Jermaine Hamlin 6-10 C 27 MM-LM+ Lincoln IL
 “Eastern Illinois was in recently”
Anthony Fairlee 6-5 F 28 MM-LM+ Springfield S.E.
Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 C 29 MM-LM+ New Trier Harvard Univ.
Taeyon Neal 6-10 C 30 MM-LM+ Providence St. Mel Univ.ILL @Chicago
Deng Reng 6-7 F 31 LM+ Wheaton North
Chris White 6-7 F 32 LM+ Marian Catholic
Jeremiah Oden 6-7 F 33 LM+ St. Rita
Alex Timmerman 6-8 C 34 LM+ Crystal Lake Central Bucknell Univ.
Kendrick Tchoua 6-6 PF 35 LM+ Benet Academy    
  “A newbie to the area”
Chris Harrison 6-4 WF 36 LM+ Shepard        
“Having terrific football season”
Ryland Holt 6-5 WF 37 LM+ Gibson City
Dylan West 6-7 PF 38 LM+-LM Hillcrest
“Vastly improved”
Bryant Brown 6-5 WF 39 LM+-LM Waukegan
Jeremiah Washington 5-8 PG 40 LM+-LM Chicago Bogan
Greg Outlaw 6-4 WF 41 LM+-LM Chicago Orr        
“Transferred from Bogan”
Fred Cleveland Jr. 5-7 PG 42 LM+-LM Chicago Leo          
“Has Div. I Looks/offers”
Anthony Roberts 6-5 F 43 LM Oak Park    
“Going to blossom soon”
C.J. Wilbourn 6-7 PF 44 LM Normal Community
Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F 45 LM Oak Park       Rockhurst College
Chris Burnell 6-1 G 46 LM Rockford East
Chance Love 6-5 WF 47 LM Rich Central  
“Looking for huge season”
Kameron Leonard 6-7 PF 48 LM Bolingbrook
Aidan Shore 6-10 F 49 LM Sterling H.S.
Teon Nesbit 6-2 G 50 LM Butler Prep      
 “Offer from Chicago State”
Mitch Mascari 6-4 WG 51 LM Geneva
Khaleb Rouse 6-0 PG 52 LM             Chicago Prosser
“Poised for break-out season”
Dhason Dyson 5-11 PG 53 LM Chicago Corliss      
“Un-heralded prospect”
Leondre Townsen 6-5 WF 54 LM Chicago Corliss
“It won’t surprise us if he landed to D1 scholarship”
Jahiem Holden 5-8 PG 55 LM Evanston                  
  “Slick & clever”
Demari Nixon 6-1 G 56 LM Chicago Curie
Jacquan Binion 5-8 PG 57 LM Kankakee
Alex Raiford 6-4 WG 58 LM DeLaSalle
“Slick smooth & developing into a fine prospect”
Shaden Clanton 6-5 WF 59 LM Rockford East
Elijah Stewart 5-9 G 60 LM T.F. South
“Impressed with his recent play”
Kevin Vance 6-6 F 61 LM Bloom
Chase Robinson 6-2 PG 62 LM Oak Park
“A rising prospect”
Keeshawn Chambers 6-5 PF 63 LM Thornton
Dashon Enoch 6-1 G 64 LM Oak Park
Latik Murphy 6-2 G 65 LM Morton
Collin Dietz 6-5 WF 66 LM Metamora
Isacc Stanback 6-4 PF 67 LM Homewood-Flossmoor
Clyde Benton 6-5 WF 68 LM DeLaSalle
“Get rid of the coolness”
Andrew Stewart 5-9 PG 69 LM T.F. South
“Stand-out floor game”
Marquise Walker 5-11 PG 70 LM West Aurora
Keenan Jones 6-4 WF 71 LM Whitney Young
“Often over-looked”
Jason Mason 6-6 F 72 LM Providence St. Mel
“Coming into his own”
Chris Roberts 6-0 G 73 LM Morgan Park
“Change of scenery”
Zach Toussaint 5-11 PG 74 LM Johnsburg
Joe Doyle 6-9 C 75 LM Chicago Corliss
“Will be a huge surprise”
Dachaun Anderson 6-6 PF 76 LM Chicago Leo
“Football prospect”
Trey Boston 6-0 PG 77 LM Downers Gove So.
Yamani Shareef 6-2 G 78 LM Plainfield East
“Capable scorer”
Tavis Stampley 6-2 G 79 LM Lincoln Park
“We love his potential”
Justin Eagins 6-1 G 80 LM Downers Grove So.
Aaron Strong 6-2 G 81 LM Chicago Farragut
Matt O’Boyle 6-3 G 82 LM Plainfield South
