Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The last two weeks a slew of us coverage types, have zero in closely with this group, sorting through, attempting to identify who our key performers are. The recent play of some, buoys optimism. This cast actually gives me a confident feeling that quite a few could blossom into valuable contributors at the next level. In fact, our optimism regarding the depth of this class exceeds our once promising 2019 crop. After that group’s first-five, “the best of the rest is a free for all process…” One thing that has become crystal clear, our high-school coaches, along with Club coaches & so-called work-out, trainer/guru types need to become more effective with developing players skills & fundamentals; this has contribute partly to our state’s recent drought in talent, particularly Elite. (Just saying, too many kids don’t understand how to play!)

We will identify some under-valued dudes who just may thrust their way into a formidable role at the next level, especially under the guardianship of a good coach. Conferences we see imagines of for this particular cast of rising prospects are: Mac, Horizon, OVC, Summit, Southern, NEC, Metro Atlantic, and MEAC.
ville, which indicates, he’s for real! Floor game is improving.”


• Quinlan Bennett 6-3 G MM Proviso East / Kessel Heat
“A bad dude, one of our state’s more exciting talents. The last few weeks, he’s performed on a bum ankle, despite of that he still managed to impress viewers with his silky-smooth play. He shoots his mid-range jumper with accuracy. Q.B. could blossom into stardom in the next few years.”

• Morgan Taylor 6-2 G LM+-LM Marist / Fast Break
“Enjoying a really good summer averaging over twenty points each outing. High expectations loom as he enters his senior campaign, his solid all-around play indicates he’s more than up for the challenge.”

• Maurice Commander5-8 PG MM Curie / Young & Reckless
“My lens hasn’t been as clear with him as some of the others, maybe I’m suffering from cataract in one of my eyes. The lil lefty landed a recent offer from Evans

• Eddie Creal 6-3 G/F MM-LM+ Romeoville / Hoops for Health
“Can flat-out play & fun to watch. Very good athlete who competes hard & thrives defensively. Creal, is better than previously advertised by some of my local scouting gurus. Yes, he can shoot! OVC, Summit, MEAC should follow him in Kansas City this week.”

• Brandon Ellis 6-3 WG LM+ Warren / Kessel Heat“His play settled in nicely each time out last week. Sleeper type recruit, equipped with athleticism and out-side shooting, where he spots-up effectively. Has long arms which allows him to be an ace defender on the perimeter. His stock should soar before school starts.”

• Dontia Johnson 6-7 F MM-LM+ Romeoville / Hoops for Health
“Last week this kid gave coaches & viewers blemishes of what his potential could look like. Right now, he’s sized-up as a prep-school or red-shirt candidate. Dontia, can handle the rock & make plays at the rim. His defensive effort needs to show improvement though!”

• Isaiah Fuller 6-1 G LM+-LM Oak-Pk / Elite
“Has a sizzling first step, can really attack the rim with either hand. We’d like to see him understand pace better; his frenzy style some-times leads to turn-overs & poor shot selection. Improving his perimeter shooting & decision-making should be his focus.”

• Malachi Smith 6-3 G LM+ Belleville West / Ramey Jets
“A versatile & solid performer, plays with pace & a good understanding of situations. Shoots-it-okay on the out-side. His size allows him to see the floor effectively playing on both-sides of the ball. Can really flourish in the right system.”

• Jalen Shaw 6-10 C MM+-MM Elgin-Larkin Kessel Heat
“Finished-up the NY2LA tournament playing extremely well. His play had the gym buzzing on Saturday. Jalen, displayed shot-blocking ability, rebounding in traffic, superb out-let passes & the ability to finish around the rim. He has enormous up-side when he matures & continues to play with a purpose/passion which we saw, with his size & mobility he is the one dude in the class who can earn some serious loot. High-majors should keep sniffing him out. Academically, we hear he has some work to complete; Big 10 coaches-here’s your diamond in the rough! He’s in Kansas City this week.”

• Ethan Schuemer 6-7 SF LM Willowbrook / Mercury Elite“What a nice player; very skilled with superb passing ability & has those winning intangibles coaches look for. Ethan, has excellent foot-work in the paint & scores well around the rim. Capable of being a consistent 12-15-foot mid-range shooter. On the fence with D1 Schools, but why can’t he excel in the Southern or NEC Conferences. In Kansas City.”

