Friday, November 17, 2017


“These kids have entered their respective schools with a tremendous amount of buzz and hope. While you can bet our town is excited about the potential of a few these youngsters. Chicago might be coming-up again some say!”

• Ahmad Bynum 6-1 PG Simeon – “Excitement looms over his talents.”

• Tevin Smith 6-5 WG Danville – “Cold-blooded in many ways.”

• Anthony Sayles 6-0 G Niles Notre-Dame – “Drawing Derrick Rose comparisons.”

• Amar Aguillar 6-4 G/F Zion-Benton – “Seen enough of him to be convinced.”

• Nick Petty 5-11 G Peoria Manual – “Already a confident leader with a shrewd floor game.”

• Ismail Habib 5-8 PG Lincoln-Park – “His game & demeanor is a throwback resembling former Chicago stand-out guards. According to some long time hoop followers, he’s got the right temperament.”

• Chris Hodges 6-7 F Schaumburg – “Lefty has big-time potential.”

• Kevin Miller 5-5 PG Morgan Park – “Fearless competitor, enjoys the lime-light.”

• Jalen Butler 6-5 F Niles North – “A stud already solid scorer & rebounder.”

• Kimarhi Wilson 6-0 PG Carmel – “Coming off a huge summer.”

• Isiah Daniels 6-2 PG Peoria Richwoods – “Blazing speed & quickness, strong with the rock.”

• Narvell Meadows 5-9 PG Chicago Prosser – “Surgical with the rock sees the floor well & can score.”

• Troy Pilon 6-5 F Niles Notre-Dame – “Has versatility & toughness.”

• Tai Walters 5-7 PG Homewood-Flossmoor – “Un-assuming general, very effective floor game.”

• Jalen Gibson 6-2 G/F Evanston – “Punishes defenders attacking the rim.”

• Darius Duff 6-1 G Waukegan – “We love his potential, can score & distribute.”

Imari Bailey 6-2 G Skinner West

“Mad game, can get thirty markers in any contest.”


“We are hoping that several of them can burst on the scene next spring 2018 with a reputation labeled as highly touted. Most of them play in programs that do a fine job at turning over un-tapped talent & teaching core fundamentals.”

• Jamari McClendon 6-2 G Chicago Hope Academy
“Envision a player, who will have the ability to play on both-sides of the ball, competes every night, has strong leadership ability & can score. His teammates enjoy playing with him. That’s how we size this kid up.”

• Jason Kent 6-1 PG Oak-Forest
“A transfer over from the Down-Struttin Tinley Park Program. He’s a skilled prospect with a pretty good understanding of how to play. Unfortunately, he will have to pave his way through with hard work & good off-season environment to display his superb floor game.”

• Kyndall Davis 6-4 WF Homewood-Flossmoor
“Cagey south-paw with a silky-smooth game and he’s an emerging prospect who might have to perform a role in the shadows of others this season, but look for him to make his mark soon.”

• Alijah Nelson 5-11 PG Glenbard East
“The Nelson/Hall back-court will be a topic conversation soon. This kid can play in space well, creating opportunities for himself & his mates. Reliable perimeter shooter. He will be well coached & prepared for challenges.”

• Liam Dillion 6-5 F Walter Payton
“Another rising talent. If he’s thirsty enough with his work ethic, we could see a versatile wing develop who can shoot on the perimeter & post-up smaller defenders. Liam has that kinda repertoire now.”

• Matthew Lesch 6-3 G Chicago Taft
“Wiry innovator, not fearful of the moment, exhibits offensive ability. Hopefully the recent coaching change won’t throw off his hardwood growth.”

• Chris Conway 6-8 PF Naperville Central
“Front-courter with promising future. We will see more of him soon; western suburban sources say he’s a fine prospect.”

• P.J. Edwards 6-3 G/F Springfield Lanphier
“Swing-man with some size & versatility. P.J. has a chance to be a very good player. Skills are solid; it will be fun watching his development.”

• Ja’Quan Davis 6-1 G Chicago Bogan
“Tough slashing-penetrating player. Has length to go with tools that may accelerate his development. Out-side shooting coming along.”

• Amir Spann 6-3 G Mount Vernon
“Coming off of an eye-popping freshman season where he averaged double-digits in scoring & flashed the kind of promise that the locals there lust for.”

• Sincere Callwood 6-5 F Simeon
“This young talent will likely spend his time on the sophomore level because of the in-flux talent on the Wolverine’s roster. All-around abilities were on display at Pangos Midwest Camp last month, West-Coast writer Frank Burlison loved his game.”