“A rising game”
Quincy Gilmore 6-4 G 83 LM North Chicago
Jaylin Mosby 6-3 G/F 84 LM Belleville West
“A stud”
Lamarius Lillard 6-7 PG 85 LM Momence
“Best days are ahead”
Evan Taylor 6-5 F 86 LM Glenbard West
Martin Macenis 6-4 G/F 87 LM Willowbrook
Achan Clinton 6-7 F 88 LM North Chicago
Sean Houpt 6-4 WF 89 LM Danville
Spencer Boehm 6-8 F 90 LM New Trier
“Likely high-academic recruit”
Landon Wolfe 6-5 F 91 LM Effingham
Jaden Brown 6-2 G/F 92 LM Waukegan
Lawrence Brazil 6-1 G 93 LM Belleville West
Ethan Helwig 6-4 F 94 LM Metea Valley
Detalian Brown 6-2 G 95 LM Chicago Uplift
William Engels 6-5 G/F 96 LM Benet Academy
Karl Wright 6-5 PF 97 LM Springfield Lanphier
Bryson Bultman 6-5 G/F 98 LM Nashville
Kameron Battle 6-6 F 99 LM Oswego East
Jeremiah Stanton 5-8 PG 100 LM Hillcrest
Maliq Anderson 6-4 G/F 101 LM St. Joseph
“We love his length & versatility”
London Denman 6-10 C 102 LM T.F. South
“Once he drops/gets in shape look out, already skilled”
Daniel Cooper 6-3 G 103 LM DeLaSalle
“Got game, a sleeper”
Carter Thurman 6-1 PG 104 LM Plainfield South
Tahir Thompson 6-3 G/F 105 LM Lincoln Park
Artese Stapleton 6-1 PG 106 LM Chicago Kenwood
Hezekaih Trotter 6-4 F 107 LM West Aurora
Josh Pryor 6-3 G 108 LM East Aurora
“Promising future, on & off the floor”
James Drummond 6-2 WG 109 LM T.F. South
“Lefty can play”
Tyriel Nelson 5-11 G 110 LM Providence St. Mel
Lamond Johnson 6-2 G 111 LM Chicago Kenwood
Malik Tidwell 5-11 G 112 LM Marian Catholic
Verimah Tarver 6-7 PG 113 LM Thornwood
Caleb Donaldson 6-5 PG 114 LM Bloom
Demetrius Schaffers 6-6 PF 115 LM Chicago Farragut
Fred Stokes 6-7 PF 116 LM Montini
Raheem Anthony 6-1 G 117 LM DePaul Prep
Danardo Jones 6-6 F 118 LM Timothy Christian
Jeffrey Daniels 5-10 G 119 LM Andrews
Demetrius Douglass 5-10 PG 120 LM North Lawndale
Connor Barrett 6-3 WG 121 LM Loyola Academy
Karl Polk 6-5 PF 122 LM Rich East
Cameron Kalmas 6-2 WG 123 LM West Aurora
Mike Robinson 6-2 WG 124 LM Lincoln Park
Andre White Jr. 5-9 PG 125 LM Waukegan
Matas Masys 6-2 G 126 LM Willowbrook
Tyrese Shine 6-2 G 127 LM Lyons Twp.
Beau Bailey 6-3 G 128 LM Dixon H.S.
Ryan Trotter 6-3 G 129 LM Walter Payton
Dekwan Turner 5-11 PG 130 LM T.F. South
Pavle Pantovic 6-7 F/C 131 LM DePaul Prep
Jalen Fields 6-2 G 132 LM T.F. South
Vuk Djuric 6-2 G 133 LM Lane Tech
Pierre Black 6-0 G 134 LM Elgin-Larkin
Tim T.J. Ervin 5-6 PG 135 LM Providence St. Mel
Semjai Henderson 6-0 G 136 LM Downers Grove North
Malik Smith 6-3 G 137 LM Alton
Christian Simmons 5-8 PG 138 LM Thornwood
Jules Williamson 6-5 G/F 139 LM East Aurora
Cameron Bartman 6-10 C 140 LM St. Rita
Kyle Jackson 6-0 G 141 LM Lincoln Park
Johnny Roeser 6-5 WG 142 LM Carmel
Diamond Presniakovas 6-4 F 143 LM Plainfield South
Langston Robinson 6-1 G 144 LM Oak Park
David Williams 6-1 G 145 LM Machesney Pk
Deion Jackson 6-3 WF 146 LM Providence St. Mel
Nick Martorina 6-8 C 147 LM DeLaSalle
Trey Tucker 5-9 G 148 LM Harlem (IL)
Mark Lewis 5-11 G 149 LM Chicago Corliss
Julian Barr 6-2 WG 150 LM Lincoln Way East
Larry Taylor 5-11 PG 151 LM Chicago Ralph Ellison
Mark Tangel 6-1 G 152 LM Peoria Heights