• Naseer Turner 6-6 F LM+-LM Kenwood Chicago Demons“Plays like a young colt-plenty of energy-makes plays on both ends. Good athlete; just raw in certain areas of his game. Needs skill development work, which would allow him to blossom into a really good specialist type, especially defensively, his future is bright.”

• Ryan Kutsor 6-4 WG LM+-LM Lake Zurich / Kessel Heat“A very good player & student; the Metro Atlantic, NEC Conferences should pursue a kid like Kutsor. He rebounds well from the guard slot, and presents a respectable threat on the perimeter. Quick enough to arrive at his sweet spots. Vastly under-valued, in Kansas City this week.”

• Sam Schafer 6-4 WG MM Lincoln Way East / Young & Reckless“Un-assuming athlete & capable of taking defenders off-the-dribble to the rim, where he might flush-it-down. Then he sprays jumpers on the perimeter with three-point distance attached. Yes, he’s tough! Likely a Missouri Valley recruit or league comparable.”

• Kaleb Thornton 5-11 G LM+ Bolingbrook / Mean Streets
“To his defense, he was caught in a numbers situation, playing in a crowded back-court for his club program. Therefore, Kaleb hasn’t had a ton opportunity to show how lethal his game is capable of. In Vegas this week.”

• Cardell McGee 6-3 PG MM-LM+ Springfield Lanphier / Wisconsin Playground Warriors
“A scoring combo, who seems to have made the transition to point-guard. After a spring where he struggled with his new club, he’s put together a quality summer. Cardell, is a nice player, now his focus should be academics when school resumes. He’s in Vegas.”

• Ben Wolf 6-8 C LM Naperville Central / Mercury Elite
“This big fella was impressive last week. He’s on the fence as a D1 recruit but has a slew of D2 interest. Big Ben, competes at a high-level has a great motor, doesn’t back-down from anyone. Masks as a defender, he’s a traditional back-to-the basket player. Summit, Southern, and MEAC should take a look. “

• Anthony Lynch 6-2 PG LM+ Elgin-Larkin / Kessel Heat
“He’s actual better than a lot of guards in the 2018 class. He’s clever, possesses good speed & quickness, sees the floor well and he drains jumpers on the perimeter consistently. Lynch, would be a legit pick-up for several of the leagues we have mentioned.”


One of our feel-good stories of the summer has been the recent rise of Hinsdale South’s break-out star Zion Griffin. The six-foot six forward’s performance created some buzz at the Hardwood Classic in Kansas City last weekend. Griffin’s three-point barrage mixed in with assortment of dunks & mid-range jumpers clocked Howard Pulley for 41 points. The lefty returned his next outing to spray Boo Williams for a cool 31 markers. Zion’s arsenal display did not go un-noticed either, he elevated his play in front of numerous high-majors, prompting likes of Georgia Tech, Illinois, Oregon, & Nebraska to watch him closely. Iowa State, Missouri State offered recently. Western Michigan’s Larry Farmer saw him in April and thought he might land a gem. “Now the romance begins with a flurry of others.” Even I didn’t see this kind of out-put occurring so suddenly, we just saw Griffin at our Spot-Lite Pre-Evaluation Tune-Up & I was on the premises of Griffin’s season-ending play-off lost to Wheaton North, which was a defeat at the buzzer. His performance last weekend use to be how our state guys use to capitalize on opportunities during the July period, it was a stage to strut your game, not social media hype & video clips!

Another vastly improved area player who have enhanced his stock this summer was Simeon’s recent transfer, Xavier Pinson. His play was exhilarating at times during the NY2LA clash last weekend. Pinson, has a huge up-side and he’s regarded now as a top 10 talent, in our 2018 crop. This kid facilitates well, with the ability to read schemes & situations during the course of a game. And he can really score. He’s probably one of the more exciting talents we have in the class. Evansville, Drake, Cleveland St., UIC, Kent-St., Valpo looks to be his heaviest pursuers for now.

Saturday, July 22, 2017



• Chris Payton 6-7 F Bloomington / Bradley Beal

Lance Jones 6-1 G Evanston / Mean Streets

Markese Jacobs 5-10 G Uplift / Mack Irvin Fire
“His performances of late, hasn’t indicated a high-major caliber recruit, even though he committed to Kansas a while ago.”