• Nate Santos 6-6 F Geneva
“Has played well this summer & fall, this up-coming season on the varsity will allow us observers to watch his game closely.”

• Brandon Weston 6-4 G Lake-Forest Academy
“Without a doubt, this wiry athlete is un-disputably a Top 5 talent. Since his recent arrival from Wisconsin he’s been missn from our board. Played extremely well at Pangos, according to several writers covering the event.”

• Josh Ivory 6-6 PF Peoria Manual
“This big-fella also plays football, but reliable sources have indicated he could develop into a formidable force on the hardwood. New coach, Willie Coleman has several talented youngsters to work with.”

• Elliott Sieger 6-1 PG Whitney Young
“Had a wonderful freshman year as a spot-up shooter. Now he’s more of a focus for the opposition, we noticed recently his efforts in transitioning to a ball-handler/distributor. A player to watch.”

• Micah Schnyders 6-3 PG Chicago Christian
“Was shelved most of the fall with an injury so the surveillance sources missed him. Soph campaign awaits with achievable expectations.”

• Lorenzo Coney 6-0 G Elgin-Larkin
“Caught this confident offensive player at a work-out & he surprised us with the ability to drain jumpers & find his way to the rim. Coney has those intangibles to blossom into a contributor immediately.”

• Seryee Lewis 6-8 WF Kenwood
“Operates at a sleek pace. Not overly athletic, but knows his way around the floor by utilizing his ball skills & length. Promising prospect.”

• Jackson Connor 6-5 F Marion, IL
“Impressive athlete with the ability to become a high-scoring threat before his High-School career closes. A rising talent who is a part of Southern Illinois fab four, James Baltz (C’Dale), Amir Spann (Mount Vernon), Carlos Keen (Sparta), and Lamontay Daughtery (Duquoin).

• Martice Mitchell 6-8 F/C Bloom
“Slender lad, very raw, has promise; fundamentals need developing under the right tutelage. We are hoping he rises in the next year.”

• Beau Bailey 6-3 G/F Dixon
“Tough kid who thrives in a system setting. Can score at a high-clip. He’s an un-known gem to most people out-side of the Rockford area, in which last season he was player of the year in his conference.”

NOTE: If there is someone we might have over-looked above, we will visit them next month during the school season.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017



“A few may commit during the season, while some have academic work to complete. We have an outlook with a positive vibe that many of these youngsters will flourish.”

NAME                 HT         POS      LEVEL                 SCHOOL

  • Tim Finke                          6-7        F            MM           Champaign Central
    “Expect him to be chippy, besides who remembers July?”
  • Xavier Pinson    6-3        PG         MM                    Chicago Simeon
    “He rolled the dice, coming over from St. Pat., now, let’s see it pay huge dividends. He’s really talented.”
  • Drew Peterson  6-8        F            MM                    Libertyville
    “The right situation/system he would thrive huge, academic setting await.”
  • Cardell McGee  6-2        PG         MM                    Springfield Lanphier
    “He will be out to prove he can play PG effectively and manage his squad.”
  • Quinlan Bennett             6-3        G           MM                    Proviso East
    “Watch his game go into another gear, Conference USA please come in.”
  • DeAndre Heckard          6-2        PG         MM                    Romeoville
    “The talent is there; it needs to be turned-over; core fundamentals.”
  • Ryan Davis                       6-8        SF          MM                    Conant
    “Currently available, needs to silence critics with a strong season.”
  • Jalen Shaw                       6-10     C            MM                    Elgin-Larkin
    “Huge up-side. His game has started to demonstrate sound passing and ball handling for someone his size.”
  • Raekwon Drake              6-5        PF         MM-LM+          Chicago Orr
    “Needs consistency; undersized stud who can be effective at right setting.”
  • Zion Young                       6-2        G           MM-LM+          Chicago Simeon
    “Let’s see how he plays in the crowded rotation.”

“A list of sleeper-types on a trek to success entering their senior campaign. They possess a certain swag for their last go-around.”