Thursday, October 4, 2018




A bumper sticker at the door represented our model – express your-self:
This was a fun event for our staff particularly in year one. It was attended by a number of Colleges, a venue designed for the aspiring Division One recruit and lesser known D2 & small College gem. In fact, the camp served a purpose where respective prospects had an opportunity to polish their skill level which was tailor made for improving fundamentals. In today’s climate fixated by Fall League hoops, skill focus and work has become a lost art.

Despite of 25 no shows, we will continue to push this event forward in a revitalizing mold as to where a camp type setting such as ours will often be a popular destination in late September. Our goal is to change the mindset along with a culture while building a vehicle that’s much needed now in the Chicagoland area. In addition, the camp served as an up-close hands-on viewing in terms of instructing/evaluating, more importantly taking advantage of an opportunity to connect with our young people. Listening & sharing, it’s called a form of mentorship; Lord knows we need to leave as much positive imprint on our youngsters, particularly the one’s we can reach. Very enlightening event.

  Khaleb Rouse 6-1 PG Chicago Prosser 
Won the Wayne McClain defense intensity award; demonstrated he was deceptively good athlete as well as a heck of a defender. Plays well with others and can score driving the ball or from out-side. D2 recruit.

Joseph Doyle 6-9 F/C Chicago Corliss
Captured the Spot-Liter’s the most improved award; by day two he opened some eyes, with his shot blocking, & rebounding while dunking anything near the rim on offense. Showed the ability to face-up 12-15 feet & knock down short jumpers. Late bloomer prospect, best hoops ahead for him.

Andrew Stewart 5-9 PG T.F. South
Won the Wayne McClain floor general award; twin played with the good pace & precision, demonstrated good leadership and was a deadly mid-range shooter. Excellent up-side potential.

Dhason Dyson 5-11 G Chicago Corliss
Captured the Spot-Liter’s marksman award; on Saturday evening during skill-work drills & scrimmage’s, he shot lights-out. Sleeper prospect, ‘had his coming out party’ early in the month when he made All-Tournament first team at the ISL Fall Classic.

Chase Robinson 6-2 PG Oak-Park
Good lookin’ prospect, had some moments where he shined as top 5 player in the camp. His focus now should be eliminating correctable turn-overs & becoming a better decision-maker on the fly. Cleaning up those areas accelerates his recruiting process. Respected out-side shooter.

Alex Raiford 6-4 WF DeLaSalle
Has developed a silky-smooth game. Very good perimeter shooter has good length and vision. An un-selfish player starting to come into his own. Top 10-15 at the camp.

Chance Love 6-5 WF Rich-Central
He was terrific for 2 days until he twisted his ankle during the 3 on 3 drills on Sunday afternoon. A capable sorer who can get buckets in a hurry. Now has to get stronger & play hard often.

