Wednesday, December 5, 2018


“This will be a Class most will be fixated on during the course of the season”

• D.J. Stewart 6-3 G Young

• Adam Miller 6-3 G Morgan Pk

• Martice Mitchell 6-10 F/C Bloom

• Tyler Beard 6-3 WG Young

• Keshawn Williams 6-2 G Bloom

• Sincere Parker 6-3 G Rockford East

• Will Wolfe 6-6 WG Aurora Christian

• Isiah Rivera 6-4 PG Geneseo

• Demarius Splunge 6-4 WG Chicago Orr

• Marcus Watson 6-0 PG Morgan Park


Sunday & Saturday – December 8th & 9th, 2018
11:00am – Von Steuben vs Eduprize Charter

12:30pm – Farragut vs River-Side Brookfield

2:00pm – Lemont vs Providence St. Mel

3:30pm – St. Viator vs Oswego East

5:00pm – Brother Rice vs Uplift

6:30pm – Bloom vs Morgan Park

10:45am - Mount-Carmel vs Romeoville

12:00pm – Oswego vs Downers Grove North

1:30pm – Bloomington vs Chicago Leo

3:00pm – Kenwood vs Hillcrest

4:30pm – Oak Park vs Chicago Orr

6:00pm – Curie vs DeLaSalle

“Some under the radar High-School teams I’m looking to crack the area Top 20 racket.”

*Richards*Corliss*T.F. South*Rich-Central*Lincoln Park*Plainfield North*Cary Grove


“Slim pickings at the Division One level right now, the anticipation for others to emerge after Xmas are sure bet.”

• Tujautae Williams 6-6 G MM+-MM Chicago Orr
“Multi-dimensional performer with a huge up-side, best hoop days await. Will likely commit late, while Gonzaga seems to be very interested.”

• Deonte Billups 6-4 WG MM Moline
“A complete all-around player knows how to win. Lead his team to a huge win over Quincy Friday nite 23 points/12 rebounds & six assists! Has some flair & productivity to his play.”

• Myles Baker 6-3 WG MM Whitney Young
“Wiry wing has had an impressive start, he displayed the ability to make shots & be a willing defender. Cleveland State seems to be highly interested, had 18 points at the Chicago Elite Classic.”

• Kendrick Tchoua 6-6 PF MM Benet Academy
“This kid has been a handful to cover, good athlete who averages 19 pts & 11 boards. He’s been a refreshing addition to our area.”

• Rashawn Agee 6-7 F MM Chicago Bogan
“Plagued with foul trouble at the Chicago Elite Classic, which prevented him from showcasing his strengths. Rebounding & scoring inside/mid-range.”

• Cortez Mosley 6-4 WG MM Peoria Richwoods
“Sleek wing player with a silk-smooth game & jump shot; averages 19pts, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, & 4 steals thus far.”

• Jeremiah Oden 6-7 WF MM-LM+ St. Rita
“Likely red-shirt candidate, thin but has demonstrated flashes as a scorer who could blossom in a year or two.”

• Greg Outlaw 6-5 WF LM+ Chicago Orr
“The potential is there for him to develop into a legitimate mid-major recruit. Needs a year somewhere to polish his skills. Good athlete, shot looks like it could be effective soon.”

• Antonio Reeves 6-4 G LM+- Chicago Simeon
“Slender shooter who looks to thrive in a system-oriented setting, will have a slew of big game stages to express himself. Recorded 15pts/10 rebounds against St. Vincent at the Chicago Elite Classic.”


In the mist of the reported dust-up over at Leo High-School between Coaches Frison & Cleveland, its hoops business as usual in Chicago. Most of our locals thrive off of noise/confliction. “We witness drama/theatrics regularly around here, the masses just keep marching forward. Leo High School did hire a new Coach, Alum Jamal Thompson replacing Shawn Frison in a last-minute shake-up.”

Down in Central Illinois at the Decatur Team Soy capital Thanksgiving Tournament, fans were treated to a fast pace frenzy affair in the title game when Bolingbrook out-lasted Springfield South East 90-88. Lewis University recruit Kameron Leonard’s field goal with 2 seconds remaining won the thriller for the Raiders. Drake recruit Joseph Yesufu was the high-man recording 32 points, while Southeast guard Terrion Murdix registered a team high 25. Murdix will suit-up next season for Lance Irvin at Chicago State. Northern Illinois signee Tyler Cochran will be out 2 more weeks with a hand injury. He did not play at all in Decatur.