NAME                 HT         POS      LEVEL                 SCHOOL

  • Peter Lambesis  6-4        G/F       MM-LM+          St. Viator
    “Lefty swingman, he’s a modern day Mike Riordan clone; a winner!”
  • Eddie Creal                       6-3        G           MM-LM+          Romeoville
    “He’s got game & he’s tough, his potential could create comparison to former Crane Alum Tony Allen, a 14 year NBA Vet. Transferring over from Joliet Central is a high risk gamble. I’m betting on him.”
  • Ben Wolf                           6-8        C            LM+-LM            Naperville Central
    “Enforcer type, could blow-up by season’s end.”
  • Brandon Ellis      6-3        WG       LM+-LM            Warren Twp
    “Graceful Athlete, rapidly rising, needs to display grit & toughness.”
  • Camron Donatian          6-3        G           LM+-LM            West Aurora
    “Athletic/competitive & a leader, he will be playing with a chip.”
  • Matt Myers                      6-4        WG       LM+-LM            Willowbrook
    “Watch his value increase; excellent shooter.”
  • Kaleb Thornton 6-0        G           LM+-LM            Bolingbrook
    “Needs the right system, thrives in a downhill traction.”
  • Isaiah Fuller                     6-1        PG         LM+-LM            Oak Park
    “Superb quickness, now understanding the moment without emotions.”
  • Dontia Johnson 6-8        F            LM+-LM            Romeoville
    “A red-shirt D1 candidate who could blossom into a standout.”
  • Morgan Taylor  6-2        G           LM+-LM            Marist
    “Expect some huge nights for him, ultimate student/athlete.”
  • Terrence Shannon         6-6        F            LM+-LM            Lincoln Park
    “Rugged, constantly in attack mode, has to slow down and read situations as to where he can utilize his weapons.”
  • Demaria Franklin           6-3        G/F       LM+LM              Niles North
    “A capable scorer has been lost in the shadows, now it’s time to shine.

“We aren’t judging or attempting to frame a certain level for our next group. Merely indicating they should be viewed closely.”

NAME                 HT         POS      LEVEL                 SCHOOL

  • Orlando Allen    6-6        F            LM+-LM-           Thornton
    “Slithery/cagey performer we should see a hot start from him.”
  • Chase Adams     5-6        PG         LM                      Chicago Orr
    “New environment brings restored spirit and outlook.”
  • Treavon Martin              6-7        PF         LM+-LM            Chicago Curie
    “Has to bring-it nightly, has always teased us with potential.”
  • Tyree Martin     6-7        F/C        LM                      Chicago Curie
    “Competitive rejecter/rebounder; plays a huge supporting role.”
  • Justin Boyd                       6-4        G           LM                      Young H.S.
    “Un-song system type-winner, high character kid.”
  • Barlow Alleruzzo            6-8        PF         LM                      De La Salle
    “Lookin’ for a well-rounded stat line, has the potential to do it.”
  • Dannie Smith     6-4        G/F       LM                      Chicago Orr
    “Capable of making big plays and shots.”
  • Naseer Turner   6-6        F            LM                      Chicago Kenwood
    “Good athlete-poised for a break-out season.”
  • Javari McClendon          6-3        G           LM                      Chicago Hope
    “Well-rounded talent, wears a chip on his shoulder.”
  • Bakari Simmons              6-6        F            LM                      Chicago Simeon
    “Lefty could be a late bloomer, has to earn his minutes this round.”
  • Isa McGuire                     6-9        F/C        LM                      Chicago Lindblom
    “Un-assuming athlete, intriguing prospect; needs academic environment.”
  • Devonire Glass  6-8        F            LM                      Chicago Simeon
    “Will play in a deep rotation, gives his team length and depth.”

“Most of these guys are being recruited by Division 2 and 3 while some are hopeful for a D1 experience, after countless campus visits. In the end- a smaller setting could be a more meaningful opportunity.”

NAME                               HT         POS      SCHOOL

  • R.J. McGee                                     6-5        F            Kenwood
    “Certain nights he shows what his potential could be.”
  • Javion May                                     6-1        G           Hope Academy
    “Very good athlete, look for a breakout year.”
  • Jalen Chaver                                  6-2        PG         Thornwood
    “Has composure, makes plays & skilled. New environment.”
  • Paul O’Leary                                  6-9        C            Lemont
    “Potentially could blossom into a fine player at the next level.
  • Cameron Blackmon       5-11   G           Joliet Central
    “Excellent motor, his game is emerging. Played well in ISL Classic.”
  • Ryan Kutsor                                   6-4        WG       Lake Zurich
    “Good shooter & well rounded performer. Walk-on candidate, D1.”
  • Jalen Hodge                                   6-1        PG         O’Fallon
    “Good athlete, jet quick, learning to utilize his strengths.”
  • Kyle King                                         6-6        F            St. Charles North
    “His play can be sparkling and unappreciated.  A player to watch.”
  • Kenny Strawbridge                    6-3        WG       Rockford Lutheran
    “Needs to have a chip on his shoulder & play with a purpose all season.”
  • Justin Hardy                                   6-5        F            St. Charles East
    “A challenging July, should re-energize his game & make-up.”
  • Anthony Lynch               6-2        G           Elgin-Larkin
    “A down- hill threat, capable of making shots on perimeter.”
  • Brandon Whiteside        6-2     G/F       Glenbard South
    “Tough summer, but has game & out to prove it.”
  • Robert Harvey                6-3        G           Hillcrest
    “Needs a solid season, did not have the summer he hoped for.”
  • Dave Pinskus                   6-6        F            De La Salle
    “ Versatile threat starting to come into his own as a player & leader.”
  • Joshua Rosenborough  5-10     PG         Thornwood
    “Played well at ISL Classic; he’s tough & distributes to his mates.”
  • Kenny Pittman                6-4        WG       Chicago Simeon
    “This shooter will have to earn his minutes on a deep squad.” 