Leondre Townsen 6-4 G/F Chicago Corliss
This kid had been un-known to us until recently, he’s wiry with good athleticism & superb pull-up jumper. He was in-lined to receive an award on Sunday but seemed to run out of gas at mid-point. A good lookin’ prospect was top 6-10 at the camp.

James Drummond 6-2 G T.F. South
This Whitney Young cast-off is starting to assert himself as a significant contributor. A lefty with good athleticism and a nice lookn’ jumper with some range. Has the look of a gem. Top 10-15 at camp.

Jason Mason 6-6 F Providence St. Mel
Surprised many of us with his ability to put the ball on the floor & make good decisions in the open-court. Good athlete with a bright future in hoops. Respectable mid-range shooter. Was only there on Sunday.

Tavis Stampley 6-3 G Lincoln Park
Strong body has the potential to become a potent two-way player. Can shoot the ball some on perimeter, he’s also a post-up threat. This kid’s best basketball waits ahead.

Lamarius Lillard 6-7 PF Momence
Was intriguing on Saturday, then a no show the next day. Has raw talent but promising. Good athlete but now in the learning stages. Can rebound effectively. Could blossom into fine D2 player.

Elijah Stewart 5-9 G T.F. South
Lefty played well enough to be considered for one of our awards. He was a top 10er at the camp. A calming presence on the floor, made the right reads and drilled his mid-range jumper all weekend. Elijah is a good leader, and a legitimate D2 recruit.

Anthony Roberts 6-5 F Oak-Park
He ripped me on his way out on Sunday, disgruntled over not receiving one of our four honors. I got a great chuckle from his lashing me out… I have no issue with young people expressing themselves since I’m a clap chaser anyway. So, we’ve had a plaque made especially for him, the sulking award. AR is my man, he played well in stretches, just needs to cut back on trying to do too much right now, good D2 recruit.

Kevin Vance 6-6 F Bloom
His performance on Saturday evening reaffirmed my thoughts of him when I first viewed him in late June at Loyola-Chicago’s Team Camp. A mobile forward with improving skills, he rebounds & block shots. Drew some interest from D2s but didn’t show-up on Sunday. If certain back channels don’t hinder him, he might be able to peel out of the Heights.

Clyde Benton 6-5 F DeLaSalle
Very good athlete, pretty good skill set, just has to get rid of the coolness out of his game and learn to play harder all the time. Has talent, a quiet gem…

Daniel Cooper 6-3 G DeLaSalle
Impressed us with his steady play & his ability to understand things on the fly as well as his skill set & un-selfishness. He makes shots, showed good defensive ability.

Maliq Anderson 6-4 G/F St. Joseph
Swingman type had a good Sunday and was in the running for some honors at the camp after a sluggish start on Saturday. Has length & versatility. He can shoot & distribute, good I.Q. We liked how he finished up.

Yamani Shareef 6-2 WG Plainfield East
Slender shooter opened some eyes on Saturday with his range & his movement without the ball. Unfortunately, a Fall League commitment took him from us on Sunday. A good lookn’ player, we first saw at the NIU camp.

Jalen Fields 6-2 G T.F. South
Could develop into a defensive stopper, has a strong body to go along with the right demeanor. Now he has to get in shape. He does possess the ability to make shots on the perimeter.  A small College gem.

Tahir Thompson 6-3 G Lincoln Park
He always presents eye-opening moment, it’s just matter of putting it all together. Playing hard & smart will be his point of focus. Consistent repetition of fundamentals will bolster his play.

Keeshawn Chambers 6-6 F Thornton
Terrific lookn’ athlete, a total high-riser, runs the floor extremely well but skill set so raw at the moment. We needed him for 2 days at camp and only had him for Sunday.

Larry Taylor 5-11 G Ralph Ellison H.S.
Displayed flashes during drills & some games, good motor plays on sheer athletic ability right now, needs to cut down on turnovers and learn the game.

Trace Williams 6-1 G Homewood-Flossmoor
Good lookn’ kid, a sure handed player, shoots the ball effectively on the perimeter, needs to add strength. A fine system player.

Jeffrey Daniel 5-10 PG Andrews H.S.
A speedster who can really defend the ball. Has good acceleration in the open floor. Surprised our staff at camp with his ability to make plays and shots. Will thrive in a system setting.