Sam LaPorta 6-4 PG Highlands (IL) / Bradley Beal

Taeyon Neal 6-10 C Providence St. Mel / Chicago Select

Myles Baker 6-3 G Whitney Young / Chicago Select

Dachaun Anderson 6-5 WF Chicago Leo / Mean Streets

Ciaran Braboy 6-9 F New Trier / Mac Irvin Fire

Bryant Brown 6-5 G/F Waukegan / Illinois Wolves
“This kid doesn’t really have a position, but he just might accelerate his status soon.”


Francis Okoro 6-10 C Normal West Bradley Beal
“Could be our state’s best prospect, regardless of class.”

• E.J. Liddle 6-7 F Belleville West Bradley Beal

• Terrance Hargrove 6-6 WF East St-Louis Larry Hughes Club


“After some lousy performances by our Club Teams at the NY2LA Jam, it’s time to reflect on who our Top guys are in this class.”

• Ayo Dosunmu 6-3 PG Morgan Park Mac Irvin Fire
• Talen Horton Tucker 6-4 G Simeon D Rose

• Javon Freeman 6-4 G Whitney Young Mean Streets
• Tim Finke 6-6 F Champaign Central Mean Streets
• Tamell Pearson 6-8 F Morgan Park Mac Irvin Fire
• George Conditt 6-9 F Chgo Corliss RWA Program
• Tyron Mosley 6-5 G Orr Illinois Wolves
• Darius Beane 6-4 PG Carbondale Gateway, MO

• Xavier Castenada 5-11 PG Whitney Young Mean Streets
• Drew Peterson 6-7 F Libertyville Illinois Wolves

Colleges should zero in on a few notable guys while on the road these next two weeks

Javon Freeman 6-4 WG MM+ Mean Streets Oladipo Camp

Kendle Moore 6-0 PG LM+ D Rose 3 Stripes – STL

Drew Peterson 6-7 WF MM Illinois Wolves NY2LA

DeAndre Heckerd 6-2 G LM+ Hoops for Health NY2LA

Camron Donatian 6-4 G/F LM+ Hoopers Hardwood in K.C.

Kani Acre 6-6 F MM R.W. Program Louisville

Quinlan Bennett 6-3 G MM Kessel Heat NY2LA

Sam Schafer 6-4 WF MM Young & Reckless 3 Stripes-STL

Malachi Smith 6-4 G MM-LM+ Ramey Jets NY2LA

Demaria Franklin 6-4 G/F MM-LM+ Hoops Avenue NY2LA

Isaiah Fuller 6-1 PG MM-LM+ Mercury Elite NY2LA

Naseer Turner 6-6 F LM+ Chicago Demons NY2LA

Jackson Marcotte 6-7 F LM+ Pocket City ?

Maurice Commander 5-8 PG LM+ Young&Reckless 3 Stripes


Some short notes we were able to garner from the south, where several of our local clubs played in some highly competitive events around the heavily populated Atlanta area. Shoe company representatives have latched on tightly, spinning off the success of the Nike Peach-Jam. The arrival of Adidas and Under Armor with pop-up venues, have made things in the area a lucrative attraction.

Over at the Peach Invitational the state’s No. 1 player Ayo Dosunmu solidified his status as an elite prospect. His last two outings he registered jaw dropping performances we were told. Ayo’s Morgan Pk teammate Tamell Pearson was terrific as well. The six foot eight Pearson landed an offer from Washington State, Bradley, Oklahoma State, while Illinois and Cleveland State position themselves for official visit. Young’s Javon Freeman, who I feel is vastly under-valued had a superb week at the Peach-Jam; his recruitment continues to pick-up, Valpo, St. Louis U, VCU, and now Wichita State just offered. He and his Mean Streets teammate, Xavier Castenada will head to the Oladipo Camp in Washington D.C..

Champaign Central stand-out forward Tim Finke struggled some at the Peach-Jam, which can happen to the best of players his confidence probably wavered some. We are expecting the six foot seven forward to revive his play next week. I can’t help but rekindle my thoughts of how his play in July should form from the resemblance of former area stand-outs such as Brian Wardle (Hinsdale Central), Matt Lottich (New Trier), Colin Falls (Loyola Academy), Jon Scheyer (GBN), or even Eric Vierneisel (Jacobs) big games were a gold-standard for those dudes. I’m pulling for Finke to pick-it-up. Also, College Coaches can’t miss-read the performances by Justin Boyd (Young) Orlando Allen (Thornton) and Kaleb Thornton had at the Nike Peach-Jam as well. The trio are very good players, they should be sized-up correctly at another event, perhaps the Vegas track.

