Friday, June 10, 2016

Other Wing Forwards to Watch

Other Wing Forwards to Watch

1.  Cameron Bowles                         6’6”             LM                     Homewood Flossmoor/Taw
“It is rumored that he transferred to Kenwood in the past few days. He’s rising talent, has good length, and now he’s figuring out who he can be, but need to see more.”

2. Darnell Jones                              6’4”              LMT                    Farragut/Chicago Admirals
“This slender scorer roams the baseline effectively, needs to improve ball-handling and consistency.”

3. Doug Wallen                             6’4”                LM-D2                 St. Thomas Moore/Illinois Irish
“This lefty makes clutch shots and plays with a purpose. He is a high academic kid and could likely 
end up in a Washington University setting.”

4. David Hurt                                6’5”                LM-D2                 Kenwood/All in Athletics
“David is an emotional performer, capable of making plays. He can score, but often saddled by foul trouble.”

5. Chris Heinichen                       6’5”                LM-D2                 Niles Notre Dame/Hoops Avenue
“This player is an intriguing prospect. He plays hard and does a little bit of everything well. He just needs to insert himself more. He has a good size. Need to see more.”

Top 2017 Wing Forwards

Top 2017 Wing Forwards
“One of our weaker positions in terms of overall depth, we envision five or six guys, potentially carving out a banner collegiate career, that’s if they land in the right setting.”

1.  Justin Smith                               6’6”         MM                  Stevenson/Mac Irvin Fire
“Arguably our 2nd best player in the class has an enormous upside, and he clearly could be the one in the group who laces them up in an 82 game setting in three or four years. The fact of the matter is now he needs to develop that will to win regardless to who he’s hoopin’ with.”
2. Jeameril Wilson                         6’5”          MM                 Niles Notre Dame/ Young Legends
“A world of talent, I’m generous now to him because I envision where his development could lead him. Unassuming athleticism he’s versatile as defender and scorer. He needs to show more toughness.”
3. Lucas Williamson                      6’4”         MM                    Whitney Young/Mean Streets
“Already exhibits consistency as he’s shown in the Nike EYBL League. He’s skilled and smart and uses his left hand effectively. System type Valley, Horizon, Mac Conferences should pursue.”
4. Cameron Gross                          6’5”          MM                     Oak Park/Illinois Stars
“All around versatile type has to assert himself a tad more on the club scene, particularly with using his physical tools against opponents. He could blossom into a special player. He can score. Mac, Horizon, OVC.”
5. Elijah Ward                                 6’4”            MM                      Joliet West/?
“Capable of playing both guard spots part-time, but hasn’t figured out things yet. He’s talented enough to keep you on the edge of your seats, but may need a Juco experience.”
6. Romon Douglas Watkins          6’5”           MM-LM             Peoria Manual/Illinois Wolves
“Starting to learn how to create for himself, and he’s transitioning to a wing. He’s a hard working competitor and his scoring is in the developmental stages. Romon had a quality showing in the 3A State Finals”
7. Austin Richie                             6’5”             MM-LM           Marian Catholic/Chicago Demons
“System type prospect and sort of a throwback clone. He can be a catch shoot threat with a three range. Nice body starting to come into his own as a player. He reportedly transferred to Bloom High School this week.”
8. Kevin Williams                          6’5”            MM-LM             Rantoul/Team Illinois
“Cagey talent plays in obscurity most often. Good athlete and has talent, plays with a wealth of confidence. He is a capable scorer needs to prove himself versus elite talent soon.”
9. Jamal Nixon                            6’4”              LMT                       Fenwick/Illinois Wolves
“Ivy league looking prospect and wears a hard hat, he’s a system type with limited scoring ability, but a high percentage shooter. His play goes unappreciated most times, but he’s a valuable teammate.”
10. Jaylan Catiedge                 6’4”              CM                       Richards/Example Sports

“Jaylan is a punishing scorer with a huge upside. He has to continue to develop his knowledge of situations to where he can utilize his athleticism.”

Random Notes

Random Notes

Champaign Central senior guard Kameron Reeves was the lone participant from Illinois in the Pangos All-American Camp held in Norwalk, CA, at Cerritos College. The six foot one senior did more than hold his own against some Elite talent on hand. The camp featured 10 of the top 12 ranked seniors in the country. This event should provide an instant boast to Reeves confidence going into school team play for the month of June. He could play a pivotal role as a primary ball handler in his teams upcoming school season.