Mark Lewis 6-0 G Corliss
High energy defensive minded left-hander who hustles and can make big plays, has a wealth of intensity. Excellent glue guy.

Tim Ervin Jr. 5-7 PG Providence St. Mel
Displayed good speed & quickness, fundamentals are efficient. He just needs to stay out of the moment where turnovers and doing too much occurs. His emphasis should be managing the game as well as his mates.

London Denman 6-9 C T.F. South
The big-fella is massive, but he is skilled and impressive at times. Handles himself well on the perimeter while showing the ability to knock down 12-15 footers, Denman will surprise defenders with an occasional 3-ball. Once he gets in shape and drop 25 pounds or better, we could see an Acie Earl clone who is a Moline grad and played in NBA for some years.

Josh Hardy 6-3 G East Aurora
Superb leaper, plays hard, can jump-up and make a big shot in the moment; skill set pretty solid, has a great attitude, work ethic, & commitment. My hat is off to him.

Langston Robinson 6-1 G Oak-Park
The lefty Southpaw was one of the surprises at the camp. He showed the ability to make shots and handle the rock. Performed well during our drills. Needs to get stronger.

Cameron Kalmas 6-2 WG West Aurora
A transfer from Aurora Christian, shot the ball well with range on Sunday. Demonstrated the ability to move without the ball while having a good understanding on how to play. Only attended one day but he was noticed.

Kyle Jackson 6-0 G Lincoln Park
An intriguing player; he thrives on sheer athleticism right now. He has innovative abilities that he needs to exhibit in a game setting from a fundamental stand point. He’s still learning certain factors of the game.

Dekwan Turner 5-10 PG T.F. South
Solid play-maker with a good skill set, sees the floor fairly well. Terrific potential when he stays within his abilities. Was enjoying a good camp until he was shelved with an ankle injury on Sunday.

Mark Tangel 6-2 G Peoria Heights
Had the look of a player who has trained regularly on his skills as well as his game. Now transferring some of those learning tools to the court would benefit his play enormously. Has a tendency to try and do too much at times.

Nick Martorina 6-8 F/C DeLaSalle
He looked ok on Saturday in terms of his skills, needs to get tougher thou, had some good moments but then he didn’t show on Sunday. Small College prospect.

Lelan Woods 6-1 G Thornridge
Jet quick, had a lot of energy and enthusiasm but right now plays on sheer athleticism. Needs to polish his skill set, repetition should be his best route for growth like others.

Brian Smith 6-1 F Thornridge
Undersized on the back-line but showed good work ethic and the ability to learn. We wished we had him for two days. Needs to polish his fundamentals.



Francis Okoro 6-10 C Normal West University Oregon
Alex Timmerman 6-8 F/C Crystal Lake Central Bucknell University
Ciaran Brayboy 6-9 C New Trier Harvard University
Taeyon Neal 6-10 C Providence St. Mel    Univ. Illinois at Chicago
Tom Welch 6-7 F Naperville North Loyola-Chicago
Keenon Cole 6-7 WF Streamwood Northern Illinois Univ.
Joseph Yesufu 6-1 G Bolingbrook Drake University
Nate Ferguson 6-8 PF Lemont Drake University
Lance Jones 6-2 G Evanston Southern Illinois Univ.
Raymond Dennis 6-2 PG Oswego East Boise State Univ.
Tyler Cochran 6-3 G/F Bolingbrook Northern Illinois Univ.
Perry Cowan 6-4 G/F DePaul Prep Brown University
Marquise Kennedy 6-3 PG Brother Rice Loyola-Chicago
Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F Oak Park Rockhurst College
E.J. Liddell 6-7 F Belleville West Ohio State

Our area has landed a couple of notable transfers and I have yet to eye-ball the pair. Benet Academy added junior Kendrick Tchoua, a 6-6 senior from Maryland. He’s regarded as a six-foot six athletic power guy, hails as a mid-major recruit. Now, 6-5 Sophomore Louis Lesmond strolls into Evanston, IL from France.  He’s a touted prospect who fits right into our highly billed 2021 Class. Locals will be fixated on these two right from the start.