The D Rose cast did not fare well the first week out either; several notable players did not have the look of mid-major recruits. The new acquisition of highly regarded Talen Horton Tucker (Simeon) was the one bright spot. He performed well, while putting-up high scoring numbers. Talen, landed offers from Michigan State and Florida State this week. D Rose will re-group in St. Louis this week at 3 stripes. Ragged play hurt the RWA Program at the Peach State event while six foot nine George Conditt (Corliss) illustrated what his up-side may resemble in a few years. Conditt, shot-it-okay on the perimeter and handled himself well out there. He even blocked a few shots last week. Carbondale’s 6-6 Kani Acre continued to enhance his stock with fine play for RWA which will head to Louisville this week. Darius Beane (Carbondale) the state’s No. 6 prospect in our Spot-Lite report did his thing in Spartanburg, South Carolina on the Adidas circuit. He shot-it-well and finished at the rim, while handling point-guard duties for the Gateway squad out in Missouri. Beane, will stay close and play in the 3 stripes event in St. Louis this weekend.

The Illinois Wolves had a solid week in the South; Libertyville’s 6-7 wing Drew Peterson was impressive, Orr’s rising talent Tyronn Mosley was okay. He will attend the Under Armor Top 100 event this week; the Wolves 16-U squad had several guys turn in sparkling performances. Tom Welch 6-6 wing out of Naperville North and Femnd’s 6-4 guard Bryce Hopkins played well. Waukegan’s Bryant Brown can flat-out play, he is a player to watch, the Wolves will be at NY2LA.

Last week at NY2LA the Ramey Jets won the tournament and was led by the forgotten tandem of Malachi Smith a 6-4 guard out of Belleville West & Kevin Caldwell a speedster & talented from Alton, both of these guys were impressive. Under-the-radar prospect Jalen Hodge played well too for the Jets. We will see them in NY2LA this week. Mercury Elite received stellar performances from Isaiah Fuller (Oak-Park) Willowbrook’s 6-6 Ethan Schummer and Ben Wolf 6-9 out of Naperville Central. Mercury Elite will be back in Milwaukee NY2LA this week. Kessel Heat has had a quality showing most of the spring & early summer, demonstrated last week why they could surprise some people the second week at NY2LA. Quinlan Bennett (Proviso East), Ryan Kutsor (Lake Zurich), and Anthony Lynch (Elgin-Larkin) played well. 6-10 Jalen Shaw (Elgin-Larkin) should have a better showing, we are hoping Warren’s 6-3 athlete Brandon Ellis will have a big week as well.

Simeon’s Massiah Jones captured the attention of Northern Illinois. UWM and Wis-Green Bay with his electric performances while hoop’n with Caron Butler Elite.

In Romeoville last week Zion Griffin (Hinsdale South) continued to sizzle, he will be at the Hardwood in K.C. Sam Schafer (Y&R), Robert Harvey (Y&R), and Asa McGuire (Y&R) and Maurice Commander had flashes where they looked strong.


The word surfaced swiftly that Top 12 player in our 2018 class Xavier Pinson transferred over to Simeon Tuesday morning (7-18) causing a slight up-roar from local hoop connoisseurs. The six foot three slithery scorer’s departure from St. Pat’s left a sour taste with some school officials I’m sure; Pinson, suits-up with the Mac Irvin elite & can be seen hoop’n in Milwaukee NY2LA. Simeon, likely will be our state’s pre-season No. 1 team, now with the arrival of Pinson.

Former Morgan Pk stand-out Brandon Mason will leave UNLV for a full-time Assistant’s position at University New Mexico. Mason moved quickly to offer Corliss promising big man George Conditt this week.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Saturday-July 8th-in Plainfield, IL

“This event was master minded in five day window collaborated with my Young & Reckless crew, their program actually should be next in-line for shoe company deal. Most games were good, I was pleasantly surprised at the prospects we had on site at the event.”