Over the Turkey break, I slid over to the Northwest Suburb and watched talented sophomore Chris Hodges’ Schaumburg squad go head-on with Bucknell signee Alex Timmerman and his Crystal Lake Central Team, where CLC ripped them 63-47. The six foot seven Hodges (19 points) is going to become a difficult cover soon, especially when his mates learn to toss the ball into him more frequently. He’s a good athlete who runs the floor & competes at a high-level. Sure, there are areas of his game that needs improvement, but in time he could develop into a mid-plus to high-major recruit. Timmerman, who finished with 25 plus was un-guardable in the paint, Bucknell landed a player who may contribute early, in fact the big fella looks like an All-State candidate this season. He has some really nifty moves & foot-work in the paint.

We just spoke about Hodges, there are some other 2021 prospects off to a fast start high-majors should begin processing/recording their growth & progress.

Ahamad Bynum 6-2 G 1 Chicago Simeon
Max Christie 6-4 G 1 Rolling Meadows-“saw him get 36”
Brandon Weston 6-4 WG 3 Lake Forest Academy-“will see him soon
Khaillied Terry 6-5 WF 4 Champaign Central
Kimahri Wilson 6-1 PG 5 Carmel-“terrific talent”
Bryce Hopkins 6-5 G/F 6 Fenwick- “had 30pts/10 rebounds vs Oak                            
                                                                    Pk at Chicago Elite Classic, including the
                                                                               Game winning shot.”
Anthony Sayles 6-0 PG 7 Niles Notre Dame
Chris Hodges 6-7 WF 8 Schaumburg
Scottie Ebube 6-8 F 9 Mundelein-“Envision Big 10”
Jaylin Gibson 6-4 G 10 Evanston
Grant Newell 6-7 WF 11 Whitney Young
Bennie Slater 6-5 WG 12 Springfield High
Ismail Habib 5-11 PG 13 Lincoln Park
Jalen Butler 6-5 WF 14 Niles North

Rockford East six-foot three wing Sincere Parker “is a bad dude” he’s had an impressive start; the junior is averaging close to 30 markers per outing, recorded 31 points vs Indianapolis Pike including 5 dunks. Parker has rapidly soared as a Top 10 rated prospect in the 2020 Class. He’s a high-riser athlete with the ability to score on perimeter in a variety of ways. 

Benet Academy has drawn some attention in the last week with the play of book-end interior players, Kendrick Tchoua and junior Colin Crothers. Tchoura, a 6-6 senior transfer from the Maryland area had a monster outing versus St. Charles East last week registering 28, 13 & 4 assists, then went for 16 points & 6 boards against DeKalb at the Ridgeway shoot-out on Sunday. The six foot seven Crothers amassed a double-double versus St. Charles 21-12 & DeKalb on Sunday came away with 26 pts/14 rebounds. Tchoua has several Division One Mid-Majors tracking his play. The real test for the pair will occur at the Pontiac Holiday Classic later in the month.

Friday, November 9, 2018


“Some un-heralded players we are anticipating having a break-out season. We identified 10 of them with brief comments.”

There’s been enormous amount of conversation of late regarding this group. Who are the top guys, whom must we see/view out the gate-opening the season. We here, will stay on the positive/optimistic side in an effort to identify our elite prospects. Several notable defections have hampered the depth of this once touted cast.

