Sunday, October 25, 2020


“These are loomed to be the cream of the crop at the present.”

 NAME             HT           POS         LEVEL        RANK      HIGH SCHOOL

·                     Bryce Hopkins             6-6       G          HM                  2          Fenwick

“One of the top available players nationally, this kid has a ton of talent.  Arguably just as good as Max Christie, recognized as our State’s No.1 player. Rumored to be close to committing to University Illinois, this offensive player would be a great addition to the Illini Program.  A few weeks ago, Michigan & Kentucky was said to be front-runners.”

·                     Tevin Smith                 6-4       G/F      MM+-MM       9          Danville

“A scorer has his list of DePaul, Butler, UT, Martin, SIU, & Illinois. Has had some injuries.”

·                     Anthony Sayles           6-3       G          MM                 10        Niles Notre Dame

“Two-sport standout has Big 10 football opportunities and mid-major interest in hoops. This kid with strong leadership skills has Loyola-Chgo and SIU-Carbondale leading his list.”

·                     Grant Newell               6-7       F          MM+-MM       11        Whitney Young

“Good lookn’ prospect, has had his growth & development hindered by a rash of transfers coming into Whitney Young in recent years. Does have an offer from DePaul that might be just a suitable fit. Two years ago, we would have framed his schools as, Rice University, Stanford, Northwestern, Notre Dame vying for his services.”

·                     Darrion “D.J.” Jones    5-11     PG        MM                 14        Chicago Bogan

“This sturdy lead can be lethal as a slashing, penetrating threat. Grades will be his initial roadblock. Prepared for a 2-year Juco stint.”

·                     Jaiden Lee                   6-5       WG      MM                 18        Joliet West

“This shooter was primed for a break-out senior year. His improved ball-handling has made him an all-around threat offensively. With uncertainty looming with the season, it could cost him an opportunity to showcase his improved play. Still has to improve his academics. Could be Juco bound.”

·                     Noah Raynolds            6-1       PG        LM+                 19        Peoria Notre Dame

“Journal Star player of the year last season had his team in state contention before play was halted. Has some interest from Bradley and offers from Winona State and Univ. Illinois-Springfield. One of the better distributors and leaders in the Class.”

·                     Jakobi Heady               6-6       WG      MM-LM+         20        Hillcrest

“Swingman type has the ability to stroke-it well on the perimeter with range. He’s capable of knocking down 4 or 5 consecutive jumpers. Hasn’t drawn the attention from a few schools, not like once anticipated. Patience required here. Mac & Horizon League fit.”

·                     Jalen Houston             6-0       G          MM-LM+         21        Chicago Bogan

“Hyde Park cast-off has the potential to dazzle defenders with his free-style offensive game. Capable of making shots. If academics are in place, he should be a fine recruit for Horizon League, Mac, or certain Ohio Valley Programs. South-Carolina recently expressed some interest.”

·                     Ola Ajiboye                  6-8       WF       MM-LM+         22        Evanston

“Cagey prospect left the Public League to join Mike Ellis Program in the North Suburb, great move. Ajiboye has nice frame & a sleek all-around skill package that likely will put him in position to utilize his new platform to his advantage. He could be slated for a burst-out year if we have a season. Has an offer from UIC.”

·                     Tommy Williams         6-4       G          LM+                 27        Belleville West

“Carts a 3.1 GPA, has enjoyed a fine high school career in the Metro East area of our State. He spent his first 2 years playing in St. Louis. Was often categorized as a prospect with enormous potential on the hardwood. Things have sort of flatten out some.”

·                     Nathanel Hoskins        6-4       PG        LM+                 28        Danville

“Has game & academics, look for him to land in a good situation. Hoskins has the ability to lead his team and create scoring opportunities for himself. Offers from Univ. Illinois-Springfield and Univ. Indianapolis.”


·                     Ty Pente                      6-4       WG      37        St. Joseph-Ogden

·                     Keon Alexander          6-6       F          38        Bolingbrook

·                     Maurice Thomas         5-10     PG        36        DePaul Prep

·                     Bakari Nelson              6-3       G/F      39        Chicago Brother Rice

·                     Da’Marion Morris       5-9       G          40        Hyde Park Academy

·                     Raeshom Harris          6-1       G          41        Bloom



A group with enormous potential, we have had to nix our last evals, certainly after seeing a collection of prospects throughout the State participating in the Pangos Event over last weekend.

            NAME                                     HT           POS         RANK                      SCHOOL

·                     Javonte Taylor            6-8       WF       1                      Chicago Kenwood

“Had the game winning dunk in the top All-Star game where he grabbed MVP honors. Registered 29 pts in the contest. Slender performer looks like a sure-fire high major recruit. Still has to get stronger & polish-up his weaknesses.”

·                     Davious Lowry             6-7       WF       2                      Chicago Kenwood

“Awfully talented, had a superb camp showing, gave viewers blemishes of what his up-side potential could look like. Quiet outing in the Top 30 All-Star game. Lookn’ like a high-major recruit.”