(We will provide more data on these guys at a later date)

Morgan Taylor 6-2 SR G Fast-Break - “Was terrific”
Maurice Commander 5-10 SR PG Y&R
Jeremiah Washington 5-8 JR PG Y&R
Myles Baker 6-3 JR G Chgo Select
Tim Ervin 5-7 SR PG Chgo Select
Zion Griffin 6-5 SR F Hoopers
Diamond Presniakovas 6-4 JR F Hoopers
Damari Nixon 6-1 JR G Chgo Select
David Daniels 6-5 SR F Marist
Zion Young 6-3 SR G Y&R
Keenan Jones 6-4 JR G/F Y&R
Johnny Close 6-1 SO G NBU
Shamar Pumphrey 5-8 JR PG Chgo Select
Jonquell Dawson 6-8 SR F/C Y&R
Taeyon Neal 6-10 JR C Chgo Select
Jerry Hernandez 6-4 JR G Y&R
Alex Raiford 6-3 JR G Y&R
Tyler Cochran 6-3 JR G Hoopers
Josh Holmes 6-0 SO G Y&R
Jayson Kent 6-1 SO G Next Level
Stefan Rosich 6-0 SO PG NBU
Sam Schafer 6-4 SR WG Y&R
Andrew Stewart 5-11 JR G Chgo Select – “Up-coming prospect”
Elijah Stewart 5-11 JR PG Chgo Select – “UP-coming prospect”


“I’ll identify several of them we’ve recently spotted at various venues in June & early July. Some of these dudes need more love.”

Keenan Jones 6-4 G/F MM Chicago Young/Y&R
“This south-paw has good length. He’s capable of making plays at both ends. Played well at the Spot-Lite Tune-Up, where he shot the ball well on the perimeter.”

Diamond Presniakovas 6-4 F          Plainfield South/Hoopers
“He launched his stepping out debut at the Spot-Lite Tune-Up with a couple of sparkling outings. He displayed a deft shooting touch from mid-range. Go see!”

Henry Coleman 6-3 WF Chicago Marshall/Hoopademix
“Played well at the DePaul team camp. A graceful athletic talent. He will be in Orlando at the 16-U event there.”

Shamar Pumphrey 5-8 PG Lindblom/Chicago Swish
“This kid can really bring excitement to the floor with innovative play. He makes plays at the rim & he’s an ace defender.”

Tim Ervin Jr. 5-7 PG Providence St.Mel/Chgo Select
“A nice floor general with a stabilizing presence; can knock-down jumpers.”

Ciaran Braboy 6-9 C MM New Trier/Mac Irvin Fire
“Battles opponents, he will suit-up with the 17’s some in July; still raw in areas but a good summer will enhance his stock going into the fall.”

Myles Baker 6-3 G MM+      Chicago Young/Chgo Select
“Got game-makes plays & disruptive defensively; utilizes his length well, he was superb at the Spot-Lite Tune-Up. Expect a break-out school season.”

Taujauae Williams 6-6 G/F MM        Chicago Orr/Chgo Demons
“Pencil thin swingman, has talent & he’s a versatile scorer, once he gains more weight look-out; sleeper!”
C.J. Wilbourne 6-8 F  Normal Community/ Quad City Elite
“Caught a glimpse of this promising prospect at the Morris shoot-out; he’s skilled & mobile; demonstrated he was capable of making shots.”

Jaheim Holden 5-9 PG Evanston/Hoop Avenue
“Lil lefty with assortment of razzle-dazzle to his game. We heard he played well last week at St. Particks in the D. Rose/Mac Irvin and Hoops Avenue Round-Robin.”

Damari Nixon 6-1 G MM Fenwick/Chicago Select
“A strong explosive athlete, we saw him up close at the Spot-Lite Tune-Up event & he was impressive. Crafty scorer & certainly a Top 20 prospect in the class.”

Charlie Hoehne 6-6 F MM Oak-Park/Made Men
“His game is evolving at a good pace. Skilled & has good foot-work, can get to the rim; he make shots-now being confident all the time is should be his emphasis.

Jeremiah Hernandez 6-4 G/F MM St. Viator/Y&R
“Was just solid for his new club team at the Spot-Lite Tune-Up affair; now it’s time for him to accelerate his game another notch. He’s in Romeoville this weekend.”


Former Illinois Assistant Paris Parham (Dunbar Alum) has joined Pat Baldwin’s staff at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Baldwin’s departure from Northwestern gave our 2021 Class a huge jolt. His son Patrick Baldwin Jr. will obviously leave the area costing the highly publicized group its No. 1 prospect. “Oh-well”-also joining P.B. staff will be Milwaukee native Terrence McGee, who spent the last 5 seasons at Southern Illinois. Well traveled lately, Assistant Emmanuel Dildy (King Alum) will head over to Valparaiso after a one year stint at Mizzou. Dildy, linking-up with New Trier Alum Matt Lottich will likely reap huge dividends in recruiting the Chicago area’s top players. The Pat Baldwin-Paris Parham tandem will be fun & immediately effective on the local scene as well. Former Wright-State Head-Coach Bill Donlon was hired at Northwestern replacing P.B. Donlon, a Glenbrook North Alum is a long-time chum of Wildcat Coach Chris Collins, also a GBN Grad.