D.J. Stewart 6-3 WG HM 1 Whitney Young

Adam Miller 6-3 WG HM 2 Morgan Park

Martice Mitchell 6-10 F/C HM 3 Bloom

Keshawn Williams 6-2 PG MM+ 4 Bloom

Tyler Beard 6-3 WG MM+-MM 5 Whitney Young

Isiah Rivera 6-4 G MM+-MM 6 Geneseo

Will Wolf 6-6 WG MM+-MM 7 Aurora Christian

Marcus Watson 5-9 PG MM 8 Morgan Park

Romelle Howard 6-8 F/C MM 9 Lincoln Park

Demarius Splunge 6-4 WG MM 10 Chicago Orr

Destin Whitaker 6-6 WF MM 11 Romeoville

Dante Maddox 6-2 PG MM 12 Bloom

Davis Walker 6-3 PG MM 13 “Home School-Aurora Area”

Aquan Smart 6-3 PG MM 14 Niles North

Bryce Hall 6-3 G MM 15 Chicago Simeon

Antoine Bloxton 6-2 WG MM 16 Chicago Bogan

Jimarius Sneed 6-5 WF MM 17 Chicago Crane

Seryee Lewis 6-7 PF MM 18 Chicago Kenwood

Nate Shockey 6-0 PG MM 19 York

Ahron Ullis 6-2 PG MM 20 Marian Catholic

Kaleb Fenelus-Williams 6-5 WF MM 21 Plainfield North

Kenny Sallee 6-4 G MM 22 Chicago Crane

Tarone Kirkwood 5-10 PG MM 23 East Aurora

Beau Frericks 6-2 PG MM 24 Cary Grove

Kee Hargrow 6-7 G/F MM 25 Hyde Park Academy

“Has a new lease with an opportunity to prove to critics he’s a good kid, who just made poor decisions in his past. Challenges bring on growth. No question he has talent. The CPL will provide us with a clear tale of who he is as player.”

Micah Schnyder 6-4 PG MM 25 Lincoln-Way West

Connor Kochera 6-4 G MM 26 St. Viator

Paul Zillinskas 6-6 F MM 27 Richards

Jayson Kent 6-4 PG MM 28 Oak-Forest

Elijah Watson 6-6 WF MM 29 T.F. South

Colin O’Rourke 6-6 WF MM 30 Plainfield North

Isiah Burrell 6-4 WF MM 31 Morgan Park

Tremear Fraley 6-7 PF MM 32 Chicago Bogan

Frank Jakubicek 6-8 PF MM 33 Cary Grove

Ramean Hinton 6-3 G LM+ 34 Chicago Curie

Ricky Kirby 6-7 PF LM+ 35 North Chicago

Collin Wood 6-3 G LM+ 36 Hampshire
“Mostly plays in obscurity. Big year for this talented prospect.”

Johnny Close 6-4 WG LM+ 37 Rockford Boylan
“Consistent out-side shooter. History & tradition is on his side.”

Kendale Anderson 6-5 PF LM+ 38 Chicago Leo

Devon House 6-7 PF LM+LM 39 Sterling Newman Catholic

Nate Seputis 6-8 PF LM+LM 40 Lincoln-Way East
“This kid has tools to be a special player. He should have a break-through year. Plays for one of the area’s top coaches who has a history of developing his players.”

Josh Holmes 6-1 PG LM+-LM 41 DeLaSalle

“New scenery, time to shine.”

Donovan Newby 6-2 PG LM+-LM 42 Bloom

“Playing in shadows of others, this time around he will have a stage for him.”

Kyndall Davis 6-4 G LM+-LM 43 Chicago Bogan

“Change of scenery will help him expand his game. He has nice skill set.”

Grant Hall 6-4 G/F LM+-LM 44 Thornridge

“Un-known high-level athleticism.”

Semaj Williams 6-5 WF LM+-LM 45 Chicago Prosser

“Un-tapped talent. Handles himself well on the perimeter. Has good length. Plays for one of our area’s top young coaches.”

Atharva Atreya 6-2 PG LM 46 Carl Sandburg

“-A under-the-radar- exciting player who can’t wait to see perform at the Spot-liter MLK Classic in January.”

Jamari McClendon 6-1 G LM 47 Chicago Hope Academy
“Competitive thrives in clutch, one of my favorites.”

Robert Hobbs 6-4 F LM 48 Chicago Crane
“An under-sized stud, playing on a talented junior Laden squad. A sleeper dude.”

Levell McIntosh 6-3 WF LM 49 Kankakee
“A rising player, big-time athlete, this season he will have opportunity to express himself.”

P.J. Edwards 6-4 G/F LM 50 Springfield Lanphier
“Lost some steam within the last year. The swingman has an opportunity to redeem himself as well as game this season.”