·                     Matas Buzelis              6-7       G/F      3                      Hinsdale Central

“This kid is going to take the western suburbs by a storm. Has the flair & skill to be a standout prospect. Made big plays & shots in the Top 30 All-Star game. Recent offer from Illinois solidify our thoughts about him.”

·                     Macaleb Rich              6-6       WF       4                      East St. Louis

“Did not attend Pangos but we know he’s a stud and is considered the best young talent in the Metro East Region.”

·                     Dalen Davis                 5-11     PG        5                      Whitney Young

“Had a quality showing at Pangos where he was solid distributing & finding mates, competed at a high-level, showed poise, even defended when it required a stop. Presently top PG in the Class. Has to continue to improve his game.”

·                     Darrin ‘DaDa’ Ames    6-0       G          6                      Chicago Kenwood

“Performed well at the camp. Can flat-out score. Played in the Top 30 game, recorded double digits. Impressive shooter, current combo, potentially looks like a mid-major plus recruit.”

·                     Jeremy Fears               6-0       PG        7                      Joliet West

“247 sports rank him 21 in the 2023 Class nationally. We were disappointed that young fella was a no-show at Pangos. With the season’s uncertainty, he’s rumored to be headed to La Lumiere Prep in Indiana. Has an offer from Illinois.”

·                     Owen Freeman           6-8       F          8                      Bradley Bourbonnais

“Strong body displayed versatility offensively, he’s a well-rounded scorer at a young age. Impressed at camp, played in Top 30 All-Star game where he did not receive a ton of touches. Just landed an offer from Illinois.”

·                     Bryce Coleman            6-6       G/F      10                    St. Joseph

“Swingman clone competes, can shoot on the perimeter with range, demonstrated he could be lethal off-the-dribble. Has a strong body, looks like a high major to mid recruit. Sort of the unheralded type.”

·                     Tevonta Jackson          6-1       PG        11                    Springfield Lanphier

“Slender fella still somewhat of a sleeper prospect, played well throughout camp and was really good at Top 30 All-Star game. Wired to compete & he’s a willing defender. One of our better back-court players in the Class. Needs to keep improving his game & get stronger.”

·                     Asa Thomas                 6-6       G          9                      Lake Forest

“Superb shooter, recorded 75 three-pointers last season, probably enjoyed the most success of all 1st year varsity players in our State, opted not to attend the Pangos Event. This kid has enormous b-ball I.Q.”

·                     Donaven Younger       6-8       F          12                    Bolingbrook

“So so performance at Pangos, to his defense he’s just coming off an injury so he wasn’t his normal self. Totally did not look into the flow of play during the Top 30 game.”

·                     Darrion Baker             6-7       WF       13                    St. Rita

“Played in the Top 40 game (cream of the crop), this kid could be on the brink of a breakout year. He’s got a world of ability, now he needs to be coached & developed. With what we’ve seen, no reason he couldn’t be Top 5 in the Class soon.”

·                     Jalen Griffith               5-7       PG        14                    Chicago Simeon

“Slithery small and tough as nails general. He’s a poised ball-handler who can bob & weave in & out of pockets of traffic. Already has big game credits. Shooting can use some polish. Played well in Top All-Star game at Pangos.

·                     Sam Lewis                   6-5       PG        15                    Oak Park

“Lanky cager opened some eyes with his floor game during camp. Was solid during the Top 30 All-Star game. Couldn’t touch the rock enough. Pegged to be a standout & big recruit. Good lookn’ up-side.”

·                     Camron Willford         5-11     PG        16                    Hyde Park Academy

“A smooth talent & one of the Public League’s top young point guards. Cam did not totally fit into the individual style of play at Pangos. He’s more of a player that thrives in a team-oriented/system setting. We are very high on him.”

·                     Ronald Chambers       6-1       G          17                    North Lawndale

“A cold-blooded offensive assassin, currently terrorizing defenders at the Pullman Fall League. Starting to get his body in physical shape. One of our top back-court players in the Class.”

·                     Daniel Johnson            6-6       WF       18                    Whitney Young

“Promising prospect showed us observers at Pangos that his ceiling can be high. D.J. has a slender frame with long arms which gives him some advantage of being a multi-purpose performer as well as good defender. Future is in the back-court.”

·                     Damarion Wyatt         5-11     PG        19                    North Lawndale

“Tough Chicago guard plays with good speed & pace, can make big plays & shots. Creates well for his mates, now he’s learning how to manage his team as well as understanding situations. Good prospect.”

·                     Ahmere Carson           6-0       PG        20                    Chicago Orr

“Very under-rated in the Class despite of having a huge summer where he tortured defenders. Now he’s settling more into the point-guard position. A transfer from Morgan Park.”

·                     Yarell Greer                5-9       PG        21                    Chicago Bogan

“Jet quick with serious handles, one of the more exciting players in the Class. (I’d pay to see him perform). ‘YaYa’ has those pesky antics that make you fond of his overall game. Doesn’t have the varsity experience as some of the others.”