Morgan Park’s talented combo guard Lamond Johnson has departed the South-Side school; he will head to Las Vegas where he will enroll in Trinity Prep. Johnson a punishing athlete leaves the 2019 Class where he was regarded as a Top 12-15 prospect. Nick Irvin’s Program on-the-heels, of losing Johnson, had prized sophomore Nimari Burnett leave for Fresno, California. Nimari, was listed as the No. 3 player in our talented 2020 crop. Then rumors have started to swirl that 6-8 sophomore Shon Robinson might leave for Don Houston’s Program at Hillcrest. “That’s three quality youngsters leaving the Morgan Park, that’s if Robinson departs!” Uplift’s talented 2019 Guard Markese Jacobs will likely return to the North-Side school, instead of heading out West with his brother to Phoenix. The Kansas commit with high-flying ability registers in as a Top 10 prospect in the 2019 Class. We are excited he’s staying put!

We recently caught a show Belleville West’s talented Junior E.J. Liddle had on display at the once prestigious Morris shoot-out. At six foot seven he can do a little of everything well on the hardwood. He’s such a terrific passer & scores in a variety of ways. Liddle, hoops for the St. Louis based Bradley Beal Program & suits-up with the 17-U squad. We envision the No. 2 prospect in the 2019 Class landing a spot on the McDonald All-American team in “19”. His recruiting has Missouri, Illinois, St. Louis, Iowa St., DePaul, and Kansas St. trust that he isn’t going very far.

Romeoville’s six foot seven senior Dontia Johnson has recorded some intriguing outings at UIC & DePaul camp recently. We at the Spot-Liter has listed the wiry wing as a Top 60 prospect, but his status could be much loftier. Dontia’s enormous wing span allows him to make difficult plays look easy. A versatile performer we envision one day being able to defend multiple positions. He’s raw fundamentally, but might likely be a Prep-School candidate. After such a stint he could be a rising talent down-the-road. Johnson, plays with the hoops for health program, which will play in Romeoville during the evaluation period.

Proviso East, a school with rich hoops tradition has sent numerous players to the NBA, has a budding star on the horizon in six foot three guard Quinlan Bennett. A lethal explosive scorer who thrives in the open floor. He also possesses a rapidly improving mid-range jumper. A cagey performer, who plays within his abilities, doesn’t try to do too much. He played well at the DePaul team camp. We were alerted on his talents in the spring by Bradley Assistant Coach Jimmy Foster. Bennett, is certainly a Top 12-15 prospect in our 2018 Class. American conference Valley & probably Big East schools should follow him. He hoops with Kessel Heat Group. “He’s a sleeper.” “This dude is bad,”- Dachaun Anderson a six foot five junior at Chicago Leo, we had not seen him since last fall at Dinos Pango Event. Anderson competes at a high-level as he illustrated at DePaul’s team camp recently. He’s skilled with a nice shooting touch; you can see his game evolving into a wing threat. Dachaun, supposeably has switched club teams & will hoop with Mean Streets. He’d been suiting-up with the Mac Irving Fire. He is now listed as a Top 15 prospect in the 2019 class at least on our grid. A 10, Valley, American, Conference USA, Mac, & Horizon Conferences should follow him.

Silver quick point-guard Maurice Commander has helped his stock with several stellar outings in recent events. The lefty transfer from Marist has opened my eyes & many others with his developing floor game. He demonstrated shrewd play-making ability at the Spot-Lite July Tune-Up. Played un-selfish and was deadly from mid-range. Definitely a Top 25-30 prospect in 2018 Class.


Ex-Illini guard Jalen Coleman-Lands arrival at DePaul should provide some nice synergy on campus. The addition of Coleman-Lands a well known 6 foot 3 out-side marksmen gives Dave Leitao’s program much needed depth entering the 2018-19 season. Coleman-Lands, will sit out next season, and have two years of eligibility remaining. He averaged eight points last season. The Blue Demons continue to upgrade their talent significantly, most local observers will probably be surprised by some success they likely will capture this upcoming season heading into their new arena.