“Rarely does anyone openly fest-up when it comes to this category, but for now I think we will start here.”

  • Deonta Brown  6-3        F            Peoria Manual
    “Can plat-out play. Will need to lead some talented youngsters.”
  • Jalen Washington           6-5        G           Al Raby
    “Up-side potential is enormous; talent needs to be turned over.”
  • Amir Brummett              6-3        PG         Decatur Macarthur
    “Emotional, but has major game.”
  • Armon Brummett          6-3        G           Decatur Macarthur
    “Awfully talented, needs to avoid all the capers & shenanigans.”
  • Toraze Babbs     6-5        PF         Chicago Uplift
    “Support player who can contribute heavily while staying in the moment.”
  • Vashawn Sims   6-2        G           Rich-East
    “Had a good spring/summer under the radar, looking for a good season.”
  • Jaden Gasby                    6-4        F            Curie
    “Good player, he will play in a supporting role coming over to Curie.”
  • Kevin Caldwell   5-11     PG         Alton
    “One of our state’s most dynamic, exciting talents. Juco should be his route. Had a big time football season.”
    We will do a brief breakdown of this group


“Based on recent Fall/Summer performance”

*Francis Okoro                                        
*Markese Jacobs                                     
*Ciaran Brayboy
*E.J. Liddle                                                
*Chris Payton                             
*Evan Taylor
*Terrence Hargrove                 
*Lance Jones                              
*Jerry Hernandez
*Bryant Brown


With the high-infusion of Fall Leagues firmly coming to an end, majority of our state High-School programs are thrust right into organized practice setting this week. Around here we tend to be optimistic about the start of our 2017-18 season. I envision some improved individual play as well as some solid team continuity. Presently still on the board we have roughly 60 prospects who can play an impactful role at collegiate levels D1, D2, and a highly competitive small College Conference. Most of the players we list will likely head into the season with a chip on their shoulder, with the feeling their game or play was totally under-valued or un-appreciated!



NAME                                       HT          POS       HIGH-SCHOOL                                COLLEGE

  • Kezo Brown                         6-2         G            Chicago Simeon                Chicago State
  • Darius Beane                      6-3         G            Carbondale                                     Southern Illinois
  • Sam Shafer                          6-5         WG        Lincoln-Way East                            Southern Illinois
  • Tamell Pearson     6-8         SF           Morgan Park                                   U.A.B
  • Javon Freeman      6-4         G            Whitney Young                  Valparaiso Univ.
  • Kendle Moore                     6-0         G            Danville                             Drake University
  • Zion Griffin                          6-6         F            Hinsdale South                  Iowa State
  • Xavier Castenada  5-11       PG          Whitney Young                  South Florida
  • Maurice Commander         5-8         PG          Chicago Curie                      U. Tennessee, Chattanooga     
  • Kani Acree                           6-6         F            Carbondale                                     Ball-State
  • George Conditt     6-9         F            Chicago Corliss                 Iowa State
  • Messiah Jones                     6-5         SF           Chicago Simeon                Drake University
  • Jake Wolfe                          6-5         SF           Aurora Christian               Lipscomb University
  • Ethan Schuemer    6-6         SF           Willowbrook                                    St. Cloud State
  • Tyronn Mosley      6-5         PG          Chicago Orr                             U. Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Ayo Dosunmu                      6-5         PG          Morgan Park                                   U. Illinois
  • Talen Horton-Tucker           6-5         G            Simeon                              Iowa State
  • Jackson Marcotte  6-8         F            Mount-Carmel (IL)                          Eastern Illinois
  • Malachi Smith                     6-3         PG          Belleville West                                Lindenwood, MO