·                     Kaiden Space               6-0       PG        22                    St. Ignatius

“Solid performer at camp, demonstrated countless times he can distribute & create for himself & others. Space looks like a Div.1 recruit in a few years.”

·                     Jahiem Savage             5-9       G          23                    Chicago Phillips

“Freshman campaign was a year where he gained some experience in the line of fire, young fella demonstrated often he could score in bunches & wasn’t fearful of taking big-shots. Doesn’t receive the notoriety of others in the Class, but he has a major game & the ability to be really good.”

·                     Rich Barron                 6-5       G/F      24                    St. Ignatius

“Big strong wing displayed the ability at Pangos to shoot the deep ball, attack the rim off the bounce. Capable of being lethal in the open floor. Has to learn to utilize his physicality better.”

·                     Kuba Senczyszyn          6-5       F          25                    Dundee Crown

“Physically put together, more than held his own at camp. In the Top 40 game at Pangos, he showed the abilities of handling the ball creating plays for himself while making good reads. “A player for us to follow.”

·                     Cam Christie               6-3       G          26                    Rolling Meadows

“Has some big moments last season as a freshman on the varsity, managed to average 10 pts per outing. Has a few offers. Did not attend Pangos.”

·                     Marcus Pigram           6-3       G          27                    Whitney Young

“Young fella has some un-tapped ability; he actually gave viewers a glimpse of what his potential could look like while at camp. Now we will see how he develops in few years.”

·                     Wes Rubin                   6-6                   28                    Homewood-Flossmoor

“He and his twin brother Miles gave us observers a glimpse at Pangos as to where their potential could rest. Both have good size, now the focus should be continuing to improve & not follow the feed of press-clippings and hype.”

·                     Xavier Sulaiman          6-2       G          29                    Chicago Marist

“Showed us an array of flashes in his game; his play at Pangos re-affirmed my thoughts of where he is today with his level of play. Marist H.S. should provide the platform for him to develop into a superb player. He is a potential offensive threat.”

·                     Bryce Tiller                  5-9       PG        30                    Hillcrest

“Solid young back-court player, floor game coming along and plays with some flair & a wealth of confidence. He knocks down shots consistently. Just needs to improve/understand possessions. He will have a small role this season.”

·                     Wilfred Kamukama     6-7       F          31                    Huntley

“Impressive at times during Pangos Camp. Opened some eyes with his play in the Top 40 game. He’s a kid who is wired to play on the perimeter, where he does display the ability to make shots. This kid isn’t short on confidence or belief in his abilities. We are hoping to see him improve his rebounding and show more physicality.”

·                     Khalil Ross                   6-6       WF       32                    Lincoln Way East

“Athletic & bouncy, didn’t necessarily get-off at Pangos, we know he has game, and he plays for one of the area’s top coaches, so he’ll be fine/developed.”

·                     Jackson Kotecki           6-6       F          33                    St. Ignatius

“Played in the Top 40 game at Pangos, displayed the ability to handle the ball on the perimeter. Fine lookn’ prospect but we need to see more productivity in his game.”

·                     Ethan Kizer                  6-5       F          34                    Metamora

“Wiry fella did not make the trek up to LaGrange, this athletic offensive player has much fanfare in Central Illinois.”

·                     Mekhi Cooper             5-10     G          35                    Bolingbrook

“We’ve saw him a few times prior to Pangos, he left us with a lasting impression, his ability to make big shots late in games. He’s one of the top shooters in the Class.”


NAME         HT          POS        RANK    HIGH SCHOOL     COLLEGE CHOICE

·                     Chris Hodges               6-8       PF        3          Schaumburg                University Wisconsin

·                     Connor Enright            6-2       PG        12        Mundelein                   Drake University

·                     Ahmad Bynum            6-2       G          4          Simeon                        DePaul University

·                     Bryce Hopkins             6-7       G/F      2          Fenwick                       Kentucky or Michigan

·                     Louis Lesmond            6-6       WG      8          Niles Notre Dame       Harvard University

·                     Isaiah Barnes               6-7       WG      6          Simeon                        University Michigan

·                     Max Christie                6-6       PG        1          Rolling Meadows  Michigan State University

·                     Troy D’Amico              6-7       F          7         Niles Notre Dame Southern Illinois University

·                     Ben Schwieger            6-6       F          16        Waubonsie Valley       Loyola-Chicago

·                     Ty Johnson                   6-1       PG        14        DePaul Prep                Loyola-Chicago

·                     Scottie Ebube              6-8       F/C       17        Mundelein           Southern Illinois University

·                     Brian Matthews          6-9       C          27        DePaul Prep                U. Massachusetts

·                     John Poulakidas          6-5       WG      6          Neuqua Valley            Yale University

·                     R.J. Walker                  6-3       G          24        Decatur Eisenhower    University Idaho

·                     Blake Peters                6-1       G          25        Evanston                      Princeton University

·                     Julius Rollins                6-6       G/F      17        Hillcrest                       Kent State University